Bethel Spirit Award Winners

The Bethel Spirit Award recognizes district employees and volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

2022-23 School Year

2021-22 School Year

Barbara Minkler, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker Colleen Wright and parent Brenda Martinez:

“Thank you, Barbara, for collaborating with the Prairie Mountain team on how to best support students with visual impairments. Your knowledge and expertise has led and inspired us to deliver excellent instruction. Your advocacy for students with visual impairments pushes us to do things we didn’t even know were possible. Your consultation and instruction on best practices has led to growth in both our students and staff. We thank you for your dedication to making sure that every child has an opportunity to learn, excel and shine. Colleen and Brenda.”

Sandra Stephens, Danebo

Comments from co-worker, Cameron Octon:

“Sandra was an exceptional custodian and teammate over the summer at Danebo. Prior to my employment at Danebo, I had never seen the school before. As Sandra and I were tasked with refurnishing classrooms to reflect something like pre-COVID accommodations, I heavily relied on Sandra’s knowledge of the campus. There were moments I felt useless because I did not have an image from which to reconstruct the puzzle. Although I came to Danebo in May as the new lead custodian, it was Sandra’s experience at Danebo that led me on more than one occasion. While I am grateful for and determined to honor my role as lead custodian, Sandra has clearly demonstrated to me that she could have been a successful lead here at Danebo. While she remains our evening custodian, and after working as an evening custodian for ten years myself, I know what is expected of Sandra by her staff, students, and community. For that, she deserves all of our respect, but she has certainly earned mine for being a gracious collaborator this summer.”

Rachel Davidson, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Christy Perrigo:

“Rachel does an incredible job supporting Irving students and staff. She is a great listener and goes out of her way to make sure teachers and students have whatever resources they need to help kids succeed in the classroom! Rachel always has a positive attitude and is willing to do whatever it takes. Thank you for everything you do!”

Karen Ferguson, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Christy Perrigo:

“Karen is Irving’s favorite librarian and story teller, but more than that Fergie is that wonderful warm adult that has time for every student and every staff member! Karen makes every student feel welcome and loved at Irving! Every student knows that the library is a place that they can come and talk books, share a picture, a worry, or anything else and Fergie will always greet them with a warm smile. Thank you for making our students and staff feel cared for, loved and welcome! We love you Fergie!”

Christine Guldager, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Tami Jernberg:

“Christine has stepped up many times without question to help when a sub was late or did not show, taking on the extra responsibility for a full PE Class. Christine had the students warm up with her class and got them started until the office could fill the position without being asked. Because it is hard to communicate from the office to the gym she did this without knowing if a sub was on their way. We appreciate you.”

Gaby Aguilar Medina, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Tami Jernberg:

“Gaby is a new employee at Willamette High School, she has picked up on many extra tasks and is doing an amazing job to help families, students, staff during these extra busy times while short staffed. Gaby we appreciate you.”

Harvey Hafemann, Shasta

Comments from co-worker, Sue White:

“Harvey went above and beyond in helping me and my colleague, Monique Siemerink, move our office at Shasta to another location at the school. Harvey had also helped us move to our previous office a couple of years ago, and did an exemplary job at that time; this time around, he was even busier with school reopening than he was when we last moved, and yet he found time to very kindly and cheerfully move our “stuff” (and we have a lot of “stuff”) and make sure that everything was in the right place. He was unfailingly willing to do whatever we needed to ensure that we were able to settle into our new space and do our jobs without interruption. He was always quickly responsive and always communicated and followed through. We could NOT have made this move without him! Thank you, Harvey! We appreciate you!”

Erin Brown, Willamette

Comments from co-workers:

“Erin is the Department Chair of a team that serves over 300 students on IEP’s. Enough said.”

Ashley Scott, Malabon

Comments from co-worker, Leanna Stevens:

“Ashley is always there for every person in need at our school. She works to help students and staff alike with personal and professional concerns. She puts plans in place and teaches us all how to follow them. Always with the students’ needs in mind. I appreciate her for all she does, all she has taught me personally and her huge heart for all kids.”

