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Child Abuse Prevention

April is child abuse prevention month. There are many ways to get involved to help children and families in Eugene feel supported.

  • Offer a helping hand to a struggling parent at the grocery store, school parking lot, bus stop, or other place where parents experience stress
  • Attend a youth sports event or performance, and cheer!
  • Offer an hour or two of babysitting to a family you know
  • Be kind when a parent is struggling in a public place

Sometimes, just an understanding smile from a stranger can make all the difference. There are many more ideas at We hope to see you get involved!


Mes de Prevención del Maltrato Infantil

Abril es el Mes de la Prevención del Abuso Infantil. Hay muchas maneras de participar para ayudar a los niños y las familias de Eugene a sentirse respaldados.

  • Ofrezca una mano amiga a un padre con problemas en la tienda de comestibles, el estacionamiento de la escuela, la parada de autobús u otro lugar donde los padres experimenten estrés.
  • ¡Asista a un evento deportivo o actuación juvenil y anímela!
  • Ofrezca una o dos horas de cuidado de niños a una familia que conozca
  • Sea amable cuando un padre tiene problemas en un lugar público

A veces, solo una sonrisa comprensiva de un extraño puede marcar la diferencia. Hay muchas más ideas en ¡Esperamos verte involucrado!

Active Bethel Citizens needs YOU!

Help Reactivate OUR Neighborhood Association, the Active Bethel Citizens. Take part in our upcoming meetings:

Sunday, April 15, 2-4:00 pm (snacks provided)
Fairfield Elementary (3455 Royal Ave, Eugene)
~or ~
Tuesday, April 17, 5:30-7:30 pm (light dinner provided)
Malabon Elementary (1380 Taney, Eugene)
*Spanish Translation & Childcare Provided Upon Request*

RSVP here:

If you have questions please contact the Steering Committee at, or visit our website at or call 541-838-0042.

Anyone wishing to run for a board position should attend both meetings plus the Election Meeting at Willamette High School in the Lecture Hall on Saturday, May 12, 2-4:00 pm.

Together we can renew the vibrancy and quality of life in our neighborhood!


¡Tu vecindario te necesita!

Ayuda a Reactivar NUESTRA Asociación de Vecindarios, los Ciudadanos Activos de Bethel. Participe en nuestras próximas reuniones:

Domingo, 15 de abril, 2-4: 00 p.m. (bocadillos incluidos)
Fairfield Elementary (3455 Royal Ave, Eugene)
~ o ~
Martes, 17 de abril, 5: 30-7: 30 pm (cena ligera provista)
Escuela Primaria Malabon (1380 Taney, Eugene)
* Traducción de español y cuidado de niños proporcionado previa solicitud *

RSVP aquí:

Si tiene alguna pregunta, comuníquese con el Comité Directivo en, o visite nuestro sitio web en o llame al 541-838-0042.

Cualquier persona que desee postularse para un puesto en la junta debe asistir a ambas reuniones, además de la Reunión de Elecciones en Willamette High School en la Sala de Conferencias el sábado 12 de mayo, de 2-4: 00 pm.

¡Juntos podemos renovar la vitalidad y la calidad de vida en nuestro vecindario!


Juniors Only: Smarter Balanced Assessment Information

Smarter Balanced Assessment is our state assessment that students take one time in high school, during their junior year. The schedule below is organized by last name, testing location and the period they will be testing. We have condensed the testing schedule to be most efficient while minimizing impact to our curriculum. While testing will occur daily, it will be for just one period.

Information was posted about the Smarter Balanced Assessment on our web page on December 19, 2017. Here is the link to that post, which includes the opt-out procedures.

2018-19 Bell Schedule Change

We are currently studying the possibility of a new daily bell schedule for Willamette that would start in school year 2018-19. The desire is to determine if there’s a daily schedule that is better for students and their learning needs, and one that also meets new state requirements for instructional time.

There is no standard schedule among high schools in Oregon. We have operated with our current eight period block schedule for more than 20 years. Before that Willamette had a seven period day during which students attended seven classes, every day. There are pros and cons to all schedules and there are a variety of schedules being considered.

We are considering the impacts of the bell schedule on students and asking ourselves what works best for our students’ learning, their overall educational success, and graduation in four years. There is also a new state rule that necessitates this discussion. This rule requires that students receive a “full schedule” of classes (ORS 591-022-1620). Our staffing level with our current eight period block schedule does not allow us to meet that state requirement. 

In our process of vetting various schedules, we have reached out to a cross-section of students, teachers, and parents seeking their input. We are also communicating with educators at other schools to determine the best schedule for our students. I will continue to keep you updated as we make progress. If you have any ideas, please provide your input in this survey. I am happy to hear your input.

Student Walk Out: March 14

A much-publicized na­tionwide effort to raise awareness about school safety has called for a student walkout of schools across the country next Wednesday, March 14th, at 10:00 a.m. (Click here for information). The proposed walkout is intended to last for 17 minutes in memory of the 17 victims of the Florida school shooting last month.

The walkout is a student-led effort and is not being organized by the school. We are in communication with student leaders with the goal of ensuring a walkout is conducted in a peaceful, respectful, and safe manner. Community members who wish to support the peaceful demonstration will need to do so from off campus, such as on the sidewalk on Echo Hollow Rd. 

The issue of school safety is one with which we are all concerned. We respect our students’ right to express their personal views and their interest in being informed and engaged community members. However, our school and district cannot encourage walkouts or other demonstrations that interrupt the learning environment.

Your child’s safety and education are our primary focus. The safest place for students during school hours is in the school building. Should a walkout occur, we will have staff on hand to help keep students safe, but staff will not be there as participants. Students who leave school to participate in a walkout demonstration may receive an Unexcused Absence or be marked Tardy for the class time they miss.

We are appreciate our students who are meaningfully engaging in their community. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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