Bethel Spirit Award certificate

The Bethel Spirit Award recognizes district employees and volunteers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Jennifer Greenlaw, Malabon

Comments from Rachel Davidson, Shasta:
“Jennifer has been a wonderful addition to the Bethel SLP Team! She is enthusiastic about serving her students and providing creative, engaging, and diverse activities to motivate students to progress in their speech and language goals. Jennifer is thorough and diligent in her communication with students, families, and colleagues. She graciously offers to help and volunteers to research new and exciting areas to further not only her own learning, but also the learning of her colleagues. I am so excited to see all the wonderful things she does this year, and I know that she will be well loved at Malabon!

Hannah Larson, Meadow View

Comments from co-worker, Jennifer Jones:
“Hannah has welcomed me to the speech team at Meadow View with open arms and it has been a great pleasure to work with her. She develops a warm rapport with her students and it is clear that they trust her and grow in their potential. Hannah is kind and insightful and always has her students’ interests at heart.”

Robin Henson, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Justin McCullough:
“Robin goes above and beyond to help the CTE department. She takes initiative to clean and organize the shops. Robin preps and puts together our packets to send home. She’ll help Martha by grocery shopping. Robin is awesome and we appreciate her very much in CTE!”

Sue White, Preschool Transition Coordinator

Comments from Rachel Davidson,
“Sue White is quite the extraordinaire! She wears many hats, and she wears them well! As an SLP, ASD Consultant, and Preschool Transition Coordinator (and probably more!), Sue is thorough in her work with students and families. Sue is extremely competent and humbly shares her knowledge with her colleagues. She works above and beyond to complete work of high quality and graciously will offer to help others complete highly sound work. In addition to being such a remarkable co-worker, Sue is a fantastic human being with a warm heart. Her service to Bethel students and families is admirable, as are her kindness and thoughtfulness for those around her. Sue is highly deserving of a Bethel Spirit Award – she is a phenomenal person and friend!”

MaryAnne Gates, Clear Lake

Comments from co-worker, Sue White:
“MaryAnne is the most exemplary professional imaginable. As a speech and language pathologist in Bethel for many years, she has provided the highest quality of service for students. Her support for families and staff members is remarkable. She also has been an incredible mentor for new staff, and is a compassionate leader among the speech-language pathologists districtwide. Her skills are amazing and wide ranging; her work with students in the Bethel Lifeskills program is wonderful to witness. Besides all of her fantastic work with students and staff, she is an unfailingly kind and generous friend, and I am privileged to know her. Thank you, MaryAnne, for everything you do!”

Joceline Howard, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Nick Shanks:
“Joceline has been working very hard to help make our department fun and engaging for students and staff. She has been going above and beyond in her work to help make things easier and stay super positive. Thank you!”

Jeanie Hedberg, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Nick Shanks:
“Jeanie has gone out of her way to be welcoming, helpful and supportive at school. She is continuing to create and share work that is extremely helpful for the whole department and being flexible to new ideas and strategies. Thank you!”

Jennifer Jones, Clear Lake

Comments from co-worker, Anne Bousquet:
“Jennifer is an AMAZING Speech-Language Pathology Assistant!! She has been so valuable to our team and students in our school district. Jennifer has an incredible wealth of knowledge and she is able to connect with students so well. Over the past year, Jennifer has taken on the role of helping out at several different schools across the district. Her ability to manage all of that continues to amaze me. I appreciate working with Jennifer because she has so many skills. When working with students her presence is calming and the students are so engaged when working with her. I am so thankful to have her in our school district and I only wish that I got to work with her more!”

MaryAnne Gates, Clear Lake

Comments from co-worker, Becky Goodwin:
“Rachel has worked tirelessly this fall to give students and families the best possible experience in distance learning. She is navigating a position at a new school, with all new families and is making connections and showing families, students, and staff that she cares every day. She is an enthusiastic member of the SLP team and shares creative and innovative ideas for engaging students in speech therapy. Our team and our district wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Rachel Davidson, Irving

Comments from co-worker, Becky Goodwin:
“Rachel has worked tirelessly this fall to give students and families the best possible experience in distance learning. She is navigating a position at a new school, with all new families and is making connections and showing families, students, and staff that she cares every day. She is an enthusiastic member of the SLP team and shares creative and innovative ideas for engaging students in speech therapy. Our team and our district wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Becky Goodwin, Danebo

Comments from co-worker, Jennifer Greenlaw:
“I am incredibly appreciative of Becky and all of the behind-the-scenes work she has been doing to help the whole Bethel SLP team get ready for distance learning this year. She has gone above and beyond making spreadsheets and documents with amazing resources and activities to do over Zoom with our students. I am new to Bethel, and she has been an incredible team member so far. I look forward to working with her more!”

