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RtIi in Bethel

By Danea DeGlee

Boy reading and laughingDid you know Bethel is a leader in Oregon in Response to Instruction and Intervention? Our model of reading instruction and intervention is considered among the best in Oregon by many.

Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtIi) is a method for supporting students by improving instruction. Essential components include a culture of growth mindset, continuous improvement, and high expectations for all; team meetings; professional learning; core instruction; interventions; and progress monitoring.

Why is RtIi important? Statewide data show that students in RtIi school districts are more likely to meet proficiency criteria on the statewide assessments. Data also show that students navigating economic disadvantage in RtIi districts are more likely to pass statewide assessments.

RtIi is important for special services because an RtIi method is the most evidenced based method for identifying students with learning disabilities. RtIi districts have lower rates of students with Specific Learning Disabilities. RtIi ensures that before a student is identified as having a learning disability, they have been provided with the best possible learning opportunities.

The proof is in the pudding – Bethel’s reading data pudding. According to reading fluency measures, by the Spring of 2nd grade last year, only 26% of students were considered “at risk” in reading fluency. “At risk” means below the 35th percentile, which means Bethel 2nd graders actually outperform the national average in their reading fluency!  This is important because reading fluency is a strong predictor of the ability to read for meaning.

Bethel is taking on the challenging task of implementing a Math RtIi system. We are piloting it this year in all Elementary buildings and rolling it out in stages. We are partnering with Oregon Department of Education and working with other districts. Math RtIi is a new field, and Bethel is helping lead the way. We are so grateful for the tremendous support Bethel’s teachers give students in the RtIi process!


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