Jill Torres, Danebo

Comments from co-worker, Jeannelle Mahle:
“Jill has been so supportive and reliable. During difficult situations, she would come to the gym to help out even when she’s on a break. I appreciate her hard work and I am grateful that she’s our school counselor.”

Evan Rindy, Clear Lake

Comments from co-worker, Tami Wold:

“We appreciate Evan’s support of staff during this 3rd year of the pandemic. He has teachers’ best interests at the heart of decision-making and this is reflected in staff morale. Evan listens and supports teachers’ well-being. He has been a wonderful leader at Clear Lake.”

Bonnie Roe, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker, Anna Campbell:
“I am both a Bethel employee and parent with two students a Prairie Mountain. I have watched Bonnie navigate needs and support families in my role as a parent for 6 years now. This summer I started working with her in the office and every day I am impressed with her commitment, knowledge and care for students and their families as well as all the staff that come through the office. This year marked 20 years that Bonnie has worked for our school and she has helped countless students and staff through them all.”

Bonnie Roe, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker, Colleen Wright: “Bonnie embodies the spirit of Prairie Mountain. Bonnie is helpful, warm and welcoming to the students and staff. She does everything with a good heart – even on the busiest of days. Bonnie is a team player and wears many different hats. Thank you, Bonnie, for your unconditional commitment and dedication to the Mountain. You are truly one of a kind and appreciated by all of us.”

Lisa Cronce, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker, Colleen Wright:
It is an honor and a joy to work with Lisa. Lisa joins the Prairie Mountain family as a Title I coordinator. She is an excellent communicator and collaborator. She cares deeply for our eagles and excels in providing excellent instruction that is meaningful and skilled. I am grateful to have a colleague that is kind, funny, caring and enjoys teaching. Thanks, Lisa, for being you and being an awesome team player.”

Steven Miller, Willamette

Comments from student, Ella Rae Pratt:
“Mr. Miller genuinely wants to help his students and is always willing to answer questions and go the extra mile to help his students.”

Benjamin Dodds, Willamette

Comments from student, Olivia Harris:
“Mr. Dodds is the Speech and Debate coach for Willamette and he’s doing such a good job. This is his first year here but he is already making a lasting impact. He makes sure all of the students feel included and makes sure that everyone is able to succeed. He is giving us the tools to thrive and is helping us be our best. I couldn’t ask for a better coach for my senior year.”

Randy Calicott, Clear Lake

Comments from student, Emma Scott:
“He is kind and has great relationships with the students. He does so much for the school and doesn’t expect anything back even when it’s not part of his job.”

Joy Hatch, Willamette

Comments from student, Carly Robbins:
“Senora Hatch is an excellent teacher. She empathizes with the difficulty we have learning Spanish. She is dedicated to her students and I am grateful for that. She deserves all the praise and recognition.”

Jamie Anderson, Willamette

Comments from student, Raven Cossey:
“Ms. Anderson has been a big help to all of her students. She makes sure that each class is prepared and ready to learn. She always has a big smile on her face and is caring and considerate of her students and their belongings.”

Billy Fields, District Social Worker

Comments from student, Joseph Simmons:
“Mr. Fields was a very supportive science teacher in middle school and I will never forget the stories he would tell.”

Stephen North, Willamette

Comments from student, Luke Bassinger:
“Mr. North is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to helping students and is always willing to work with students when they need help. He brings a smile (can’t actually see his face because of the mask) to class every morning and always makes learning fun and interesting while staying on task and being productive.”

Joy Hatch, Willamette

Comments from student, Annette Tapia:
“Mrs. Hatch has been a great teacher. mentor, and friend to me during my time here at Willamette. She’s always down to help and give advice about anything. She even opened her doors for Willamette students to host the Latinos Unidos club in her classroom! Overall, Mrs. Hatch is and will continue to have an impact on my school life even after I leave Willamette.”

Eric Wright, Meadow View

Comments from student, Katelyn Gayle:
“Mr. Wright was (and probably still is) my favorite math teacher. I’ve always liked math, but he helped me to love it. He was also not just a teacher, but my track coach in middle school. He was always very encouraging and motivated me to work hard within both school and sports.”

