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Willamette Graduation Ceremony Update

Here is the latest on the Willamette Graduation location.

The weather forecast for Friday evening is not good. I have pushed back the final decision until Thursday morning on whether to keep the ceremony outdoors at Wolverine Stadium or move it indoors into the Main Gym, which seats fewer people.

The goal is to ensure our graduates have a memorable commencement experience, and that is where we need your understanding and cooperation. Please do not call to ask for exceptions to the details listed below. 

IF the ceremony is moved indoors:

  • Doors to the gym will open at 5:30 with the ceremony staring at 6:30. 
  • Limited Space: Due to the limited number of seats, only gold tickets will provide admission to the graduation ceremony in the Main Gym. Each graduating student has been provided 6 gold tickets. Please understand that unfortunately there can be no exceptions.
  • All attendees must have a ticket to enter either Main Gym or the on-campus live stream viewing in Powers Auditorium.
  • Please do not bring strollers or car seats into the Main Gym or Powers Auditorium.
  • Live Stream Viewing Parties: Many families are wisely considering viewing parties from the comfort of their homes or in satellite locations. The link for the live stream is:

  Willamette 2018 Commencement Ceremony

  • Willamette Live Stream Viewing: The ceremony will be broadcast via a live stream in Powers Auditorium. Only White tickets will gain admission to this venue. You must have a white ticket to enter Powers Auditorum. Space is limited in these locations and as such, seats will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Saving seats is not permitted in any of our venues.

Again, the final decision won’t be determined until Thursday morning. I will give you an update as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and understanding because try as we might, Mother Nature is difficult to influence, even in circumstances like this!

One Response to Willamette Graduation Ceremony Update

  • Thank you so much for your clear and concise information. If I were able to attend I would know just what to do.

    It was so inspiring to see the streaming of graduation last year: such a brilliant and inspiring group of graduates and I look forward to seeing those who are graduating this year (be it indoors or out).

    Congratulations to all!

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