Carpool to School

Parents, thank you for the patience and courtesy you have shown in our parking lot before and after school each day. We are so grateful for your cooperation!

Our staff has one goal in mind: the safety of all our students.  We have designed procedures that allow for safety and ease of transitions; thank you for complying with our staff as they guide you and your children through our parking lot.
If you pick up children other than your own each day after school, we encourage you to come in to our office and sign up for our carpool lane. You will be given a free “Carpool Vehicle” card to display in your front window, allowing you access to our carpool lane.

Carpool vehicles are allowed priority exiting from our parking lot immediately after the buses depart. Any driver who transports a child or children from a family other than their own qualifies as a carpool vehicle.

Behavior Rotations

Prairie Mountain works to support each student in achieving academic, behavioral and social success not only in our classrooms but anywhere on campus. We began our first week of school with all students participating in behavior rotations.

Classes transitioned throughout school settings including hallways, Creeks, Caforium, arrival/dismissal, bathrooms, playgrounds, etc. learning about expectations. It’s a great way to remind students that anywhere or anytime you can choose to demonstrate our goals of being safe, respectful and doing our personal best.

We will continue to model, practice and reinforce expectations throughout the school year.

K-5 Watermelon Feed

There was plenty of juicy watermelon and happy smiles Thursday at Prairie Mountain.  Elementary families had the chance to meet and greet teachers, see classrooms, check out the shiny floors, visit the Library, connect with friends and enjoy watermelon served up by the Prairie Mountain staff.  Here Mrs. Kame’enui, Prairie Mountain’s fabulous Title I reading teacher, greets a student and her family.

Locker Night A Success

Prairie Mountain 7th and 8th graders crowded the hallways Wednesday night for our annual 7th/8th Grade Curriculum and Locker Night.  Over 200 kids and parents came to hear about the expectations for the school year and were rewarded by getting to choose their own locker at the end of the evening.  This is always a popular night with middle school kids and this year was no exception.

Welcome Back Teachers

The school year begins with enthusiasm as teachers return ready to implement new skills. Teachers have been busy learning new strategies and best practices in teaching students of all capabilities.

Prairie Mountain recently hosted the District Math Leadership meeting where teachers from all Bethel Schools convened to plan math curriculum for all grades. This will make learning math streamlined and effective across all grade levels.

Prairie Mountain teachers are ready to welcome students into classrooms and get started September 6th.


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