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Board Meeting To Hear Public Comment

The Bethel School District Board has scheduled a special meeting for Thursday, February 15th, 7:00 p.m. in the Shasta Middle School Cafeteria.

The only agenda item is to hear public comment. Under Board policy, the public comment period is limited to three minutes per person. All those at the meeting who sign a card requesting to speak will be heard. The School Board will make no decisions at Thursday’s meeting, but will give residents an opportunity to share their thoughts.

As background, some Bethel residents are concerned the district is removing holiday celebrations from schools. While public schools are not required to hold parties or celebrations around holidays, the district believes that providing students opportunities to celebrate and have fun with their classmates and teachers is vital. And, as a public school system, we must ensure that our celebrations, activities and events during the school day allow all students to participate. We cannot intentionally plan events that we know will exclude children.

Some people are unaware that historically many of the celebrations or parties that have been held at school result in some children not coming to school or not being able to take part for a variety of reasons. Our schools are trying to think creatively about how we celebrate with children, and have fun and meaningful activities at school in ways everyone gets to be involved.

For clarification, while we are not asking families to provide Valentine’s cards, students who wish to bring cards are allowed to do so and time will be provided for children to distribute them. As always, we encourage those with concerns to reach out to their school principal.

Reunión de la Junta para escuchar comentarios públicos

La Junta del Distrito Escolar de Bethel ha programado una reunión especial para el jueves 15 de febrero a las 7:00 p.m. en la Cafetería de la Escuela Intermedia Shasta.

El único ítem de la agenda es escuchar comentarios públicos. Según la política de la Junta, el período de comentarios públicos se limita a tres minutos por persona. Todos aquellos en la reunión que firmen una tarjeta solicitando hablar serán escuchados. La Junta Escolar no tomará decisiones en la reunión del jueves, pero les dará a los residentes la oportunidad de compartir sus ideas.

Como antecedentes, algunos residentes de Bethel están preocupados de que el distrito elimine las celebraciones de dias festivos de las escuelas. Las escuelas públicas no están obligadas a celebrar fiestas o celebraciones relacionadas con los días festivos, pero el distrito cree que es vital proporcionar oportunidades a los estudiantes para celebrar y divertirse con sus compañeros y maestros. Y, como sistema escolar público, debemos asegurarnos de que nuestras celebraciones, actividades y eventos durante el día escolar permitan que todos los estudiantes participen. No podemos planear eventos intencionalmente que sabemos excluirán a los niños.

Algunas personas desconocen que históricamente muchas de las celebraciones o fiestas que se han celebrado en la escuela hacen que algunos niños no vayan a la escuela o no puedan participar por diversas razones. Nuestras escuelas están tratando de pensar creativamente sobre cómo celebramos con los niños, y tener actividades divertidas en la escuela de maneras significativas en las que todos puedan participar.

Para mayor claridad, aunque no estamos pidiendo a las familias que entreguen tarjetas de San Valentín, los estudiantes que deseen llevar tarjetas pueden hacerlo y se les dará tiempo para que los niños las distribuyan. Como siempre, alentamos a aquellos con inquietudes a comunicarse con el/la director/a de su escuela.

Recycling Round Up

The annual free Willamette Recycling Round-up will accept the community’s electronics and household items dropped off at Willamette High School on Saturday, February 10th, from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  NextStep Recycling and St. Vincent de Paul will give new life to WillametteRecyclingRoundup2018.   This event is one reason why Willamette High School was named a national Green Ribbon School Award winner in 2014.


El Reciclaje “Round Up” en Willamette

El reciclaje anual gratis “Willamette Round-up” aceptará equipos electrónicos de la comunidad, pueden dejar estos artículos en Willamette High School el Sábado, 10 de febrero de las 8:00 am a las 2:00 pm. Reciclar del NextStep y St. Vincent de Paul dará nueva vida a WillametteRecyclingRoundup2018(Spanish). Este evento es una razón por la cual Willamette High School fue nombrada ganador del Premio Nacional de la Escuela cinta verde en 2014.


Safety Warning

Eugene Police are reminding students to be aware of their surroundings after a 17 year old girl reported that someone tried to abduct her while she was walking on North Terry Street Monday evening.

The girl told police that around 6:00 pm last night a white Honda Civic stopped in front of the sidewalk when a passenger got out and tried to grab and force her into the car. She was able to fight back and get away.

Police say never get into a stranger’s car, even if they have a weapon. It’s better to fight back and make as much noise as possible.

The Honda is described as having bluish headlights with blue interior lights and a front plate ending in a “2.”

The passenger is described as a tall Hispanic man in his mid-20s, with a thick build and dark hair that is long on top. The driver was said to be a black male.

If anyone has information on the case they are asked to call 541-682-5111.

Finals: January 30-31

Here are some important reminders about finals:

1. The schedule is 8:00-1:10. There will be no late start on Wednesday, January 31.

2. Don’t be late. Doors are locked to ensure a secure testing environment for all students.

3. Prepare. Have all the materials you need to be successful.

Preparation is the key to success. It’s not an accident, it’s your hard work that pays off!