Aimee Lundin, Clear Lake

Comments from co-worker, MaryAnne Gates:
“Aimee goes above and beyond for her job every day. She works hard to keep a team organized preparing materials for some of our students who need them the most. She has welcomed new staff this year with warmth and support. She prepares for and works with students with enthusiasm. She is often the face of Clear Lake speech and represents our team with respect and positivity. Aimee does all of these things (and more) while maintaining a sunny disposition, a high level of flexibility and an aura of calm. Bethel is lucky to have her as a true representative of what it means to be a dedicated employee. I know I could not do my job without her and am so thankful for her.”

Sue White, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Alex Ledbetter:
“Sue has been so helpful and available to support me as a new employee to the district this fall. Sue was always there for me as I navigated new systems and got to know the proverbial ins and outs of a new position. Everyone is Bethel has been working so hard, and Sue certainly also has her own full plate of tasks to complete, but she still was always there when I had yet another question. I don’t know what I’d have done without Sue! She truly exemplifies the Bethel Spirit!”

Cameron Octon, Fairfield

Comments from co-worker, Anne Johnstone-Diaz:
“Cameron is incredibly attentive to his work. He is super friendly, a thoughtful problem solver and is always willing to go above and beyond.”

Anne Bousquet, Prairie Mountain

Anne Bousquet, Prairie Mountain
Comments from co-worker, LeeAnn Williamson:
“Anne is an anchor of calm, positive leadership on our speech-language pathology team. She is kind and encouraging. She is creative and thoughtful in her work. Over the years, she has been an integral part of many projects that benefit our team and the students and families whom we serve. I am blessed to call Anne a co-worker and friend.”

Alex Ledbetter, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Hannah Larson:
“Alex jumped into his position and our team right away. He is a wealth of knowledge and has been more than willing to share information, insights and ideas when I have reached out to the team. He shows an obvious enthusiasm and care for students, even ones he doesn’t yet know. It’s very exciting to have him as a part of our team and for the opportunity to learn from him.”

Clair Smith, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Justin McCullough:
“Clair is a compassionate, dedicated, hardworking, and is just an overall amazing person! She always takes time out of her busy schedule to help anyone who needs it. Clair, I’d like to thank you for your caring personality, bright smile, and endless passion for students.”

Sandi Lesh, Willamette

Comments from co-worker, Tara Roddy:
“I appreciate Sandi’s dedication in supporting the Counseling department. She has such a good attitude and will support the counseling office in any way that she is able. From managing the scheduling triage at the beginning of the semesters, to supporting the master schedule, to being the 2nd pair of eyes on seniors’ graduation requirements. Not only has she picked up additional duties in the counseling department, she has coordinated and organized the Food for Lane County Food Pantry. Sandi is there for us at every step of the way and is sooooooooooooooo responsive to the Counseling department’s needs. We appreciate you and love having you on our team!”

Jason Brooks, Prairie Mountain

Comments from co-worker, Ellie Owens:
“Jason is a wonderful EA but it’s his work with one particular student that deserves much, much praise. He has taken this young man and opened a world of opportunities to him. Thank you, Jason. You make our 4th hour a zillion times better!”

Jason Betterley & Royal Yoakum, Maintenance

Comments from Abby Wojo-Sykes, Willamette:
“A giant thank you to the Maintenance department and Jason and Royal for installing our sensory swing! Not only did they quickly install it for us, they helped us find the cheapest way to install it. Pop into our room at any point and there is almost always someone in the swing. Thank you all so much for installing it and allowing us to use the remainder of our grant money for some much needed other sensory equipment. Our classroom is very grateful!”

Sheri Coddington, Prairie Mountain

Comments from volunteer, Kathryn Young:
“Sheri’s continued dedication to student has helped countless students feel supported and successful. She works endlessly to help our students academically as well as emotionally. Beyond that she is a great co-worker and is always willing to lend a hand in our workload. Thank you Sheri!”

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