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    This year has zoomed by. I hope everyone, students & staff, have a safe and happy summer! We’ll see our students back on September 8. Each week I try to share another interesting tidbit about Bethel School District. The facts show up on the BethelBlog and as a tagline on my email signature. To see […]

Joint Statement On School Threats

The following is a joint statement from Bethel and Eugene 4j school districts, and the Eugene Police Department:

Rumors about threats to student safety have been circulating in our schools. Along with the devastating Connecticut school shooting tragedy, the internet has been buzzing with baseless doomsday predictions related to the ancient Mayan calendar. As a result there have been persistent rumors – mostly through social media – about violent events to take place in schools this Friday.

Eugene Police and administrators in Bethel and Eugene 4J school districts have investigated each of the rumors of violence reported so far. None of them have been viable threats.

Nevertheless, Bethel and Eugene schools and Eugene Police are committed to being vigilant and responsive, so there will be an enhanced police presence around Continue reading

All Aboard The Lunch Box Express

The Bethel Special Needs Transportation Department’s Lunch Box Express hauled in 3,000 pounds of donated food for Bethel families.

A Bethel school bus decorated as a train – the Lunch Box Express – accepted one and a half tons of donated food at the Albertsons store on Royal avenue.

Customers at Albertsons also chipped in nearly $400 in cash donations for the food drive.

The Bethel Special Needs Transportation Department came up with the idea as a way to help ensure Bethel families in need don’t go hungry over the holidays.

Some children depend on school breakfasts and lunches for two solid meals a day, meals which are not served when schools are closed for the holidays.

The Transportation Department is working with Bethel school counselors to connect the right families with the donated food.

Reviewing School Security In Bethel

The school shooting tragedy in Connecticut impacts all of us, whether we are parents, children, school staff or community members.

It is only natural to consider the security of our own schools in Bethel. The school district wants to offer assurances that we are diligent in focusing on student safety.

Our schools have required visitor sign in and visitor badges, staff who are trained to stop and check folks who might not be wearing badges, doors that remain locked, lockdown practices, and other protocols, ongoing training and review of safety procedures.

All of our schools rehearse for emergencies, planning for situations that we hope never occur.

Nevertheless, we will review our safety procedures and precautions to make sure we are doing everything possible to keep our kids safe.

The U.S. Department of Education has these additional resources for parents

Willamette Senior Wins Human Rights Award

Lindsey Foltz, Eugene’s Equity and Human Rights Analyst, presents the Human Rights in Action award to Willamette’s Samantha Diaz.

Nominated by her classmates, Willamette’s Samantha Diaz has been recognized with the City of Eugene Human Rights in Action Award.

Diaz, a WHS senior, has been involved in Student Leadership at Willamette, spearheading social justice and equity efforts at the school.

She has also facilitated conversational workshops with Bethel middle schoolers around constructive ways to make positive changes.

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