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Special Services

Preschool to Kindergarten Transitions

Every year, the Bethel Transition Team works to provide the best possible transition to kindergarten for preschoolers who have been receiving early childhood special education services. The numbers of students who need support in the transition into school aged services have grown over the years.

Throughout the year, we work closely with early childhood and preschool team members to learn more about these kinders-to-be.  Our team members attend program review meetings for preschoolers, observe in preschool classrooms, and get to know transitioning students and their families. We work with hundreds of preschool providers in the Eugene/Springfield area.

In late winter and early spring, we hold a family meeting in order to go over the transition process with parents.  We then plan and conduct assessments for preschoolers, which give us information regarding the strengths and needs of each child.

In the spring, we hold transition meetings with families, preschool and early childhood staff members, and Bethel staff members.  At these meetings, we discuss assessment results, talk about eligibility for special education services in kindergarten, and, if the team agrees the student is eligible, develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for each child.  The team also determines special education placement and the location for that placement for students who are eligible for special education..

Families can contact our Preschool Transition Specialist, Sue White, at any time throughout the year with questions about this process.  Sue can be reached at 541-689-0512, ext. 2122, or at

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