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AP Exam Registration Window Is Open

Registration for the 2018 AP Exam Administration is now open. Students interested in participating in AP Exams this year have until Friday, March 9th, to pay for the exams (WHS Bookkeeper) they would like to take this year. 

The fee for each AP Exam is $68.00. Students enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program may order their tests for FREE. Students who qualify for free tests must visit the WHS Bookkeeper to place their exam order by March 9th.

Exam dates, times and details for exam day will be shared through the AP Bulletin for Students and Parents that each student will receive in their AP Classrooms this week. This information will also be posted in all AP Classrooms up until test day.

Students interested in taking an AP Exam who are not currently taking an AP class, may contact Ms. Haas in the Counseling Center for more information. 

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