News From Danebo’s Principal

Estimados padres de Familia

Usted puede presionar el botón de traducción a su lado derecho localizado en el blog de la página de nuestra escuela y le traducirá la forma escrita en español.

First Student Bus Schedule & Arrival Information

For students riding the First Student bus, HERE is the approximate morning pick up times at various bus stops.

Thank you for being flexible and understanding related to bus times. First Student, like many businesses in our area and across the nation, is short-handed and has had to combine some bus routes.

Buses are scheduled to arrive at Danebo around 8:20 am. Students will enter the north breezeway doors and walk directly to classrooms for breakfast.

If you prefer to bring your child to school on Wednesday, 9/8/21 (or any school day), please plan to arrive between 8:25 and 8:30. Non bus riders will enter the building through the south breezeway doors (closest to the track/field), receive some hand sanitizer, and walk to their classrooms for breakfast.

Our school day begins at 8:40am and ends at 2:45pm.

First Day of School, Wednesday, 9/8/21

Just a reminder that the first day of school is Wednesday, 9/8/21 for students in grades 1-5. Kinders have a special schedule and families should have received information from office staff regarding their Smart Start Day (Wednesday or Thursday).

If you missed the BLOG on 9/2/21, you can scroll down to read it. Please be sure to read through our Health & Safety Protocols prior to students arriving on Wednesday, 9/8/21. It contains a lot of information related to what the day will look like for students and for families who are dropping off/picking up students.

If you were unable to attend the Meet the Teacher event, we will be happy to share which class your child is placed in on Wednesday morning.

Just a note that our office is not open on Tuesday, 9/7/21, as it is not a work day for most Bethel Staff.

If you have questions regarding the first day of school, feel free to email Mari Ford, Principal, at