Bethel School District Eugene OR

Time to Register for School

All students must register, including returning students and pre-registered kindergarten students. Please call the office (541-607-9849) if you cannot attend registration during the times listed below. The office will open beginning Thursday, August 17th from 8:00-3:00.

Principal, Carey Killen and Assistant Principal Jill RW are ready to welcome you

  •  Monday August 14th, 7:30-3:30
  • Tuesday, August 15th, 11:00-7:00
  • Wednesday, August 16th, 11:00-7:00


  • Lunes, Agosto 14, 7:30-3:30
  • Martes, Agosto 15, 11:00-7:00
  • Miércoles, Agosto 16, 11:00-7:00

Todos los estudiantes tienen que registrarse, incluyendo estudiantes que se reinscribirán y los estudiantes pre-registrados de Jardín Infantil. Favor de contactar a la oficina (541-607-9849) en caso de que no puedo asistir a la registración durante los  horarios disponibles. La oficina se abrirá a partir del jueves 17 de agosto de 8:00-3:00.

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