Bethel School District Eugene OR

Hello from Willamette

Dear Willamette Families,

We hope this message finds you all healthy and hopeful while navigating difficult circumstances during this unprecedented period. We have taken the first few steps in supporting our community through serving meals (over 800 today) and providing health care. Additionally, we have been identifying how best to support engagement and learning during this campus closure. We understand how the impact of this virus creates temporary hardships around childcare and access to services, and we are working on the best solutions available given the state and national guidance to avoid the spread of Covid-19. With the update of April 28th being the earliest return to campus, we will continue to offer community resources around food, physical and mental health, and soon, academic engagement resources. 

Following Spring Break, multiple teams of teachers and staff will be engaged in even more robust creation of supplemental education and learning supports, in collaboration with surrounding school districts and the Oregon Department of Education. We want to ensure access and quality to all of our students, and more detailed information will be forthcoming as these plans solidify. 

We hope all of our students and families are practicing healthy habits and enjoying the extra time together. We look forward to having everyone back together as a Wolverine family, and wish you the best in the meantime. 


Your Willamette Team