Message and Survey From Mrs. Drobac

Dear Fairfield Guardians,

As a school counselor, I am always looking for ways to support you and your students during this crazy time.  So Bethel K-8 school counselors are teaming up and are planning district-wide guardian education opportunities. This will include Prairie Mountain, Meadowview, Danebo, Malabon, Fairfield, Irving and others in our Bethel community. We have put a google form below to collect some data on times to hold the event and topics you would like to see discussed.  Please take a moment and plug in your preferences.  We are looking to support you in the ways that would be most beneficial to you during this challenging time.  Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Queridos padres/tutores de Fairfield,

Como consejero escolar, siempre estoy buscando formas de apoyarles a usted y a sus estudiantes durante este tiempo inesperado. Los consejeros escolares de Bethel K-8 se están uniendo y planeando oportunidades de educación entre el distrito para los padres/tutores en todo el distrito. Esto incluirá a Prairie Mountain, Meadowview, Danebo, Malabon, Fairfield, Irving y otros en nuestra comunidad de Bethel. Hemos puesto un formulario de Google a continuación para tomar algunos datos sobre las horas de celebración del evento y los temas que le gustaría que se discutieran.  Por favor, tome un momento y comparta sus preferencias. Buscamos apoyarlos en las formas que les resulten más beneficiosas en este momento tan difícil. Que tengan un maravilloso resto de la semana!​

2 Responses
  1. Kari J. Baumer

    I’m following along with this process. I don’t have topics in mind but I would like to know when they are decided and to be included. After 4 works best for our family but we can likely work with earlier times as needed.