Curt Nordling, Willamette

Comments from student, Rylie Campbell:
“Mr. Nordling teaches Algebra 1 and Pre-Calculus and should be recognized because he takes a lot of extra time to work with his students and help them understand the lesson. He has put in so much time outside of the class period to make sure students can come to him with any questions about the homework or the lesson. During lessons, he moves quickly but it keeps you paying attention to what is happening. He also tries to relate things to our lives. He gives us examples and uses simple language that we can all understand. That is very nice because a lot of math teachers use complex language that students do not understand. He goes above and beyond to make class interesting and greatly deserves to be recognized for it.”

Sean Kenna, Willamette

Comments from student, Broderic Gilbert:
“Mr. Kenna has been very helpful to the student body by bringing attention to global climate problems and other environmental issues. He inspires lots of students, and even inspired some to set up an Environmental Action club. He is incredibly entertaining to listen to and is knowledgeable in what feels like infinite subjects. He is a great teacher and an even better friend.”

James Broyhill, Willamette

Comments from student, Josh Rosier:
“Mr. Broyhill made very good videos when I was taking Algebra II. They were easy to understand and made that year of math enjoyable.”

Steven Miller, Willamette

Comments from student, Kyree Mitchell:
“Mr. Miller made me really interested in science and I genuinely would look forward to the hour long zooms he made, and I would sometimes be the only one to attend and he would still have a lot of enthusiasm and present a whole lesson. I really appreciate how passionate he is about the environment. He is a genuinely caring and kind teacher. I don’t have him this year but I go to his Environment club, and it’s great.”

Tana Walker, Willamette

Comments from student, Cael Petersen:
“Ms. Walker worked incredibly hard to put on a fall play and it was a rousing success. She deserves some recognition for working so hard.”

Jen Harris, Irving

Comments from student, Ella Pratt:
“Over ten years ago, Jen volunteered in my Kindergarten and 1st grade classes. She dedicated a large amount of her time towards helping me learn to read, I would not be the learner I am today if it weren’t for her efforts.”

Angie Weyand, Willamette

Comments from student, Neleh Zwink:
“Ms. Weyand deserves to be recognized because she has made it much easier for me to acclimate back into the school environment this year. She is my Chemistry 1 teacher, and she is one of the only teachers who hasn’t made me feel overwhelmed this year. It has been a really weird year and many teachers have been realizing that students didn’t learn or don’t remember many skills that they are supposed to know. Many of my other teachers have made me feel anxiety because I am supposedly behind. Mrs. Weyand is one of the few that have made me feel supported and understood this school year.”

Karen Ferguson, Irving

Comments from student, Olivia Harris:
“Ms. Ferguson always let me and other students stay in the library during our free time and let us read. It meant so much to all of us. We had that space to be alone and because we were given that space; we still read and enjoy reading today. She encouraged me to join OBOB and helped me to succeed. She was always kind and made sure we had access to all the books and supplies we wanted or needed.”

Burdy Smith, Willamette

Comments from student, Nancy Coffman:
“Coach Burdy is a passionate and thoughtful coach who is a great role model for all. Coach Burdy is new to the Women’s team coaching staff this year, but has been a part of the WHS basketball program in past years. He gives us players the confidence to keep going even when things get hard or we fail. He encourages us to be the best version of ourselves on and off the court. Thanks Coach, I am so excited for this season!”

Jenny Sink, Fairfield

Comments from student, John Bowser Starrett:
“Ms. Sink was my first principal. (She became the principal my first day of kindergarten.) I remember growing up loving to go to school. She was a big influence on me. We of course had our bumps but there is no better principal more fit for Fairfield than Ms. Sink!”

