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Willamette Staff Web Sites

Erin Brown

James Broyhill

Claire Clarkson

Jaclyn Jensen
Sean Kenna
Sean Kenna’s Astronomy
Ewa Lancaster
Tom LIndskog
Steve Miller
Kristy Morrow
Mike Myers
Dain Nelson
David Novak

Nan Petersen (English)

Nan Petersen (Biology)

Amber Plaunty
Andrew Saputo
Deder Siedler

Leslie Simmons
Jade Starr
Jade Starr- IB
Paul Stieber

Matt Symonds

Matt Symonds – WHS Game Makers Club
Kyle Ward
Angie Weyand
Karen Wiant

One Response to Willamette Staff Web Sites

  • On 2/10 the WHS Top Notchers under the direction of Katie Reuter sang at our church’s Sweetheart Breakfast. I wanted to commend each & every one of the group plus Katie for the OUTSTANDING performance they gave. The energy was palpable, their knowledge of the music was obvious & their smiling faces were infectious. We gave them a standing ovation & complimented them personally where possible but that doesn’t begin to tell how impressed we were & how happy we were to have them. Cudos to Katie & to WHS for maintaining music in the school. Often we are saddened to hear of music & art being cut from budgets when most of us know fully well how crucial the “arts” are to the development of our children. I pray they all go on to be well-rounded, successful young adults…

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