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                        At Bethel we are super excited to have our students back this week. It has been a busy summer with teachers studying new curriculum in reading, English language arts, and math that they selected over the last school year. Teachers have also been developing new […]

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Ducks Create Holiday Memories For Bethel Students

Fairfield's Bo McCullough gets some help with his holiday shopping from UO receiver Lavasier Tuinei.

$100 to spend, free gift wrapping and special shopping escorts were waiting for 20 lucky Bethel kids at a local Target store.

Oregon football players created some special holiday memories for the select Bethel students who had been facing an uncertain holiday season.

The UO’s O Heroes program provided each Bethel student with a $100 bill to be spent on gifts for family members. The UO football players then matched up with kids to help them pick out gifts, wrap the presents, and make sure the students bought a little something for themselves, as well.

Shopping with the Ducks has become something of a holiday tradition for Bethel kids thanks to the O Heroes program.

BEF Funds 41 Grants, Gives Away $25,000

Clear Lake teacher Cindy Castanette celebrates her surprise grant award presentation from Karen Krumrey of the Bethel Education Foundation.

41 Bethel educators are celebrating the news that they’ve been awarded grants from the Bethel Education Foundation.

The BEF made surprise visits to each Bethel school to hand out $25,000 in grants. The awards will fund a wide variety of requests, everything from new laptops, document cameras and projectors, to books, science supplies and equipment, kitchen tools and field trips.

The 41 winning grants were selected from 126 worthy applications.

In only its third year, the BEF has provided more than $43,000 in enhancements to Bethel programs and classrooms. Its next fundraiser will be a fun district-wide Trivia Night on February 8th.

Kilcullen Memorial Garden Begins To Take Shape

Willamette Leadership students have used stakes, string and flags to mark the outline of the Chris Kilcullen Memorial Garden.

Willamette High School students have marked the outline of the school’s new Chris Kilcullen Memorial Garden.

Kilcullen, a proud 1986 Willamette grad, was a Eugene police officer killed in the line of duty last April. The garden is intended to celebrate and honor his memory.

Willamette Leadership students are constructing the memorial garden in the senior courtyard at the high school. Donations from the community are being arranged and a timeline toward a spring completion is being set.

Community members, businesses, friends and strangers have come forward with offers of help in the form of volunteer hours, in-kind donations, and monetary donations.

You can help by contacting WHS Leadership advisor Jeanie Thomsen.

Turning A New Leaf In Instruction

Kalapuya teacher Bruce Weinberg shows students how to plug in the Nissan Leaf electric car as part of a Science unit on electricity.

First thing? He pulled up, plugged it in and let the students ooh and aah all over it.

Teacher Bruce Weinberg introduced his Kalapuya High School students to modern electrical science through the Nissan Leaf, the all-electric car.

Weinberg rented the car for a day as part of his class study about energy consumption, the use of fossil fuels and alternative energy sources.

They’ll get around to learning about potential and connective energy, but the Leaf was a lesson kids could get their hands on. Of course, they all got a ride in the car, too.

Integrated Science class may never be the same.

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