Shasta Middle School

Bethel School District Eugene OR

From The Farm To Our School

Here is a small portion of the veggies harvested from the Bethel Farm that will be in our cafeteria salad bar the first week of school.

Shasta students will be served fresh and tasty produce beginning on the first day of school, and it’s straight from the Bethel Farm.

Harvesting at the Bethel Farm (located between Prairie Mountain and Kalapuya schools) has collected more than 100 pounds of red and green peppers, 240 cucumbers, 175 slicer tomatoes and 168 pints of cherry tomatoes.

It will all go straight to the salad bars at every Bethel school. This continues the district’s tradition of being a clear leader in serving locally grown, fresh, and healthy foods in school meals.


Bethel’s Plans For Poor Air Quality

The first day of school will go on as scheduled Tuesday, but smoke in the air from Oregon wildfires will keep all Bethel students indoors.

The school district will follow these guidelines shared by the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA):

  • When the amount of smoke in the air limits visibility to 1-3 miles, the air is unhealthy and we consider keeping all students indoors or allowing only light outdoor activity. All activities for students sensitive to air pollution will be moved indoors.
  • When visibility is one mile or less, we will definitely keep all students indoors.

LRAPA monitors the current air quality on an hourly basis on this web page, and Bethel School District will be checking the current air quality index regularly.

In addition, Bethel district nurses have a list of those students with pre-existing conditions who might be especially impacted by poor air quality, so even if the conditions improve slightly those students may be kept indoors for their own protection.

As with any weather-related situation, parents should make the final decision on whether to send their children to school.

First day of school – Tuesday, September 5

First day of schoolThe first day of school is Tuesday, September 5th. We wanted to give you information that will help it be a smooth transition to the new year.

  1. First Day of School
  • ALL students (6-8 graders) attend the first day of school
  • Regular school hours 9:10-3:30
  • Buses will run on a regular schedule
  • Supervision starts at 8:30 in the morning
  • Lunch and breakfast will be available the first day
  • Breakfast is FREE for ALL students
  1. What do I bring the first day of school?
  • You do NOT need to bring your PE clothes
  • The school supply list is intended to last throughout the school year. You do not need to bring all the pencils/pens and paper for the first day.
  1. Sixth Grade Students
  • Sixth grade students will meet in the cafeteria first for a quick introduction
  • Full schedules will be given out in their 1st period class
  1. What is my son/daughter’s schedule?
  • 1st period class lists will be available on Home Access
  • Students will receive their full schedule during 1st period on the first day of school

Also, we will have our Shasta Open House on Thursday, September 21 at 6:30 p.m. We hope to see you all there!


Meet and Greet – Tomorrow, August 30th

Shasta will have its annual Meet and Greet on Wednesday, August 30th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  This is a great opportunity to pick up your students schedule, meet the teachers, and tour the campus.  Schedules will be available in the cafeteria.  We hope to see you tomorrow evening!

Bethel Adds Two Days To School Year

Hi Shasta Families,

Here’s great news before the school year starts: our district is restoring two days to the end of the school calendar that had been designated as Budget Reduction Days.

The District was able to restore those days next June thanks to slight underspending at the end of the last school year, and slight increases in expected revenue.

This leaves 3 Budget Reduction Days remaining:
• October 13 (a Teacher Inservice Day when students wouldn’t attend anyway)
• November 22 (day before Thanksgiving holiday)
• June 18

I’ll send you a revised school year calendar in two weeks after it is officially approved by the School Board. Meanwhile, this news is a real boost for everyone and the excitement is building for the start of the school year at Shasta.