Student Expectations for WHS Football Games

We encourage all students to attend WHS football games to show their support and spirit!Beginning Thursday, September 29th, our system for middle school students is new and improved. The area where students were previously instructed to gather during games is now closed. Students are expected to sit in the main bleachers. With that in mind, it is important that students understand all of the behavior expectations we have of
them as spectators. Please review this video for more information. This video will be shared with students during school as well. Thanks for your continued support and GO WOLVERINES!

How do you think our new expectations will support the experience of our students and others at the WHS football games? Please use the link below to respond.

Presenting Our New Staff

Left to right: Ben Milano, Nathan Bridgens, Susan Sparks, Cary Weeks and Nikki Gilder

We are pleased to welcome Ben Milano, Nathan Bridgens, Susan Sparks, Cary Weeks and Nikki Gilder to our staff.

Mr. Milano comes to us from Juneau, Alaska, but now you can find him teaching 6th and 7th grade math and science in room 43. Mr. Bridgens is our new Assistant Principal; he formerly held teaching and coaching positions in Cottage Grove.

Susan Sparks is in charge of busy kindergarten students in room 6. Cary Weeks is our Nutrition Coordinator; she held a similar position in Las Vegas.

Nikki Gilder assists students in Mrs. Newell’s classroom. Nikki formerly worked at WHS in the Infant and Toddler center. Welcome everyone; we know you bring many talents and assets to our staff.

What Happens in Music?

Fifth grade students recently had lesson on creating vibration sounds using drinking straws.

Music class is a unique time for learning.  Not only does music class create a pathway to other disciplines, like math, science, history, and language arts; it also provides the development of many life skills.  Students are challenged to listen, cooperate, critical think and create.

During music, students are given opportunities to learn through song, instruments, and movement.  Costumes and props are used to help students imagine and make learning fun.

Literature is often read to the class and then re-read using instruments, dance, and other sound effects to give the story a “facelift.”

Students are encouraged to appreciate all genres or styles of music.  We listen to pop, classical, and everything in between. Students listen to world music, like African drumming, Caribbean steel drums or Australian didgeridoos.

Music is a universal language, yet speaks to each of us in a different voice.

Safety Trainings For Bethel Parents & Guardians

Bethel is pleased to present two online safety trainings now available to parents/guardians:

  • Child Abuse: Identification and Intervention
  • Sexual Misconduct: Identification and Intervention

The SafeSchools online safety training program is the same system used to train all district staff on school-related safety issues.In order to take these trainings, simply click this link to register. Enter your basic information, including a username. You will see the two courses; just click to begin.

Your participation will help to make Bethel School District a safer place for students and staff. For more information contact Assistant Superintendent Chris Parra, (541) 689-3280.

Popcorn Fridays

Fridays are always special at Prairie Mountain; that’s the day students and staff wear our Prairie Mountain tee shirts, and volunteers from our amazing PTO pop hundreds of bags of popcorn for our students.

Popcorn passes for free bags of popcorn can be won in our prize cart, classrooms may earn popcorn for the entire class for perfect attendance; or students may also purchases popcorn for 25 cents per bag.

Thank you to the many parents who donate their time and make our popcorn days fun!

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