MealTime Instructions


  • Follow the prompts to create an account by filling in email and birthdate and creating a username, password, etc.


Once you’ve registered your account, you’ll need to add yourself as a “student.” Please follow these steps:

  1. Click “add student”
  2. Select “Oregon” as the state
  3. Type in your school in the school field
  4. Select your school from the dropdown menu
  5. Enter your employee number in the “student number” section
  6. Enter your first name only in the “student’s first name” section
  7. Click “add”


Once you are registered and have created your account, you will now be able to deposit funds into the account. The minimum amount that can be deposited is $25, but Nutrition Services staff can assist with adding alternate amounts.

Have questions?

Please reach out to your lunch aide or reach out to Cary Weeks in Nutrition Services:


Please contact us!

Nutrition Services Director