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January PTO Meeting, Go EAGLES!

Hello Prairie Mountain Students and Families,

Happy New Year!  Thank you to everyone who attended our PTO meeting this week.  It was a great meeting filled with lots of fundraising information, including share-outs from Project-Leaders, moneys raised, and upcoming projects on the Mountain.  I was able to share our student behavioral data for the month of December, information about our upcoming On the Path to Graduation evening for 7th and 8th grade students and families, the recent installation of Feminine Hygiene Dispensers, interest in planning/organizing a Science Fair, and recent conversations as a staff around the implementation of Calm Corners in our classrooms.  It was a great night!  I would encourage you all to come on out to our PTO meetings to learn more about our amazing school and upcoming events.  

Thanks again and Go Eagles!


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  • Dear Mrs. RW,
    Always an informative and welcoming format as you and Mrs. Gill share current data and projected activities for the next year…..what an optimistic evening too !! We can be proud of the involvement from parents, students, School Staff and Teachers who support our PTO in a spectrum of activities and financial goals. One of PTO’s missions is to help fund a variety of programs that help our students succeed in both academic and social pursuits. It is an honor to work with this group of parents who invite all participation and acknowledge every effort to help make Prairie Mountain a safe and nurturing place for children and families. Thank You!

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