Bethel School District Eugene OR

Shasta Receives Five BEF Grants

Shasta’s 5 BEF Grant Winner’s

The Bethel Education Foundation (BEF) awarded more than $22,000 to educators throughout the district. Congratulations to Shasta’s five BEF Grant winners: Ms. Slagle, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Brookshear, Mr. Waugh, and Mrs. Lagoy.  Each submitted a request for funds that will engage our students in art, photography, social skills, gardening and much more.

Here is a breakdown on how they will be using the funds they received:
Ms. Slagle – $293 Gardening
Mrs. Peterson – $750 Yearbook Photography
Mrs. Brookshear – $750 Social Emotional Skills
Mr. Waugh – $800 Escape Room
Mrs. Lagoy – $750 The Joy of Art

Congratulations again, you made Shasta proud!

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