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Changing To Distance Learning

Hi Danebo Families,

There is a very real potential that our students, like those in many other states, may not return to school this academic year. According to Colt Gill, Director of the Oregon Department of Education, we are in the midst of a “historic transformation of our education system.”

ODE is asking all districts to shift to Distance Learning, potentially through the rest of the school year, rather than providing weekly supplemental education for students.

This is a huge shift for most school districts, including Bethel. In the next two weeks, we will:

Connect with each family to determine their access to the internet, digital devices and the most practical way for families and students to receive learning materials

Assess our district’s technological capacity to provide Distance Learning online

– Develop lessons that can be shared online and on paper that meet the needs of all students at all levels

– Accelerate the training for our teachers to provide students lessons in different formats

– Communicate regularly with parents/guardians, who will play an important role in the effectiveness of Distance Learning

Specific information about high school students Continue reading

News From Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

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Danebo Teachers Reaching Out

Starting Tuesday, March 30th, Danebo Teachers will be calling all families of students in their classrooms. We are hoping to say hello (we miss our students and families), do a brief check-in and ask a few questions regarding accessing our supplemental learning materials.

If teachers don’t reach you, they will leave a voice mail with a day and time that they will call back to try to reach you.

Teachers may be working from home, so the calls may come in from blocked numbers or ones you don’t recognize.

We hope our students and families are staying well! We’ll be in touch!

Danebo Office Hours

To implement social distancing and adhere to the Governor’s Stay Home orders, our office will be closed to the public through April 28th, 2020.

If you need assistance, you can leave a voice mail on our office phone (541-688-8735) and Tami or Krisia will return your call. You can reach us via email when we are not in the office (mari.ford@bethel.k12.or.us; tami.mcguire@bethel.k12.or.us;krisia.zepeda@bethel.k12.or.us).

Assistance League Food Pantry

Once again, the amazing volunteers at the Assistance League of Eugene, will be providing Danebo families the food pantry on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020.

Approximately 30 bags of non-perishable food will be delivered in the morning and will be placed outside the office area. We will have a few staff members on hand to ask a few questions (number of adults/children in the household that the food is going to) and we’ll put the bags of food in your car.

We are required to implement social distancing and keep 6 feet distance between anyone on site. For that reason, please pull into the bus lane, remain in your car, and pull forward one at a time.

Danebo families will receive an email on Wednesday, 4/1/2020, with the pick-up times for food bags at Danebo.

News From Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

Missing Our Students

We hope that you and your families are doing well and staying healthy. We are finishing up with our spring break and we are all missing our students! We look forward to sharing more information with families regarding supplemental learning materials, which will include a phone call from classroom teachers next week.

Until then…stay well, stay healthy, and see you soon!

Other News…

  • Teachers will be working (virtually) next week (3/31-4/3) to begin the planning for supplemental learning materials that we will be providing for students and families.
  • Bethel will continue to provide Grab-N-Go breakfast and lunch meals to students at the same sites that they’ve been at for the last 2 weeks. Click here for a list of the meal sites.
  • The Assistance League would like to provide our food pantry “grab-n-go” bags this Thursday, 4/2. Look for an email/BLOG post next week with specifics on pick-up times.

District Finalizes Draft For Additional Funding

Bethel School District’s application to request additional state funds from the Student Investment Account has been finalized and is ready for public feedback.

The District’s draft plan comes after months of preparation and more than a dozen meetings seeking input from students, staff and the community. The District would like your input regarding the plan.

Read Bethel’s SIA application here.

Click here to email your feedback before Monday’s School Board meeting

The community can view Monday’s special Board meeting online via Zoom on Monday, March 30, 4:15 p.m.

La aplicación del Distrito Escolar de Bethel para solicitar fondos adicionales estatales de la Cuenta de Inversión Estudiantil se ha finalizado y está lista para ser publicada y recibir comentarios.

El plan del Distrito viene después de meses de preparación y más de una docena de reuniones en busca de aportes de los estudiantes, empleados y la comunidad. El Distrito quisiera saber su opinión sobre el plan.

Lea la aplicación de SIA de Bethel aquí.

Haga Clic aquí para enviar su opinión por correo electrónico antes de la junta del Consejo Escolar del Lunes.

La comunidad puede ver el lunes en línea la junta especial del Consejo a través de Zoom. El Lunes, 30 de Marzo a las 4:15 p.m.

Student Enrichment Resources

Here comes some news that includes updated Bethel educational resources for you. We truly hope you are all remaining healthy and we look forward to when we will all be back together at Danebo.

This week was scheduled to be Spring Break before our school calendar was interrupted. We are still attempting to get a clearer picture of what to expect for the next several months.

In the meantime, our Bethel staff have been working to plan materials and activities for students in all grade levels. We intend to offer continued supplemental enrichment for your child while schools are closed.

Supplemental Materials: Materials will be available to you on April 6th in two formats: online and hard-copy paper packets. These will be made available each week throughout the closure. We are working hard to ensure that all supplemental materials are accessible to all of our students. 

Enrichment: In the meantime, we have vetted and collected resources to support the enrichment of your student. Click here to access these enrichment resources. 

Check-In: Your child’s teachers will be contacting you after Spring Break to share more information about the supplemental materials, and simply because they miss their students! 

High School Students: All families have questions about what is happening with high school students. The Oregon Department of Education is currently working on a plan to address the unique needs of high school students during this closure. We know that high school students and their families are concerned about credits, as well as various tests such as SAT, IB and AP. We will communicate details once guidance from ODE is provided.

These are unprecedented times which result in many questions. We will share more information with you as soon as we get it. In the meantime, take good care of yourself and those around you.


Hola Familias,

Esperamos que este mensaje le encuentre bien. Extrañamos la presencia de sus hijos en la escuela y esperamos con ansias cuando volveremos a estar juntos.

Esta semana estaba programada para las vacaciones de primavera, cuando teníamos un calendario escolar oficial. Todavía estamos intentando tener una idea más clara de qué esperar para los próximos meses.

Mientras tanto, nuestro personal de Bethel ha estado trabajando para planificar materiales Continue reading

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