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Clear Lake School is closed Friday due to an EWEB power outage.

Clear Lake School was closed Friday due to an EWEB power outage.

Clear Lake Elementary is powered-up again after an electrical outage forced school to be cancelled Friday.

EWEB crews spent hours dealing with the early morning failure and worked on nearby transformers to restore power.

Clear Lake was the only school impacted by the outage, and it took some time to re-check the school’s fire panel and security system, and restart the heating system.

School at Clear Lake will be back to normal Monday.

Willamette's seniors celebrate with the league championship trophy after a victory over Marist.

Willamette’s seniors celebrate with the league championship trophy after a victory over Marist.

The season has been extended for Willamette’s Soccer and Volleyball teams. They’ll be headed to the state playoffs.

Soccer has been there before. The WHS girls team has reached the state’s final four the past two years, and will enter the playoffs after winning a third consecutive league championship with a 4-2 victory over Marist.

The Willamette boys will hit the road for the post-season.

Finally, the WHS Volleyball team will play at home on November 2nd against Liberty High School with a chance to advance to the state tournament for the first time in more than 30 years.

Kindergartener Olivia Cook takes part in Malabon's earthquake drill as part of the school's Safety Week.

Kindergartener Olivia Cook takes part in Malabon’s earthquake drill as part of the school’s Safety Week.

It wasn’t the real thing, but training for a possible earthquake went smoothly in our schools today during the Great Oregon Shakeout.

The Shakeout is a world-wide event to promote the preparation for a real earthquake, in which people drop, cover and hold.

A number of Bethel schools calmly took part in the drill today, while others have scheduled earthquake drills as part of their greater safety training that includes fire drills and school lockdowns.

Even the youngest students reacted well in the earthquake exercise, hiding under desks and hanging on until the drill was over.

Fresh grapes from Satterstrum Farms in Cottage Grove were very popular as farmers served the food they’ve grown during lunch at Meadow View School.

They’re the ones who grew it, and they’re the ones who dished it out.

Local farmers, ranchers and distributors served lunch to students at Meadow View School as part of Oregon Harvest Day. All Bethel’s school lunches consisted solely of products from Oregon farms, dairies, growers, flour mills and companies.

The lunches included Bartels beef (Eugene), Tillamook cheese (Tillamook, of course), Franz Bakery bread (Glenwood), Lochmead Dairy milk (Junction City), Truitt Brothers beans (Salem), Satterstrom Farms grapes (Cottage Grove), Camas Country Mill flour in the cookies (Eugene), Montecucco Farms squash (Canby), Creative Growers carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley (Noti), Cascade Pacific Farms radishes (Troutdale), and Yamhill County mushrooms (Yamhill).

The kids loved it, the farmers were deservedly proud, and the food was outstanding, pretty much what Bethel’s Nutrition Services Department provides every day.

It’s further evidence why Bethel is the recognized leader in the use of fresh, locally grown food in school lunches.

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