Bethel School District

Eugene, Oregon USA

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

The Bethel School District fully supports the ADA and its requirement to make Websites ADA compliant. We are actively working to meet and maintain those requirements.

Winds Send Crews Scrambling

Some limbs that were brought down by the morning high winds were quickly cleared by Bethel’s Maintenance crews.

Early morning winds, gusting up to 40 miles an hour, sent Bethel’s Maintenance staff to all district schools for a safety check.

While power was lost in some parts of Eugene, Bethel schools escaped with just some downed limbs and plenty of debris from trees.

Many of the larger trees around our schools received some of Mother Nature’s thinning via the winter ice storms. Tree trimming services also were hired to cut back a few other potentially dangerous limbs during the winter, so this morning’s wind did not result in a significant amount of limbs or downed trees.

Thanks go out to our reliable Maintenance staff for their quick work to check on our schools before students arrived.

The Duck Walk Returns

The tradition continues at Prairie Mountain School. A mother duck and her newly hatched ducklings are escorted from the school’s interior courtyard, through the hallways, and to a nearby wetland.

Kindergartners get a front row seat to this annual school event.

Selecting The New Science

Anyone is welcome to review the top selections for Bethel’s new Science curriculum which will be adopted in time for the 2017-18 school year.

Bethel will be updating its science curriculum for the coming school year, looking for one that will include material that matches Oregon’s new learning expectations.

A District committee has carefully reviewed various textbook options for elementary, middle and high school science.

Parents and staff members have the opportunity to examine the committee’s final curriculum selections next Monday and Tuesday, April 10 & 11, 3:30-6:00 in room 17 at Shasta Middle School.

Questions? Contact Brian Flick, Bethel’s Director of Teaching and Learning, or Amy Tidwell, Bethel’s Director of Special Services.


The new science curriculum is being funded by the Bethel bond measure, overwhelmingly passed by voters in 2012.

Excitement Builds Among Class Of 2021

Teacher Matt Symonds talks to excited students and parents about his cutting-edge Motion Graphics program at Willamette’s 8th Grade Parent Night.

It was difficult to tell who was more excited, current Bethel 8th graders or their parents.

At Willamette High School’s 8th Grade Parent Night they learned all about the high quality Career Technical Education programs, International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement classes, electives, clubs and other opportunities waiting for them at Wil-Hi.

Hundreds of parents and students visited with teachers, talked with advisors, toured the school, and narrowed their choices for freshman year.

Most students had already signed-up for their preferred classes, but they had a chance to make changes to their wish lists after learning more about their many exciting options as 9th graders.