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  • If you have a K-8 student currently enrolled in a Bethel school and would like to move them into Bethel Online Academy, that can be done during transfer period windows. Our K-8 transfer period has closed for the remainder of this trimester, which runs March 7-June 17, 2022.

    If you are interested in your student attending Bethel Online Academy in the 2022-2023 school year, please fill out this brief survey. Your response helps us plan for next year.

    When the transfer window is open, please click this link to fill out a request to move into BOA or to exit BOA and return to in-person learning in the building.

    In an effort to adequately serve all Bethel students, and minimize the impact that transferring has on student learning and classroom environment, we will only be opening up opportunities for students to move from BOA to in-person learning and from in-person learning into BOA during dedicated transfer periods. Transfers between learning placements will not take place once a transfer window has closed until the next transfer period opens.

    If you have a K-8 student who is moving into the Bethel School District attendance area, your student is not currently attending any of our schools, and you want to choose Bethel Online Academy as your student’s school, you may start in BOA upon entry into the district even if it’s outside of the transfer period window. To do so:

    If you are a high school student interested in BOA, please contact:

    Please note that Bethel Online Academy is a full-year online program. If your student is temporarily quarantining or unable to attend school in-person for a short period of time due to a medical condition or family trip, please contact your home school for assistance.

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