Malabon Elementary

Malabon Elementary

Enrollment: 367
Grades: Kindergarten – Grade 5
Phone number: 541-461-6421
Fax number: 541-607-9708
Address:1380 Taney, Eugene, OR 97402
School Hours: 8:15 am to 2:15 pm

Driving instructions: Beltline Road to Barger Drive. East on Barger to Taney. South (right turn) onto Taney.

Malabon December Dates and Events for your Calendar

No School Day Reminders

This Friday, December 5th, is a no school day for students. Teachers will be working on report cards. Next week is Parent/Teacher conferences. On Thursday, December 11th, students will be dismissed at 11:15. There is no school for students on Friday, December 12th. No kindergarten classes on Thursday the 11th or Friday the 12th.

winter break

Our winter vacation begins on Monday, December 22nd and we return to school on Monday, January 5th, 2015!


P-T ConferencesParent / Teacher Conferences

Your Parent/Teacher conference time should have come home in this week’s Tuesday Folder. We are looking forward to seeing you at your scheduled time on either Wednesday, December 10th or Thursday, December 11th.

On Track For Success Here’s a big reason to attend next week’s parent-teacher conferences. If your child is in grades 1-8 and was enrolled last year in the Bethel School District, you will receive an On Track for Success Report. This a research-based, Bethel-created tool that identifies students who are on-track to graduate with a regular Oregon diploma, those who are falling behind, and those who are at-risk of not graduating. An individualized report has been created for each student and teachers will share the report with parents. The On-Track for Success Report is used by our school to help determine the appropriate measures to keep students on-track to graduation.

Click here for more information

Bethel has been presenting to schools and districts throughout the northwest interested in its On-Track for Success Report. Be sure to attend parent-teacher conferences for details on your child’s On-Track report.


treeThe Malabon Giving Tree

We would like to show our giving spirit this holiday season by supporting families in our own Bethel community. The Malabon Giving Tree is an opportunity for Malabon families and staff to contribute essential items needed year round. They are distributed as needed to Bethel families through Malabon’s TLC Room. These basic needs are not intended as Christmas presents. Your donations make a difference in your neighbors’ lives throughout the year. There will be a Tree of Giving set up in the Cafeteria from Now – Jan 13th. You may choose a snowflake, purchase the needed item and return it, unwrapped, to the box in the front Office. Thank you!


Receive School Closure Alerts

Act now to receive free message notifications about school cancellations or delays in Bethel.

The FlashAlert system distributes emergency messages, such as breaking news or weather closure information from Bethel School District.

Download the free FlashAlert Messengerapp for smart phones. It sends messages over the Internet outside of the text message system (text messages are being phased out of the FlashAlert system.) You’ll find the free FlashAlert Messenger app in the iTunes store and Android Play.

To receive email alerts, go online to FlashAlert and follow the on-screen prompts.


Getting School Ready

Do you have a kindergarten student or a child coming in to Kindergarten next year? If so, The Early Learning Alliance/United Way would like your input. Click on Getting School Ready for more information.


Malabon Green Team

“Malabon needs your help in starting a Green Team led by parents! Here is a link to a quick survey if you are interested in finding out more: .”


Happy Holidays Malabon Families!


Malabon News

Crazy Hat or Hair Day Tomorrow, November 25th!

Malabon kids have earned a Crazy Hat or Hair Day! Respect Rangers have been out and about these last two weeks looking for classrooms of students being respectful, creating a positive learning environment. When a class was caught being respectful, a Respect Medal was hung on their door. Our goal was to collect 250 Respect Medals by today. Our kids, however, didn’t stop at 250. At last count, Malabon classrooms had earned a total of 317 Respect Medals! Pretty impressive! We are looking forward to a fun day of learning with a little crazy mixed in!


Reminder… No School on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday of this week. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


A Malabon Holiday Bazaar

Malabon PTO is hosting a HOLIDAY BAZAAR. Click on the link for more information.


The New Malabon is starting to take shape!

To see the progress,  click on the video below to see a  time lapse of the construction happening at Malabon!




November Happenings at Malabon!

PTO News

Click on the PTO November News for events and ways you can get involved this month!


PTO’s Next Family Fun Night

Our PTO is hosting its next Family Fun Night on Thursday, November 13th, from 6:00-8:00pm at Skate World! Hope many of you can make this Free event!


Malabon’s Music Concert

K-2nd Grade, Tuesday, Nov. 18th  7:00-8:00pm

3rd -5th Grade, Wednesday, Nov. 19th  7:00-8:00pm



Exclusion day is Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 for overdue immunizations.

We have started the process of gathering immunization information so we don’t have any students excluded from attending school in February.

