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Daily and Weekly Bulletin location…

For information about weekly activities at Willamette please refer to the daily and weekly bulletin’s which can be found on the right side of the Willamette web page under “Schedules”.  Listed are sporting activities, release times, dances, club meetings etc.  Please call the main office if you need further assistance.

Willamette Dress Code

Effective today (9/13) the Willamette Student Dress code is being enforced.

1.  Pants and shorts must be worn at or above the highest point of the hips.  Sagging pants and shorts are not permitted.  Shorts must have an inseam measure of more than 3 inches.

2.  Clothing must cover bare midriffs, cleavage, and all under garments completely.  Spaghetti straps are not allowed, unless completely covered by additional clothing.

3.  Skirts must measure and be worn 16 inches from top to bottom.

4.  Clothing which advertises or displays alcohol, drugs, sex, nudity, foul or obscene language or which is otherwise disrespectful to people may not be worn.

Parents will be notified to bring appropriate clothing, pick up their student, or release their student to leave camps to go home to obtain proper attire.  If the parents are not available, then the student will be given loaner clothing to wear in place of the inappropriate clothing.  Students will not be able to return to class until they are properly dressed.  Repeated dress code violations may result in a referral and other disciplinary consequences.

Student handbooks were handed out yesterday and they were reviewed during classtime.  Please refer to page 29 for additional dress and grooming guidelines.


Students: Give Some Thought to Your Online Life

Web pages, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, all of these and more are part of everyday life for today’s students. Our access to these technologies has arrived more quickly than our understanding of how they can affect our lives, not just in the present, but for years to come. Some students are finding seemingly innocent aspects of their online lives can have a devastating impact on their college plans. Students and parents should read and talk about this important Education Week article.

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