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Our PTO Makes Positive Strides for All Students

Dear Prairie Mountain Community,

Last night’s  PTO meeting was encouraging, inspiring and informative.

Thank you to Jeni Gerlach, our amazing elementary music teacher, for opening up her classroom and talking to us about music education here on the Mountain. Thank you to Sherine Forest, our district nurse, for educating us on the Coronavirus, providing resources for families, and helping us understand steps that our district is taking to keep our kids healthy and safe. Thank you to Todd Woodward for sharing about his work creating a Parent Group designed for parents/guardians with students with disabilities. And thank you to all of the Project-Leaders who spoke about their upcoming projects.

Please know how much I appreciate all of you and the work we are doing together as a team for our most precious assets, our KIDS. We do our best work when we do it together.
Thank you,
Jill RW


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  • Thank you Jill for facilitating an always interesting and informative PTO meeting..we appreciate the personal interest that you and Mrs. Gill take in each and every student..your antidotes and examples of student’s struggles and success give us insight to the spectrum of services and resources on site at Prairie Mountain. It is evident that you and your Staff are accessible from the morning welcome to the very busy end of day campus exit..Your continuing support for diversity and inclusion is one of the most intense and committed that I have ever seen. A special thank you for acknowledging the effort that Teachers make to establish trusting relationships with their students.
    Thank you !

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