Debbi Holte, Irving

Comments from student, Paige Campbell:
“I had Ms. Holte as my 5th grade teacher almost 7 years ago and I still always look up to her and who she is as a person. She is such a warm, positive presence in students’ lives and she always treats others in a caring, respective, and inviting manner. Ms. Holte was the one who inspired me to become an elementary school teacher and support students the way that she does. I was actually given the opportunity this year to volunteer in her classroom and I love every second of it. The environment she creates is so welcoming and offers a place for growth and love. I aspire to become the teacher that she is and impact students’ lives positively every day.”

Curtis Mitchell, Willamette

Comments from co-worker Laura Mitchell

Curtis is here at Willamette everyday working to make school safe and fun for the kids. He will do anything to help make the successful, even wear a TUTU. He has such a great relationship with the kids that they truly care about him and that warms my heart. He is the heart of Willamette, and we would be lost without him.

Adam Walker, Willamette

Comments from student, Ava Sexton

Mr. Walker brightens my day every time I enter his classroom. He is personable and connects with students even while he is actively lecturing, and his surplus of energy makes me feel excited about learning the not-so-savory times in history! I look forward to going to school on the days I have his IB history class.

Debbi Quinn, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker Colleen Wright

Debbi Quinn epitomizes the heart and soul of Prairie Mountain. She leads by example with her positive attitude and willingness to jump in whenever and wherever needed. Debbi is a team player who puts the needs of our students first. She is an exceptional behavioral and academic interventionist. She provides instruction that is both highly skilled and compassionate. I’m proud and honored to work beside her each day. Thank you, Debbi, for your dedication and commitment to our eagles. You are truly awesome!

Shaba McCallen, Willamette High School

Comments by co-worker Abby Wojo-Sykes

Shaba is a first year EA in the life skills classroom. She joined our classroom this fall after her recent graduation from WHS. She has gone ABOVE and BEYOND in her work in the classroom. Between shifting teachers, maternity leave, and teacher absences, Shaba has stepped up as a leader in the classroom. She carries herself with such confidence and always has a creative suggestion or idea. She prides herself in her work with the students. Shaba, we are so lucky to have you and I appreciate everything you do for our classroom! Thank you!

Vanessa Dillon, Willamette High School

Comments by co-worker Joy Hatch

Señora Dillon brings creativity, humor, and engagement to all of her students, making her classes incredibly fun. While students are comfortable playing games and enjoying stories and songs, Señora Dillon integrates rigor and challenge into her lesson plans. The result is pure educational magic! The students learn more than they realize, all while having a great time in her class.

Tami Jernberg, Willamette High School

Comments by co-worker Laurie Neilson

Tami is a Registrar who cares about details. She works hard to see that every grade entered for reporting is accurate for every student at Willamette. She sets up quality control tracking measures to make sure nothing is overlooked. Besides taking care of duties, she’s always interested to know how your day is going. It’s great working with you, Tami!

Colleen Wright, Prairie Mountain

Comments by co-worker Rachel Gillis

Colleen looks out for the members of her team and regularly does extra work to facilitate caring for our students. She is a consummate professional. She keeps conversations positive and productive. Colleen cares about people first, her unwavering support is authentic and selfless. We are lucky to have Colleen leading our Elementary Resource Room!

2020-21 School Year

Miranda Page, Willamette

Comments from student, Yasmin Zuniga-Santiago:

“Miranda Page is contentiously supporting students whether or not they are in her class. I really appreciate the genuine connections she has with many of her students. They are what make my high school experience and many others, memorable.”

Racie Escalera, Shasta

Comments from co-worker, Bonnie Colton:

“Racie is a caring, hard working person. She is the best person to work with. She deserves to be recognized!”


Rachel Gillis and Tonja Hillegass, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker, Colleen Wright and parent, Brenda Martinez:

“An enormous Prairie Mountain shout out to Mrs. Gillis and Mrs. H for your collaboration this year providing optimal instruction under the most difficult circumstances. Your commitment and dedication ensures that all students are successful. Thank you for the time you spent creating and modifying curriculum as well as finding successful ways to include all students in both CDL and in person learning. You are an inspiration to our school and loved by our Prairie Mountain students and families. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Colleen and Brenda.”

