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Family Communication: 5/28

Hey Mountaineers!

We have two jokes for you!  Here’s the first one.

Q: What did the Eagles say to the students when they saw the pretty flowers?

A: Hey pupils, we see some irises!

Here’s another one.

Q: What do you call half a sand dollar?

A: You call it 50 cents!

Time is Zooming by (sorry, I couldn’t resist), and the end of the school year, June 11th, is in sight. Thank you for helping your child stay connected with their teacher. It is a special relationship they have developed during the school closure.  The end of the school year is right around the corner and we couldn’t be prouder of our Prairie Mountain!

Please keep your child engaged!

K-5 Prairie Mountain teachers are developing fun activities for their students and children will continue to have Zoom class meetings. There will also be teacher-developed reflection activities and ongoing choice opportunities (from Bethel’s supplemental web page) to engage in the last week of school. All this will also allow our teachers to gather more information about student learning so they can provide feedback to your child up to the last day of school.

6-8 Prairie Mountain teachers will be working with your child during these final two weeks to continue taking part in distance learning. Please keep encouraging your child to engage in learning and to reach out to their teachers for assistance with assignments.

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Family Communication: May 21

Hello Prairie 

Mountain students and families,

This has truly been an amazing week for all of our Prairie Mountain family.  This week we celebrate our students and families, and our amazing staff.  More than ever I am impressed with Prairie Mountain staff’s ingenuity, dedication to our students and families, strength and resiliency, and above all, love for their students.  When I count my blessing, I count you all twice.  Thank you for being the best staff in the whole world!

Yesterday’s CARE-a-van event will be a moment in my life that I will not ever forget.  We were able to see so many of our students and blow them kisses and say, “We love you!  We miss you!”  We have heard from so many of our staff members and they said that they are now expert drivers while crying and waving all at the same time.  Christy and I were talking in the back of the truck as we were moving along the CARE-a-van route about how much we love school.  We said to each other, “Let this moment drive our work with kids and families.  Let it pick us up when we are down.  And let this moment fill our buckets when they seem empty.”  Thank you again for being such a wonderful and supportive community.   

Send Us Your CARE-a-van Pictures/Videos: We would love to put together a slideshow of photos from Wednesday’s PM Car CARE-a-van! If you have any photos and/or videos that you would like to share, and have them included in our slideshow, please take a moment to share them in our Google Folder OR share them to us in the comments on our Prairie Mountain School Facebook page. 

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Prairie Mountain Car CARE-a-van

Today beginning at 5 pm! See you soon!

 We are so excited to see you Prairie Mountain Eagles! We want you to know just how amazing you are and how much we miss you! Here is the route for the PM CARE-a-van so you can plan for you best viewing and waving spot! From your driveway, the sidewalk, your parked car, or even along Candlelight Dog Park–we cannot wait to see you!  During the PM Car CARE-a-van, we encourage all families to please implement safe practices including social distancing, wearing masks, ways to sanitize, etc. If you’d like to make a fun poster to show PM Staff how much you appreciate and miss them, please feel free to share the love! You could even wear your PM Spirit Gear.  We can’t wait to see you all at the first ever Prairie Mountain Car Caravan.

Estamos muy emocionados de verte Prairie Mountain Eagles! ¡Queremos que sepas lo increíble que eres y cuánto te extrañamos! ¡Queremos que sepas lo increíble que eres y lo mucho que te echamos de menos! ¡Aquí está la ruta (Here is the route) para la caravana, así que puedes planear tu mejor punto de vista y saludos! Desde tu entrada, la acera, tu auto estacionado, o incluso a lo largo del Parque de Perros de la calle de Candlelight, ¡no podemos esperar a verte!  Durante la caravana de PM, animamos a todas las familias a que por favor implementen prácticas seguras (please implement safe practices) incluyendo el distanciamiento social, el uso de máscaras, formas de higienización, etc. ¡Si desea hacer un póster divertido para mostrar al personal de PM cuánto los aprecia y los extraña, por favor siéntase libre de compartir el amor! Incluso podrías usar tu camiseta de la PM.  No podemos esperar en verlos a todos en la primera caravana de Prairie Mountain.



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