News From Danebo’s Principal

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Meet the Teacher, Round 2

We missed many of our families last week for our Meet the Teacher event, so we are planning “Meet the Teacher, Round 2” for Thursday, 9/17, from 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Teachers will share information about Comprehensive Distance Learning and how to reach them.

If you attended last week’s Meet the Teacher, no need to join again.

Zoom links for each teacher will be emailed to ALL families on Thursday morning (9/17). If you have questions, please call the school office at 541-688-8735.

Chromebook Log-In Information

If you have picked up a Chromebook for your child, log-in information is:

Username: (i.e.,

Password: studentidnumberFIRSTINITIALLASTINITIAL (i.e., 123456MF)

Click here for a reference document for student log-ins on Bethel Curriculum.

If you do not know your child’s student ID, please email your child’s teacher (click HERE for email addresses) or call our front office (541-688-8735).

Student Supply Pick-Up

We are carefully watching the air quality to determine when to have families stop by to pick up supplies and math texts for students.

Our hope is to be able to set some times for Friday, 9/18 with some follow up days/times on Monday, 9/21 and Tuesday, 9/22.

Stay tuned to the website and your email for updates on supply dates/times.

Thanks for your patience!

Learn More About Seesaw & Google Classroom

Danebo students will be using the Seesaw and Google Classroom online platforms as part of their Comprehensive Distance Learning. Primarily K-3 will be using Seesaw and 4-5 will be using mostly Google Classroom (with some Seesaw mixed in).

All classrooms, K-5, will utilize Zoom for live learning.

(K-3) What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a learning management platform for teaching and learning. Teachers can empower students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate. Students “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links.

Parents/Guardians are invited to create a parent/guardian account and check out the student account to support engagement at home.

Bethel has posted Seesaw Resources (in Spanish and English) on the district webpage. Click below for quick access:

  1. Seesaw Videos click: HERE.
  2. Seesaw Written instructions: HERE.
  3. Seesaw’s informative Youtube channel:HERE.
    1. A few helpful video links from the Seesaw Youtube channel:
      1. How to help student access an activity in Seesaw
      2. How to help students submit an activity in Seesaw
      3. How do students respond to teacher feedback in Seesaw?

(4-5) What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a learning management platform that provides a digital delivery of learning activities, measures learning and enhances connections with students. The content and lessons are designed by teachers. Parents are invited to access their student’s account to support engagement at home.

Bethel has posted Google Classroom Resources (in Spanish and English) on the district website. Click below for quick access:

  1. Google Classroom Videos:HERE.
  2. Google Classroom Written Instructions: HERE.