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Elementary: Prairie Mountain Friday Communication

Happy Friday Prairie Mountain Families,

Prairie Mountain Eagle

Soar like an EAGLE!

I hope your week has gone well.  Our staff has been increasing their connection with students through Zoom classroom meetings and phone calls.  They have shared with me the excitement kids have around the new type of learning that’s planned.  This video is an example of how we feel. 

Consistent and clear communication with you is critical in supporting continued learning for our students.  So, each Friday I will provide information for the week to come.  In addition, the district is hosting K-5 parent information sessions about Zoom and Google Classroom, two important online platforms used in Distance Learning (details below). Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact your teacher or me if you have any questions.

Tips for Parents – Learning At Home

–Approach learning from home with patience and kindness
–Establish a comfortable routine and location where your child can focus on learning
–Set up a schedule and learning pace that works best for your child
–Consider yourself a learning partner and facilitator, rather than a classroom teacher
–Reach out to us through email or phone; we are all learning this process together

Learning Schedule for the Week

–5-day Teacher-Created Activities are structured, grade level learning, complimented by Zoom Classroom 

Sessions, Dojo communication, or phone calls. Your child’s Teacher-Created activities will be available on the Bethel website Monday, and I will also email the link to you.

10-day Supplementary Activities may be connected to teacher-created materials and are led by the student or family. 

Every day of the week, do your best to work on one day of work in the Teacher-Created Activities. When you are finished, there is the option of working on a day of activities from the Supplemental Activities (online only). Twice a week, your teacher will hold Zoom Classroom Sessions or connect with you by phone.

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Middle School Friday Family Communication

 Hi Prairie Mountain Middle School Families,

As we reach the end of week one of middle school distance learning, we want to take a moment to celebrate your student’s hard work, and to share a few pieces of information.

Care and Connection

Our highest priorities right now are on continuing to connect with all students, to let them know that we miss them and care about them, and to continue their learning.

The vast majority of our middle school students are now connecting via Google Classroom and we are incredibly proud of their hard work and determination. If your student has not logged into Google Classroom, we encourage you to do that today. Know that your child’s teachers have reached out to them and will continue to reach out throughout the closure.

We want to remind you that students can log onto their classes via Google Classroom, our new virtual learning environment, by going to Students will log in using their school email. The email and passwords are:       Password: PMS+student ID

Here is a detailed middle school family guidance document with instructions and a week-at-a-glance for middle school students.

Zoom Meetings

One of the ways teachers may be connecting with your student is via Zoom. Here is some information for you about how Zoom works and what our expectations are for students participating in Zoom meetings.

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Need to Pick Up Your Student’s Work Packet?

Dear Prairie Mountain Families,

If you need to pick up items, please call the following number:  541.607.9849 (leave a message if no one picks up).

All pickups will operate through appointments as we have a skeleton crew working, and the office is not always staffed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Estimadas familias de Prairie Mountain,

Si necesitan recoger artículos, por favor llame a este numero: 541.607.9849 (deje un mensaje si nadie contesta).

Todas las recogidas seran a través de citas, ya que tenemos un equipo de esqueletos trabajando, y la oficina no siempre cuenta con personal.

Gracias por su comprensión.

Lots of Information for You

Hello Prairie Mountain Families,

Here’s an update on a number of items that you will be interested in.

Spreading The Love: Bethel has opened two more locations where free breakfast and lunch bag-and-go meals are being offered to children 18 and under. Fern Ridge Mobile Home Park and Irving Elementary are among the 14 Bethel meal locations. Click here for the entire list.

Zoom Manners: As the District transitions to Distance Learning, there are protocols and requirements that must be followed to legally protect students’ guaranteed privacy rights. This includes no recordings of Zoom meetings. Click here to read and follow Bethel’s online confidentiality expectations.

Getting Your Stuff: Principals are working on plans to box or bag up students’ (and staff’s) personal belongings and getting prepared for pick-up. It means custodians and other staff will have to go through thousands of desks, lockers, cubbies and classrooms. More details will be coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

Not THAT Web Page: District-provided Chromebooks have a feature that alerts the District and identifies the users when they click on pages that are inappropriate. This is a feature installed on all Bethel computers before they are delivered to schools. If there is a legitimate website being blocked on a loaner Chromebook, please enter a Student Help Desk request with the name of the site being blocked.

Free Books and Library Access: Kids up to 4 years old can be signed up for Imagination Library and get a free book mailed to their home every month. And, Eugene Library staff have figured out a way to provide temporary library cards on-line for new and renewed accounts. Just call the library at 541-357-7082 to register for new cards between 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Classroom Materials: The District is gathering normal school supplies that may be available to K-8 students at home. These include paper, pencils, pens, colored pencils, scissors, etc. While there is a limited supply, contact the school office if your child needs these materials to continue taking part in Distance Learning activities.

Aquí hay una actualización sobre una serie de artículos que le interesarán.

Bethel K-5 Distance Learning Family Guidance

Hello Prairie Mountain Families,

We are thinking about all of you!

We know that many of you are anxious as Bethel prepares to slowly roll out our Distance Learning opportunities for your children. This is new for all of us! We will learn from each other as we go, working side by side to provide learning for all of our children. Your feedback is very important as we do this work, so please continue communicating with us.

What is Distance Learning? Distance learning means that your children and Bethel teachers are not together in the school or classroom.  How we do Distance Learning can look many different ways including paper packets sent home, phone calls with your teacher, a ZOOM meeting with teachers, a Dojo communication with your teacher, or an electronic classroom that we call Google Classroom.

Beginning next Friday, April 17th, I will share via my blog a 5-day plan for the following week. This coming week you and your child can continue with the materials sent home or posted on Bethel’s Supplemental Resources page.

Core Values for our Distance Learning for All:

  1. The safety and wellness of all students.
  2. The cultivation of connections and relationships throughout our community.
  3. Students and equity are at the center of all decisions.

You and your child should participate in Distance Learning in a way that meets your family’s needs. Here are some ideas to always keep in mind: Continue reading