Parents please provide us with any immunization updates students have, including month & year of chickenpox disease. Any updates can be given or faxed to the front office or your Health Room Assistant.



Veteran’s Day: No School Tuesday, November 11th


Thanksgiving Vacation: No School Wednesday, November 26th through Friday, November 28th



PTO’s October Family Fun Night, Thursday Oct. 23rd! Click here to read all about it!



Friday, October 24th is the “Where” Fair!

Students who have chosen to participate will be sharing their geography project with their peers. Projects will be set up in our cafeteria at 12:45. Classes will be rotating through beginning at 1:00. Parents are always welcome to join.


Thursday, October 30th, at Malabon

Individual classrooms will be having harvest celebration parties on Thursday, October 30th. These will take place after 1:00pm. Your child is welcome to wear a costume to school if it won’t interfere with regular classroom instruction and daily routines (PE, recess, instruction, etc). Masks and full face painting are things that would interfere with instruction so please save thes cosutmes for events not at school. Costumes need to be appropriate for school (weapons, violence, blood, etc. will not be allowed).

If you are planning on sending your children out trick or treating on Friday evening, the 31st, please remind them of all those important rules: Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible, Be Malabon!


Reminder: Friday, October 31st is a no school day for students.






October is Safety Month at Malabon!

Safety Procedures at Malabon

One of our most important jobs at Malabon is to ensure student safety. We know that when students are safe they will learn and grow academically. Part of being safe is practicing routines so that students and staff know exactly what to do in particular situations. This involves fire drills, lock-down drills, and practicing what to do in the event of an earthquake. If you are in the building when one of these drills takes place, please plan to participate in the drill with students and staff.

When practicing fire drills, students are led by teachers to a designated space away from the building. We account for all students through communication with specific staff members prior to ending the drill. Students and staff are asked to walk quietly to and from their designated space, in case everyone needs to hear specific directions given to them.

We practice “lock-down” drills in case a situation arises in which we are notified that student safety may be compromised (i.e, an unsafe visitor on campus or police notification regarding unsafe behavior in the neighborhood surrounding the school). Staff will receive a command over the intercom system (“Staff, please secure your rooms, this is a lockdown”). Upon hearing this command, staff will lock all interior and exterior doors, close all blinds in the rooms, turn off lights.  Students not in their classroom at the time of the command will be escorted by staff to the nearest enclosed building. For our first drill, teachers notify students and have an age-appropriate discussion regarding the details of the drill. Teachers may debrief with students after the drill has taken place as well.

An earthquake drill has two parts to it. The first part involves students practicing the “duck and cover” method in their classroom, meaning that they duck under their desks and cover their heads. Once the “duck and cover” event has taken place, students and staff will exit the building as we do in a fire drill.

As previously mentioned, should parents and guardians happen to be at Malabon when these drills take place, we ask that you participate in the drills. In the event that a real lock-down takes place, we ask parents to please refrain from coming to Malabon to check on their children. In a crisis situation, we also ask that you keep our phone lines available for emergency use and refrain from calling the office. Should we need to get emergency information to parents, we will send an email message to all addresses that we have on file. If you have not yet provided us with an email address, please do so at your earliest convenience. Radio and television media will also have specific information in severe emergency situations.


Reminder! No School On Friday, October 10th.

School Safety Training

The protection and safe-keeping of all students is our #1 priority. That is why all Bethel School District staff will take part in school safety training on October 10th, a no-school day for educator training.

This workshop will make sure our staff members have a shared understanding of how to respond in emergency situations, especially a worst-case scenario of an armed intruder on campus. It is sad that there is a need to adequately prepare our staff for such a remote possibility, but we believe it is better to train for a worst-case scenario and never use that training than to sit back and just hope a life-threatening event never happens.

Every school in our district already practices fire drills, lockdowns, and earthquake drills. This training will add to our staff’s abilities to respond in extreme emergencies in order to keep students safe. Contact me  if you have any questions.


October Story-Time In Bethel

All Bethel pre-schoolers are welcomed to weekly Story Time at the Bethel Family Resource Center, located inside Malabon Elementary.

Every Thursday from 11:00-12:30 kids will hear a story, receive a snack and take part in an activity. This will build your children’s confidence in a school setting, peer play and literacy skills.

The Family Resource Center also offers drop-in time on Thursdays from 1:30-4:00, with activities this month including silly squash based art, playing with veggies to create wacky monsters, painting with veggies, and feeling things in mystery boxes.

For more information call Anne with the Bethel Family Resource Center at 541-461-6421, ext 2539.


PTO News

Click on PTO October Newsletter to find news about events happening at Malabon!




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