Joe Freuen, Willamette

Comments from student, Broderic Gilbert:

“Mr. Freuen has stuck with the band members throughout all of COVID, checking in regularly and making sure we practice and participate as much as possible. Without him, lots of students may have dropped music. Freuen also gets the group together on Thursdays and Fridays to play for a bit. Altogether, Freuen has made going through these tough times much easier.”

Mckenzie Bryant, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker, Jeanie Thibault:

“Mckenzie Bryant is a phenomenal inspirational teacher who never fails to bring out the best in her students. She praises them with her every statement and then values and inspires them with her love. Her students adore her and respond with excitement and fun. Hats off to Mckenzie!!!!”

Amy Pelki, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Ronda Hatefi:

“Amy has been at Irving for a couple years now in different roles. She has taken the time and attention to learn each new position, even coming in on off days to learn more. Whether she is doing her job or filling in at the last minute as a sub, she is ready, willing and always smiling. I appreciate her so much. I am so glad she landed at Irving, we are better because of her.”

Jaime Noack, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker, Colleen Wright:

“Jaime joined RW this year to lead the Prairie Mountain family. The transition was seamless and she is a true blue eagle. Thank you, Jaime, for leading us with confidence, grace, kindness and ability. We are so lucky that the Mountain has you to inspire and lead us through this crazy, zany year.”

Alexandria Phillipe, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Nicole Butler-Hooton:

“Alex is a shining example of an educational assistant who seeks to make connections with students every day. She goes above and beyond to show an invested interest in all her students’ lives. Alex welcomes each student every day with a smile and heart of care. She has even helped walk a student home 2 days a week. I love having Alex work in our 2nd grade room and more importantly I love the authentic relationship she builds with Room 22 students.”

Krisia Zepeda, Danebo

Comments from co-worker, Sima Baldwin:

“Krisia has shown more support than I could hope for this year! She has had patience and understanding when I have done something incorrect or forgotten to put in attendance. Krisia has always been kind and caring and offered help and advice to me. Her reminders are upbeat and I never felt like she was frustrated, even when she may have been. We at Danebo are very lucky to have such an amazing office coordinator on our team!”

Jen Harris, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Ronda Hatefi:

“I have worked with Jen for 10 years, she is so incredibly dedicated, works above and beyond in every task she takes on, she cares for the students and does what is best for them every time. She has built amazing relationships with both students and staff. I have told her for years, she is the reason I enjoy coming to work every day. I appreciate her expertise, her friendship, her humor, and her constant desire to be better. Irving is blessed to have her.”

Caleb McKenzie, Malabon

Comments from co-worker, Charlotte Russell:

“Caleb shows respect to his students and in turn they respect him and each other. He models the behavior rather than lecturing it. This respect leads to an open communication classroom where learning thrives, even beyond the planned curriculum. We have learned the difference between a rabbit and a hare; what a salp is; why salt water cures minor injuries; and many other random facts just from the free flow of conversation. And, when it’s time to put away the side conversations, the students do so and are ready to learn without complaint because they know they will get an opportunity later, it isn’t the end. Caleb McKenzie truly shows that a teacher who loves teaching makes students who love learning.”

Annie Kloos, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Ronda Hatefi:

“I have been blessed to work closely with Annie this year in her 1st grade classroom. She inspires me with her work ethic, her relationship building during this crazy year and her love of teaching. She was born to be a teacher. I love the honest, straightforward way she talks to the kids. She has a great sense of humor, she is kind, gentle and firm with high expectations for each of her students. What a blessing to be here with her each day.”


Cami Railey, Danebo

Comments from co-worker, Kayla Summers:

“Cami is the best teaching partner anyone could ask for! Over the last two years she has guided, supported, and encouraged me. Though the pandemic kept us physically apart, navigating the ins and outs of CDL brought us closer. Thank you for always being a phone call away!”

Christy Perrigo, Irving

Comments from parent, Charlotte Russell:

”While being in CDL, Christy has taken the time to get to know every student. She takes the time to send birthday cards, go to soccer games, or watch competitions online so she can connect with students on their level. She has created and nurtured connections, even though she hasn’t seen them in person all year.”

