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Bethel School Bond: Final Report

With very careful spending, thoughtful planning and watchful oversight, Bethel School District has stretched its dollars from the 2012 School Bond. 

Click here for a list of all the Bond projects.

Bethel residents received a promise from the School District that it would be reliable caretakers of Bond funds. That promise has been kept.

Without increasing anyone’s tax rate, the 2012 Bethel Bond still brought improvements to every Bethel school, constructed two new elementary schools and a state-of-the-art high school science complex, improved safety, updated textbooks and computers, and so much more.

Nearly all the 2012 Bond money has now been spent. Here’s a look at the very latest projects that have recently been completed.


Bethel Bond Anniversary…And Thanks

We just passed the three year anniversary of the passage of the Bethel bond measure that continues to deliver for children throughout the school district.
In one last video construction update, Bond Project Manager Pat Bradshaw directs his thanks to where it’s deserved.

Construction Nears An End

The work that began in Bethel a year and a half ago is nearly complete. School building projects at Willamette, Malabon and Fairfield are wrapping up. Project Manager Pat Bradshaw has the latest.

Promises Made, Promises Kept

After a moment of hesitation, the ribbon gave way for the opening of the new Willamette science and office complex.

After a moment of hesitation, the ribbon gave way for the opening of the new Willamette science and office complex.

Bethel School District has lived up to its word.

The district promised frugal use of taxpayer dollars to build attractive, efficient, long-lasting and effective places for kids to learn, and that is what is being delivered.

After more than a year of construction Bethel’s new school buildings are ready for students.

Ribbon-cutting celebrations are scheduled for Malabon and Fairfield Elementary Schools Thursday, September 3rd. Each school is combining the ceremony with its annual Meet The Teacher Night; Malabon’s at 5:30 and Fairfield’s at 6:30.

Both events are open to the public, with an opportunity to tour the beautiful new schools.

The ribbon-cutting for Willamette’s new science and office complex drew a large crowd, with students mingling in the building with long-time community members.

Final touches are taking place at all the schools, with landscaping being the last phase of the projects to be completed.

The Countdown Has Begun

It is only a matter of weeks until Bethel’s new schools open up to students. And there was a milestone event that took place at the very top of one school. Construction project manager Pat Bradshaw takes you there.

Demolition At Fairfield

Ribbon cutting for the new Fairfield Elementary School is September 3. Until then, crews will be busy finishing off the new building and taking down the old school. Here’s a time lapse video of the start of demolition, beginning with the elementary wing.

Fairfield Demolition Time Lapse

Down Memory Lane At Fairfield

Bill Keithly, Kathy Hanson, Mary Smith and Ardelle Howell enjoyed one last look at Fairfield before their old school is torn down.

Bill Keithly, Kathy Hanson, Mary Smith and Ardelle Howell enjoyed one last look at Fairfield before their old school is torn down.

Bethel’s oldest elementary school will be demolished soon. But before Fairfield is torn down former students and teachers were invited in for one final look around.

The memories were especially poignant for some old friends who were part of the very first Fairfield first grade class in 1953.

Bill Keithly, Kathy Hanson, Mary Smith and Ardelle Howell were among those reminiscing with old class photos and school yearbooks.

They also had a final opportunity to walk through the old building that was brand new when they started school.

The four will have another chance to walk down memory lane; it’s their 50 year class reunion at Willamette High School this summer.

The Great Bethel School Migration

It’s amazing how quickly an entire school can be emptied. That’s happening now as the old Malabon and Fairfield schools are prepared for demolition. The move out started Friday morning, continued Saturday, and is wrapping up in the next few days. Here are some images of the Great Bethel School Migration. Click Full Screen to get a good look.

Moving Day Arrives

Very exciting times in Bethel! Move-in starts Friday at the new Malabon and Fairfield Elementary Schools. Meanwhile, Willamette High School’s office addition is taking shape. Project Manager Pat Bradshaw brings you the latest.

Bethel Bond Update: 63 Tons And Counting

Construction on Phase 2 of the Willamette High School Science/Office building is going strong now that a 63 ton staircase is in place. Project Manager Pat Bradshaw takes us through the staircase saga, and offers an update on the Malabon and Fairfield school construction projects.