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Free Bus Passes For Middle School Students

New Student Bus Pass Program


Lane Transit District is introducing the TouchPass electronic free fare system for students.

Beginning next week, Bethel School District will provide a free TouchPass card for any Prairie Mountain Middle School student who requests one. Students will be able to board any LTD bus, identify themselves as a student, tap the card to a special screen on the bus, and their ride is free.

The TouchPass program also offers a phone app that works the same way.

The goal of LTD’s Student Transit Pass program is to make it easier for families to get around town by reducing their transportation costs and the demands on parents/guardians to transport their children to school and activities. An additional goal is to create life-long transit users to decrease transportation impacts on our environment.

If Prairie Mountain parents/guardians want their child to receive a free District-provided LTD pass, they should fill out the form linked here (Application-ENG) and request that their child receive a bus pass. Please provide the child’s full name.


Nuevo Programa de Pases de Autobús Estudiantil  

El Distrito de Transito de Lane está introduciendo el sistema electrónico de tarifas gratuitas de TouchPass para estudiantes.

Comenzando la próxima semana, el Distrito Escolar de Bethel proveerá una tarjeta TouchPass gratuita para cualquier estudiante de Prairie Mountain School que solicite una. Los estudiantes podrán subirse a cualquier autobús LTD, identificarse como estudiantes, poner la tarjeta en una pantalla especial del autobús, y su viaje será gratis.

El programa de TouchPass también ofrece una aplicación de teléfono que funciona de la misma manera.

La meta del programa de Pases de Autobús Estudiantil LTD es facilitarle a las familias moverse por la ciudad reduciendo sus costos de transporte y las demandas de los padres/tutores para transportar a sus hijos a la escuela y actividades. Un objetivo adicional es crear usuarios de tránsito de por vida para disminuir los impactos de transporte en nuestro medio ambiente.

Si los padres/tutores de Prairie Mountain School desean que sus hijos reciban un pase gratis de LTD proporcionado por el Distrito,deben completar el formulario vinculado aquí (Application-SP) y que sus hijos reciban un pase de autobús. Por favor proporcione el nombre completo.

Thank you, Prairie Mountain families, for attending our last PTO meeting. We had a great turnout with lots of families learning more and more about the abundant opportunities Prairie Mountain offers our students.

I would like to thank Mrs. Maul, Mrs. Dodd, Mikayla, and Charlotte for their presentation about Sources of Strength (our district-wide suicide prevention program). Mrs. Dodd was also able to share about small group instruction in ELA 8th grade classes.

Hilary Mankofsky, our Safe Schools coordinator, shared important information regarding programs and opportunities in our community involving bicycle safety, as well as safety with scooters and all variety of wheeled transportation.

Prairie Mountain PTO meetings are one of the highlights of my month. Thank you again for supporting our amazing school and finding ways that you can get involved. Remember, we do our best work when we do it together.

Thank you, and as always, Go Eagles!



Please Take This Brief Bethel Survey

It’s time to reinvest in our schools. New funding is coming to Bethel School District and we want your ideas about improvements that will benefit all students.

The Student Success Act will provide an additional $4.6 million per year to Bethel schools, beginning this fall. This new money has two purposes: to increase academic achievement while reducing disparities among student groups, and to meet students’ behavioral and mental health needs.

Throughout January, the district held multiple meetings with the community and school staff asking for thoughts on how to best invest these new funds.

In order to include still more voices, the district has created a short online survey to capture your vision for our schools, and in particular how to support our historically underserved students. Please take this brief Student Success Act survey. Your voice matters! The survey will be open through Friday, February 14.

Por Favor, Tome Esta Breve Encuesta de Bethel

Es hora de reinvertir en nuestras escuelas. Nuevos fondos están llegando al Distrito Escolar de Bethel y queremos sus ideas sobre mejoras que beneficiarán a todos los estudiantes.

La Ley de Éxito Estudiantil proporcionará $ 4.6 millones adicionales por año a las escuelas de Bethel, a partir de este otoño. Este nuevo dinero tiene dos propósitos: aumentar el rendimiento académico al tiempo que se reducen las disparidades entre los grupos de estudiantes y satisfacer las necesidades de salud mental y conducta de los estudiantes.

A lo largo de Enero, el distrito mantuvo múltiples reuniones con la comunidad y el personal de la escuela para reflexionar sobre cómo invertir mejor estos nuevos fondos.

Para incluir aún más voces, el distrito ha creado una breve encuesta en línea para capturar su visión de nuestras escuelas y, en particular, cómo apoyar a nuestros estudiantes históricamente desatendidos. Por favor realice esta breve encuesta de la Ley de Éxito Estudiantil. ¡Tu voz importa! La encuesta estará abierta hasta el Viernes, 14 de Febrero.


Shoe Drive Next Week

The 7th grade Environmental Science: Sustainability class is holding a SHOE DRIVE February 3-7, 2020. Our goal is at least 200 pairs of shoes. Shoes should be matching and in thrift store/yard sale condition. Laces are not necessary. The shoes will be sent to Soles4Souls, a non-profit charity, who will repair them and get them to people in poverty, those who have experienced a natural disaster/emergency, and other charities that ensure the shoes will be reused. Shoes are estimated to take 1000 years to decompose. Thank you for helping us save them from our landfills!


Important Message from the Bethel School District Nurse

Dear Parent or Guardian:

As you may know, head lice is present in the community. An estimated 6 to 12 million infestations occur each year in the United States, most commonly among children ages 3 to 11.  So, I am writing to you to help you learn how to identify lice and provide information on what you can do if lice hit your home.

A few cases at Prairie Mountain have been identified and treated so far this year.

What are head lice?

Head lice are tiny, wingless insects that live close to the human scalp. They do not spread disease. They feed on blood. The eggs, also called nits, are tiny, tear-drop shaped eggs that attach to the hair shaft. Nits often appear yellowish or white, and can look like dandruff but cannot be removed or brushed off. The nymph, or baby louse, is smaller and grow to adult size in one to two weeks. The adult louse is the size of a sesame seed appears tan to grayish-white. An itchy and inflamed scalp is a common symptom of lice. Although not common, persistent scratching may lead to skin irritation and even infection.

Who is affected by head lice?

Head lice are not related to cleanliness.  In fact, head lice often infest people with good hygiene and grooming habits.  Infestations can occur at home, school or in the community. Head lice are mostly spread by direct head-to-head contact—for example, during play at home or school, slumber parties, sports activities, or camp. Less often, lice are spread via objects that have been in recent contact with a person with head lice, such as hats, scarves, hair ribbons, combs, brushes, stuffed animals or bedding.

What to do if an infestation occurs?

If you have been notified by the school that your child has head lice, we will be give you treatment shampoo and instructions on how to treat.

If you think your child has head lice, it’s important to talk to a healthcare provider to discuss the best treatment approach for your family. Resistance to some over-the-counter head lice treatments has been reported, but the prevalence of resistance is not known. There are new prescription treatment options available that are safe and do not require nit combing.

Our health assistant will provide materials and information to help identify and treat any possible cases to families as needed. In the schools, head checks are performed as appropriate as well.

Please notify our school health room if your child has a new case of lice so we may help with follow-up treatment and identify other potential cases.

As your Bethel School nurse, I want to provide you with the information you need to pave the way for a productive school year. I hope you find this information useful.

 For more information, see Head Lice Information Sheet

Información sobre los pojos



Sherine Forrest, RN

Bethel District Nurse

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