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    Dear Lane County Legislators, We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and advocacy for public education over the years. Speaking with one voice, we, the superintendents of every school district in Lane County, are asking you now to step up once again to support Oregon’s students by challenging the woefully inadequate proposed K–12 school funding level […]

Willamette Graduation Moves Indoors

The WHS class of 2008 was the last one to celebrate its graduation indoors.

Weather has forced Willamette High School’s graduation ceremony to be moved indoors Friday.

The forecast from the National Weather Service calls for a 70% chance of rain and the possibility of thunderstorms Friday, resulting in the decision to hold the graduation ceremony in the east gym beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Each graduating student has been provided 6 gold tickets; those are the only ones eligible for admission into the ceremony. The white tickets will not be accepted to get into the event.

This is the first time since 2008 that WHS seniors have held their graduation indoors, and a full house in anticipated.

Students Shine At We Are Bethel

Under the direction of music teacher Lori Kelley, the Clear Lake Singers were easily the cutest act to take the stage at We Are Bethel.

The 11th annual We Are Bethel Celebration returned to its roots by featuring a number of Bethel School District performances.

The Shasta, Willamette and Meadow View Jazz Bands followed each other on the main stage at Petersen Barn Park.

The Clear Lake Singers and Meadow View Choir also had their chance to shine on stage, while the Willamette Electrathon program turned heads with their race car display.

The Bethel Education Foundation attracted a large group of kids with dart-throwing fun and the Bethel Boosters kept people fed with their famous barbeque.

We ARE Bethel.

Beautification Project Creates “Stadium Way”

Members of the Willamettte football team join Willamette Pride volunteers in planting a dozen maple trees along the path now known as Stadium Way.

A dozen young maple trees line the walkway that’s now known as Stadium Way, the paved path that leads to the Willamette High School stadium.

Planting of the trees is part of the effort called Willamette Pride, the volunteer work designed to improve the school inside and out.

WHS football players and coaches joined Willamette Pride volunteers for the beautification project. Donations to pay for the trees were provided by the WHS classes of 1961, 1962, 1963, 1967, 1979, 1981 and 1982.

Willamette Pride is also assisting Bethel’s Maintenance staff on a plan to repaint all the lockers in the school this summer. The group has already delivered on new landscaping around the school, the interior painting completed last summer, and the renovation of some classrooms at Willamette.

Students Honored In Annual Awards Ceremony

Senior Chris Almasie accepts the National School Choral Award from Dean Martin of the Eugene Emerald Rotary Club.

In a tradition that’s continued for 44 years, Willamette students have been honored for their academic and athletic achievements.

More than 150 WHS students were recognized for outstanding performances in everything from Engineering and Science to Languages and Business, and more.

Individual scholarships were also presented by numerous organizations and funds, rewarding Willamette students for academic prowess and community service.

The Academic and Achievement Awards Program is sponsored by the Eugene Emerald Rotary Club, which was among the organizations presenting scholarships to WHS students.

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