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Personal Device Access

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Connecting to Bethel WiFi

The BSD-Secure wireless network is open to staff and students for personal device access. Connecting to the BSD-Secure network is done at your own risk and Bethel Technology Services will not provide support to assist any personal device connections.  With that said, the process to connect is fairly straight forward.

  1. Check your device vendor’s specific documentation on ensuring wireless connectivity (make sure the wireless network interface card is enabled).
  2. Select the “BSD-Secure” network and connect. When prompted for credentials enter “BSD\firstname.lastname” and your login (email) passphrase.
  3. Some devices may prompt you to allow a certificate installation or prompt you to trust the certificate that is being pushed. The certificate is from or Once installed or trusted, your device will receive an IP address on the BSD-Secure network.

If you have previously connected and cannot re-connect, go to your device’s network settings and “forget network” and then re-connect. It will prompt you for credentials which you should enter as outlined above.

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Bethel Email and Calendar

Technology Services does  not officially support personal mobile devices, so much of this you will need to figure out on your own.

With that said, you want to ensure the following settings are correct after you select Microsoft Exchange or Corporate from the account setup screen. Each device’s requirements are different. Android uses different settings than iDevices.

Create a new account. Select Corporate, Exchange and the add the following server settings:

Mail Server:
Login/Domain: BSD\firstname.lastname
Password: Your new password you chose when logging into the new webmail
SSL: ON (this should be the default)