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Family Communication: May 21

Hello Prairie 

Mountain students and families,

This has truly been an amazing week for all of our Prairie Mountain family.  This week we celebrate our students and families, and our amazing staff.  More than ever I am impressed with Prairie Mountain staff’s ingenuity, dedication to our students and families, strength and resiliency, and above all, love for their students.  When I count my blessing, I count you all twice.  Thank you for being the best staff in the whole world!

Yesterday’s CARE-a-van event will be a moment in my life that I will not ever forget.  We were able to see so many of our students and blow them kisses and say, “We love you!  We miss you!”  We have heard from so many of our staff members and they said that they are now expert drivers while crying and waving all at the same time.  Christy and I were talking in the back of the truck as we were moving along the CARE-a-van route about how much we love school.  We said to each other, “Let this moment drive our work with kids and families.  Let it pick us up when we are down.  And let this moment fill our buckets when they seem empty.”  Thank you again for being such a wonderful and supportive community.   

Send Us Your CARE-a-van Pictures/Videos: We would love to put together a slideshow of photos from Wednesday’s PM Car CARE-a-van! If you have any photos and/or videos that you would like to share, and have them included in our slideshow, please take a moment to share them in our Google Folder OR share them to us in the comments on our Prairie Mountain School Facebook page. 

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PM Staff Appreciation Week: May 18-22

Hey Prairie Mountain Eagles!  This year PM is celebrating their entire staff during the week of May 18- 22nd.  We have been gearing up for a week full of fun surprises for our staff. Now more than ever, our staff would love to hear from you and your child. We are hoping you can take a few moments to complete a quick 1-2 minute survey to share a staff shout out, a message of appreciation, or just a quick thank you. We put together a google form for you to let Prairie Mountain staff know how they have made a difference in your life, and what you appreciate about them. You can use this form as many times as you want to recognize as many PM staff members as you’d like. You don’t have to be a current student to use this form, we’d love to hear from PM alumni, parents, and community members as well. Our staff will love hearing from students and families and we plan to share your kind words with staff throughout the week of May 18-22nd. Thanks for taking the time to appreciate our amazing Prairie Mountain staff.  As you can see, Harley, Harriet, Henry, and Baby Huey can’t wait to celebrate PM’s amazing staff.

PM Staff Appreciation Survey


Hey, Águilas de Prairie Mountain! Este año PM está  Celebrando a Todo su personal durante esta semana de Mayo 18-22.  Llevamos una semana preparándonos con sorpresas para nuestro personal . Ahora más que nunca, nuestro personal le encantara escuchar de usted y su hijo/ja. Estamos esperando si puede tomarse un momento para completar una encuesta de 1-2 minutos para compartir un grito personal, un mensaje de apreciación, oh dar rápidamente las gracias. Nosotros juntamos una forma de google para que usted deje saber al personal de Prairie Mountain como han hecho una diferencia en su vida, y lo que usted aprecia de ellos. Puede usar esta forma cuantas veces usted quiera para reconocer a cada personal de la escuela las veces que usted guste. No tiene que ser un estudiante actual para usar esta forma. Nos encantara escuchar de ustedes como padres y de nuestros alumnos de la escuela de PM y miembros de nuestra comunidad también. A Nuestro personal le encantara  escuchar  de los estudiantes y familias y nosotros planeamos compartir sus muestras de cariño y palabras  de amabilidad hacia  el personal durante la semana de Mayo 18-22. Gracias por tomar su tiempo y apreciar a nuestro increíble personal de la Prairie Mountain. Como puede ver Harley, Harriet, Henry, y la bebe Huey estan anciosos por celebrar a nuestro increíble personal.

 PM Encuesta de Apreciación

April 24: PM Friday Family Communication

Happy Friday Prairie Mountain Families,

Approaching the third week of Distance Learning, we’re hearing that families are having the same range of experiences as our teachers. Some are settling in with comfortable routines, while others are discovering the adjustment is challenging.  Let’s continue to remind ourselves that this is a short term situation and we’re all adapting together. Our shared goals remain:

  • Maintain the safety and well-being of all students and families
  • Keeping students engaged in learning.

New 5-day K-5 Teacher-Developed Activities:  On Monday, I will email you the link to teacher-developed activities.  Teachers, including special educators, English language development teachers, and reading specialists, collaborate every week to develop activities that are accessible for students at each grade level.  Check out our K-5 Distance Learning webpage.  As a reminder, these materials are available in print copies for families who cannot access it online.

Zoom Sessions or Phone Calls: Twice a week, Prairie Mountain K-8 teachers will hold Zoom Classroom Sessions or connect with families by phone.  Teachers are working with families directly to communicate the schedule for these sessions.

10-day Supplementary Activities:  These activities may be connected to teacher-developed activities and are led by the student or family. Every day of the week you have the option of working at your pace on activities from the Supplemental Activities document (online only).

Middle School Lockers: This week, staff cleaned out middle school student lockers and put belongings into bags. These bags are labeled with middle school student names and are ready for pick up next week. We will have staff ready to bring your child’s bag of belongings to your car. When you come to Prairie Mountain, drive into the bus lane and someone will meet you there. The pick-up days and times are:

  • Monday: 11:00am to 3:00pm
  • Tuesday 8:00am to 11:00am and 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Spring Pictures:  K-8 PM Spring pictures have arrived.  You are able to come to Prairie Mountain and pick up your Spring Pictures next week on Monday and Tuesday at the following times:

  • Monday: 11:00am to 3:00pm
  • Tuesday 8:00am to 11:00am and 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Guidance from the Oregon Department of Education:  Oregon Department of Education has recently released new guidance for K-8 distance learning.  You can read it here.  It reinforces our approach – centering on care and connection with students and families. 

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Elementary: Prairie Mountain Friday Communication

Happy Friday Prairie Mountain Families,

Prairie Mountain Eagle

Soar like an EAGLE!

I hope your week has gone well.  Our staff has been increasing their connection with students through Zoom classroom meetings and phone calls.  They have shared with me the excitement kids have around the new type of learning that’s planned.  This video is an example of how we feel. 

Consistent and clear communication with you is critical in supporting continued learning for our students.  So, each Friday I will provide information for the week to come.  In addition, the district is hosting K-5 parent information sessions about Zoom and Google Classroom, two important online platforms used in Distance Learning (details below). Meanwhile, do not hesitate to contact your teacher or me if you have any questions.

Tips for Parents – Learning At Home

–Approach learning from home with patience and kindness
–Establish a comfortable routine and location where your child can focus on learning
–Set up a schedule and learning pace that works best for your child
–Consider yourself a learning partner and facilitator, rather than a classroom teacher
–Reach out to us through email or phone; we are all learning this process together

Learning Schedule for the Week

–5-day Teacher-Created Activities are structured, grade level learning, complimented by Zoom Classroom 

Sessions, Dojo communication, or phone calls. Your child’s Teacher-Created activities will be available on the Bethel website Monday, and I will also email the link to you.

10-day Supplementary Activities may be connected to teacher-created materials and are led by the student or family. 

Every day of the week, do your best to work on one day of work in the Teacher-Created Activities. When you are finished, there is the option of working on a day of activities from the Supplemental Activities (online only). Twice a week, your teacher will hold Zoom Classroom Sessions or connect with you by phone.

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