Kelly Josh, Danebo

Comments from co-worker, Sima Baldwin:

“Kelly goes above and beyond for her students and coworkers. She shows up for them with a smile and a warm heart every day. All of her students know that she loves them. She has so much experience teaching reading and is always open to helping and sharing her ideas and thoughts with the team!”

Martha Humphreys, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Justin McCullough:

“I appreciate Martha’s help setting up for the National Honor Society’s Tapping Ceremony. The night wouldn’t have been as successful as it was without her. Thank you for always being there and being a friend, Martha!”

Amy Riepma-Ponciano, Danebo

Comments from co-worker, Sima Baldwin:

“Amy is like a mentor to me! She is always there to help me with a student or a group of students. If I have a question or a dilemma about reading, I know Amy will be there to help guide me in the right direction.”

Barbra Bergman, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Larisa Morris:

“Barb regularly goes above and beyond to ensure that Irving students and families receive their meals each week. She does an excellent job anticipating the needs of others and is always so thoughtful with everyone she comes into contact with. Her positive attitude and tireless work ethic are inspiring and she is always a joy to work with.”

Laura Canaday, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Justin McCullough:

“Laura is AMAZING! Laura handles all of WHS’s P-Cards, P.O.’s, and receipts; she also helps to order equipment and supplies. Laura always has a smile when she tells us good morning or afternoon. She is very much appreciated at WHS, and by the CTE staff who have to arrange large purchases with her on a regular basis. Thank you so much for all you do Laura, you are incredible!”

Yadira Flores, Liz De La Paz, Chris Martinez, and Diana Ramirez, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Justin McCullough:

“I am so grateful for these folks’ hard work. Without our amazing translation services team; we wouldn’t be able to reach as many families as we do. Thank you so much for all of your support as we reach out to students and their families. We are so lucky to have such amazing people as our coworkers! Thank you for everything you do; we see you and appreciate you!”

Patti Marshall, Transportation

Comments from Dan Hedberg, Willamette:

“For three months, WHS supported rotating cohorts of over 250 kids weekly to access limited in-person instruction. Patti and the transportation team were instrumental in making this happen! Having cohorts that changed weekly, and sometimes daily, created constant challenges for the transportation team. They rose to every challenge! Patti and the transportation team exemplify what it means to truly support young people with grace and compassion! YOU ARE AMAZING! Thank you!”

Jessica Zapata, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Joy Hatch:

“Jessica is an exemplary teacher who brings authentic kindness and a sense of humor to her students. Jessica invested 12 hours of her time (above and beyond teaching and correcting) to reach out to families and get students reconnected with online learning. Because of her efforts, she was able to get dozens of students to pass the class and re-engage with their lessons for the next semester. It is her first year at Willamette, and she is demonstrating tremendous instincts and tenacity already!”

Briana Young, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Daynette Goggin:

“This has been a challenging year for everyone. Briana has done such an amazing job of being a positive light at Irving. She is kind, understanding and so encouraging. On multiple occasions she has gone out of her way to lift her co-workers up and remind them how appreciated they are. This is who Briana is to her core and this hard time has only made her light shine brighter! Thank you Briana and please know how appreciated you are!”

Arieanna Patch, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Justin McCullough:

“Arieanna is AMAZING! Arieanna constantly goes above and beyond to help students and staff; anytime that we have a question or need help Arieanna jumps right in to see how she can help. Arieanna is kind, compassionate, a great friend, and an amazing role model for our students. Her generosity knows no limits and I am so grateful that she is on our team here at Willamette.”

Judy Tacchini, Cascade

Comments from parent, Tabatha Clocksin:

“Going above and beyond to make sure students don’t “Fall through the cracks” especially students who recently discovered they have a disability and been through tremendous hardship of three deaths in three months. She inspires them to be better.”

Ere Higbee, Fairfield

Comments from co-worker, Karen Justesen:

“Whether Ere is excelling at teaching her class online, assisting teachers in the classroom, supervising kids during recess or doing “bathroom break rotations”, she always has a positive attitude, kind words, and willingness to help out wherever she is needed. She’s an amazing teacher and were truly lucky to have her continue to be a part of the Fairfield family.”

