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Wolverine Community High School

WCHS is a unique alternative high school program in Lane County’s Bethel School District, where students are a part of our multi-grade cohort-based program for core academic classes and where students can still take advantage of the expansive elective and extracurricular activities at Willamette High School.                                       

Our students will spend half of their day earning credits in core classes through integrated curriculum and authentic “real world” assessments. The other half of WCHS students’ days will be with the greater WHS community for elective credits and opportunities.

Our Mission

Wolverine Community High School provides an opportunity for students to have a safe and unique high school experience.

In meeting the needs of our future graduates, we will have a strong focus on transition from school to employment or college or service.

Our Vision

WCHS will succeed for every student by having:

  • having a 100% graduation rate
  • by building community partnerships
  • having a transition plan in place for every student as they leave our program
  • by tracking every graduate over a 5 year period to ensure continued education, employment or service

Wolverine Community High School is a place of radical acceptance where we help our students reach their utmost potential. Every student will be and feel valued for who they are and for the experiences and knowledge they bring
to our community.


Our Staff

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Dan Hedberg
Phone: 541-689-0731