Our Meadow View Mission

We welcome you to Meadow View School, a school with a compassion-driven culture
of collaboration and inclusion, focused on the learning and growth of our K-8 learners.

“Learn, Grow, Explore and go put your paw print on the world.”

Meadow View creates opportunities for every youth to discover their potential and become life-long learners with compassion and inclusivity.  We are committed to fostering the development of the whole person and to finding the path for our youth to experience a comprehensive education.

It is our mission to prepare our students to reach beyond the pack as a family, through curiosity, a culture of belonging and through collaboration. This WolfPack centers students and guides them through their learning journey in order to support every single learning to become confident, compassionate, problem-solvers that are ready to put their paw prints on the word. 


We are the WOLF PACK. 

W – hole Person

O – pen-minded

L – ife long learners 

F – amily 

P – otential

A – accessible 

C – ompassionate 

K – 8