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The Bethel School District fully supports the ADA and its requirement to make Websites ADA compliant. We are actively working to meet and maintain those requirements.

Bethel Kinders Off To A Smart Start

Kindergarten students with their teacher

Irving teacher Briony Mcfarland engages with Kindergartners as part of the Smart Start small group introduction to school.

Bethel’s youngest students are getting a smooth transition to school.

Smart Start is Bethel’s program to provide Kindergartners an organized and strategic introduction to school.

Half of this year’s kinders come the first day of school, and half attend the second day. Thursday and Friday are reserved for parent-teacher meetings.

This provides an opportunity for students to work in smaller groups as they learn to navigate new routines, new expectations, new friends and their new school.

By meeting with parents and guardians, teachers can begin assessing each child’s academic and Kindergarten readiness skills.

Kindergarten Smart Start is a thoughtful and welcoming way for students to begin a successful school career in Bethel.

Welcome To The 2018-19 School Year

Student getting picture taken

Parents captured memories of the first day of Kindergarten in Bethel.

There’s nothing quite like the first day of school.

The mix of excitement, nervousness and anticipation is equally visible on the faces of students, parents and school staff.

The number of students being escorted by parents into their elementary classrooms is matched only by the number of pictures being taken.

There will be plenty of time for students and staff to get into their routines. The first No School Day isn’t until October 12, a statewide inservice day.

Excitement Builds As The New School Year Approaches

Clear Lake Elementary School sign

Royal Yoakum from Bethel’s Maintenance crew finishes Clear Lake’s new school sign just in time for the start of the school year.

New signs are going up, parking lots are being restriped, and final cleaning is taking place.

Teachers are getting their classrooms arranged after lots of training and preparation.

Excitement is in the air as the 2018-19 school year is about to start.

Bethel staff and facilities are ready to go. Work crews have spent all summer painting, cleaning, trimming and shining.

Bethel’s newest teachers have already been on the job two weeks getting ready for excited students.

The first day of school is Tuesday, September 4th. At Willamette High School 9th graders and new students start on Tuesday, with the rest of the school rolling in on Wednesday the 5th.

Bethel Teachers And District Approve New Contract

Bethel School District and the Eugene Education Association have agreed on a new three-year contract.

Bethel’s licensed staff ratified the contract Monday afternoon, and then the School Board passed a resolution approving the contract at its regular meeting Monday night.

The agreement comes after five months of negotiations and takes effect immediately.

It calls for a 1.75% salary increase for the current school year and a 2% increase in the district’s contribution to health insurance.

The district will be able to provide a full school year (no Budget Reduction Days) and maintain current class sizes.

All parties will meet at the bargaining table again next spring to determine wages and benefits for the remainder of the contract.

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