Shasta Families,

Good news: The new safety fence I told you about last October is now in place at Shasta. The powder-coated iron fence will allow us to connect the perimeter of our buildings and better secure our school.

Beginning Wednesday, February 15, the gates will be open at 7:45 each morning and will close at 9:10 once school starts. The gates will remain closed the remainder of the day. Students will be reminded that once the gates are closed they are not to be opened for anyone.

Once the gates are closed, visitors and late-arriving students will enter the school through the front office, which is the standard protocol for all modern day schools. The gates will allow people to exit through them at any time during the day.

The safety fence has been requested by families and staff for years, and thanks to the careful spending of the Bethel Bond measure funds the district has the ability to make it happen. Although the fence has given our school a slightly different look which will take some getting used to, we are grateful for the measure of security that it will provide our students, staff and visitors.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Brady Cottle, Principal


La nueva valla de seguridad

Familias de Shasta,

Buenas noticias: La nueva valla de seguridad que empezo en Octubre ya está puesta en Shasta. La valla de hierro revestida de polvo nos permitirá conectar el perímetro de nuestros edificios y asegurar mejor nuestra escuela.

A partir del miercoles, 15 de Febrero, las puertas estarán abiertas a las 7:45 de la mañana y van hacercerradas a las 9:10 una vez que comience la escuela. Las puertas permanecerán cerradas el resto del día. A los estudiantes se les recordará que una vez que las puertas están cerradas no se deben abrir para nadie.

Una vez que las puertas estén cerradas, los visitantes y los estudiantes que llegan tarde entrarán a la escuela a través de la oficina principal, que es el protocolo estándar para todas las escuelas de hoy en día. Las puertas permitirán a la gente salir a través de ellos en cualquier momento durante el día.

La barrera de seguridad ha sido solicitada por las familias y maestros por muchos años, y gracias al cuidadoso gasto de los fondos del Distrito de Bethel, esto ha sido posible. Aunque la valla le ha dado a nuestra escuela una mirada diferente estamos muy agradecidos por la seguridad adicional que nuestros estudiantes, maestros y visitantes recibiran.

Por favor contacteme si tiene alguna pregunta.

Brady Cottle, Director


A BIG THANK YOU to all those who participated in our recent PTO Mixed-Bags Fundraiser.  We were able to raise over $2500 to purchase additional Chromebooks and a new cart to hold them.  A HUGE THANK YOU to a local business for their generous donation of 38 used Chromebooks.  The donation of these Chromebooks helps fill a huge need for our students.  We are so grateful for the support we receive from our parents and the community.  Thanks again!

Immunization Exclusion Day – February 15th, 2017

Exclusion day is almost here! Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 for overdue immunizations.

Letters have been sent home this month to those students lacking required shots. Parents please provide us with any immunization updates students have, including month and year of chickenpox disease.  For all updates or questions please contact Ann Wiltshire, Health Assistant at 688-9612 ext.3242.


February at the Bethel Family Resource Center

The Bethel Family Resource Center supports healthy, strong families, school readiness and positive school-home connections through support for parents, pre-school programs and family fun.

Click here for information on February’s programs.

The Resource Center is a Bethel School District program located at 3455 Royal Ave., in the Fairfield Annex, 541-607-1449.

Febrero en el Centro Familiar de Bethel

El Centro Familiar de Bethel: ¡Animando a las familias en ser fuertes y sanos, proveyendo programas que apoyan a los padres, preparando a los niños prescolares y sus familias para las escuela, cultivando relaciones positivas entre el hogar y la escuela y proveyendo actividades para la diversión en familia!

Haga clic aquí para obtener información sobre los programas de febrero.

El Centro Familiar de Bethel es un programa del Distrito Escolar de Bethel en 3455 Royal Ave, Fairfield Annex, 541-607-1449


On Saturday, January 28th, students in the Shasta Middle School Jazz band were featured as one of the outstanding ensembles invited to perform at the 24th Annual Oregon Jazz Festival. Luke Turner, an 8th grade tenor saxophone player at Shasta, was also chosen to perform as an outstanding soloist with the University of Oregon jazz ensemble.

While the Oregon Jazz Festival is a non-competitive festival, judges pick exceptional bands from the day to perform at the evening concert. For three years in a row, Shasta has been chosen out of 28 bands to showcase their talent. This year’s concert also featured Lane and University of Oregon’s Jazz Ensembles, as well as the Grammy nominated saxophonist, Ben Wendel.

Shasta Jazz Band had a busy month! On January 14th they performed by invitation at the Oregon Music Educators State Conference. They were only one of two middle school bands from the state selected to perform at the prestigious conference. This was the Shasta Jazz Band’s second state conference performance and their second time performing at the Hult Center this school year. The band was presented a plaque for their contributions.

The Oregon Jazz Festival is a collaboration of the University of Oregon and Lane Community College. Each year this event brings together students, jazz educators, performing artists and enthusiasts to create a positive learning experience for all involved. By sharing resources, the University of Oregon and Lane Community College do a great deal to enhance the jazz experience in our community.

Comprised of 20 young musicians, the Shasta Jazz band performs at various festivals and venues throughout the state each year. Noted for their professionalism, cohesiveness and great style by professional musicians including the legendary Branford Marsalis, this award-winning band leaves a lasting impression with every performance.


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