Jennifer Greenlaw, Malabon

Comments from Rachel Davidson, Shasta:

“Jennifer has been a wonderful addition to the Bethel SLP Team! She is enthusiastic about serving her students and providing creative, engaging, and diverse activities to motivate students to progress in their speech and language goals. Jennifer is thorough and diligent in her communication with students, families, and colleagues. She graciously offers to help and volunteers to research new and exciting areas to further not only her own learning, but also the learning of her colleagues. I am so excited to see all the wonderful things she does this year, and I know that she will be well loved at Malabon!

Hannah Larson, Meadow View

Comments from co-worker, Jennifer Jones:

“Hannah has welcomed me to the speech team at Meadow View with open arms and it has been a great pleasure to work with her. She develops a warm rapport with her students and it is clear that they trust her and grow in their potential. Hannah is kind and insightful and always has her students’ interests at heart.”

Robin Henson, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Justin McCullough:

“Robin goes above and beyond to help the CTE department. She takes initiative to clean and organize the shops. Robin preps and puts together our packets to send home. She’ll help Martha by grocery shopping. Robin is awesome and we appreciate her very much in CTE!”

Sue White, Preschool Transition Coordinator

Comments from Rachel Davidson,

“Sue White is quite the extraordinaire! She wears many hats, and she wears them well! As an SLP, ASD Consultant, and Preschool Transition Coordinator (and probably more!), Sue is thorough in her work with students and families. Sue is extremely competent and humbly shares her knowledge with her colleagues. She works above and beyond to complete work of high quality and graciously will offer to help others complete highly sound work. In addition to being such a remarkable co-worker, Sue is a fantastic human being with a warm heart. Her service to Bethel students and families is admirable, as are her kindness and thoughtfulness for those around her. Sue is highly deserving of a Bethel Spirit Award – she is a phenomenal person and friend!”

MaryAnne Gates, Clear Lake

Comments from co-worker, Sue White:

“MaryAnne is the most exemplary professional imaginable. As a speech and language pathologist in Bethel for many years, she has provided the highest quality of service for students. Her support for families and staff members is remarkable. She also has been an incredible mentor for new staff, and is a compassionate leader among the speech-language pathologists districtwide. Her skills are amazing and wide ranging; her work with students in the Bethel Lifeskills program is wonderful to witness. Besides all of her fantastic work with students and staff, she is an unfailingly kind and generous friend, and I am privileged to know her. Thank you, MaryAnne, for everything you do!”

Joceline Howard, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Nick Shanks:

“Joceline has been working very hard to help make our department fun and engaging for students and staff. She has been going above and beyond in her work to help make things easier and stay super positive. Thank you!”

Jeanie Hedberg, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Nick Shanks:

“Jeanie has gone out of her way to be welcoming, helpful and supportive at school. She is continuing to create and share work that is extremely helpful for the whole department and being flexible to new ideas and strategies. Thank you!”

Jennifer Jones, Clear Lake

Comments from co-worker, Anne Bousquet:

“Jennifer is an AMAZING Speech-Language Pathology Assistant!! She has been so valuable to our team and students in our school district. Jennifer has an incredible wealth of knowledge and she is able to connect with students so well. Over the past year, Jennifer has taken on the role of helping out at several different schools across the district. Her ability to manage all of that continues to amaze me. I appreciate working with Jennifer because she has so many skills. When working with students her presence is calming and the students are so engaged when working with her. I am so thankful to have her in our school district and I only wish that I got to work with her more!”

Rachel Davidson, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Becky Goodwin:

“Rachel has worked tirelessly this fall to give students and families the best possible experience in distance learning. She is navigating a position at a new school, with all new families and is making connections and showing families, students, and staff that she cares every day. She is an enthusiastic member of the SLP team and shares creative and innovative ideas for engaging students in speech therapy. Our team and our district wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Becky Goodwin, Danebo

Comments from co-worker, Jennifer Greenlaw:

“I am incredibly appreciative of Becky and all of the behind-the-scenes work she has been doing to help the whole Bethel SLP team get ready for distance learning this year. She has gone above and beyond making spreadsheets and documents with amazing resources and activities to do over Zoom with our students. I am new to Bethel, and she has been an incredible team member so far. I look forward to working with her more!”

