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Welcome to Bethel Online!

Our district's 100% remote learning alternative

Available once Bethel schools move to Hybrid Learning

Students have the option of moving to Hybrid Learning at the start of each term.

Remote online learning from home

The Program

Bethel Online offers a variety of options to meet your student’s needs. Students will engage in a combination of instruction: 
1). led by a teacher and
2). applied, connected, independent learning.

Students will remain enrolled in their current school so that if they decide to resume in-person learning at the start of the next term, the transition will be smoother for them.

Our program includes:

  • Access to the same classes offered in on-site (hybrid) learning
  • Services for students eligible for English Language Development, IEP, 504, and TAG plans
  • Daily contact with Bethel teachers
  • Tutoring available via phone, Zoom
  • Access to extracurricular activities and affinity groups
  • District-loaned Chromebook

Need help?

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Bethel Technology Help Desk

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Speak to a technician: 541.607.1450