Aimee Lundin, Clear Lake

Comments from co-worker, MaryAnne Gates:

“Aimee goes above and beyond for her job every day. She works hard to keep a team organized preparing materials for some of our students who need them the most. She has welcomed new staff this year with warmth and support. She prepares for and works with students with enthusiasm. She is often the face of Clear Lake speech and represents our team with respect and positivity. Aimee does all of these things (and more) while maintaining a sunny disposition, a high level of flexibility and an aura of calm. Bethel is lucky to have her as a true representative of what it means to be a dedicated employee. I know I could not do my job without her and am so thankful for her.”

Sue White, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Alex Ledbetter:

“Sue has been so helpful and available to support me as a new employee to the district this fall. Sue was always there for me as I navigated new systems and got to know the proverbial ins and outs of a new position. Everyone is Bethel has been working so hard, and Sue certainly also has her own full plate of tasks to complete, but she still was always there when I had yet another question. I don’t know what I’d have done without Sue! She truly exemplifies the Bethel Spirit!”

Cameron Octon, Fairfield

Comments from co-worker, Anne Johnstone-Diaz:

“Cameron is incredibly attentive to his work. He is super friendly, a thoughtful problem solver and is always willing to go above and beyond.”

Anne Bousquet, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker, LeeAnn Williamson:

“Anne is an anchor of calm, positive leadership on our speech-language pathology team. She is kind and encouraging. She is creative and thoughtful in her work. Over the years, she has been an integral part of many projects that benefit our team and the students and families whom we serve. I am blessed to call Anne a co-worker and friend.”

Alex Ledbetter, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Hannah Larson:

“Alex jumped into his position and our team right away. He is a wealth of knowledge and has been more than willing to share information, insights and ideas when I have reached out to the team. He shows an obvious enthusiasm and care for students, even ones he doesn’t yet know. It’s very exciting to have him as a part of our team and for the opportunity to learn from him.”

Clair Smith, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Justin McCullough:

“Clair is a compassionate, dedicated, hardworking, and is just an overall amazing person! She always takes time out of her busy schedule to help anyone who needs it. Clair, I’d like to thank you for your caring personality, bright smile, and endless passion for students.”

Sandi Lesh, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Tara Roddy:

“I appreciate Sandi’s dedication in supporting the Counseling department. She has such a good attitude and will support the counseling office in any way that she is able. From managing the scheduling triage at the beginning of the semesters, to supporting the master schedule, to being the 2nd pair of eyes on seniors’ graduation requirements. Not only has she picked up additional duties in the counseling department, she has coordinated and organized the Food for Lane County Food Pantry. Sandi is there for us at every step of the way and is sooooooooooooooo responsive to the Counseling department’s needs. We appreciate you and love having you on our team!”

Jason Brooks, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker, Ellie Owens:

“Jason is a wonderful EA but it’s his work with one particular student that deserves much, much praise. He has taken this young man and opened a world of opportunities to him. Thank you, Jason. You make our 4th hour a zillion times better!”

Jason Betterley & Royal Yoakum, Maintenance

Comments from Abby Wojo-Sykes, Willamette:

“A giant thank you to the Maintenance department and Jason and Royal for installing our sensory swing! Not only did they quickly install it for us, they helped us find the cheapest way to install it. Pop into our room at any point and there is almost always someone in the swing. Thank you all so much for installing it and allowing us to use the remainder of our grant money for some much needed other sensory equipment. Our classroom is very grateful!”

Sheri Coddington, Prairie Mountain

Comments from volunteer, Kathryn Young:

“Sheri’s continued dedication to student has helped countless students feel supported and successful. She works endlessly to help our students academically as well as emotionally. Beyond that she is a great co-worker and is always willing to lend a hand in our workload. Thank you Sheri!”