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Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

The Bethel School District fully supports the ADA and its requirement to make Websites ADA compliant. We are actively working to meet and maintain those requirements.

$37,000+ Handed Out In Bethel

Fairfield music teacher Stacie Wicks celebrates a $1,296 BEF grant with her students. The funds will provide iPads for a music composition center at Fairfield.

Surprised Bethel teachers have been awarded more than $37,000 by the Bethel Education Foundation.

The BEF works year-round to raise money to fund grants that enhance the educational experience for Bethel students.

Led by a small student band, BEF Board members marched into classrooms to present 38 grants. Every Bethel school received at least one grant.

There were cheers from students and tears from grateful educators.

The BEF has given away nearly $200,000 in grants over the last 8 years.

To support the BEF – and opportunities for Bethel students – click here and donate.

Back In The Spotlight

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson try to solve a puzzling and dangerous case in the Willamette High School production of Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery.

Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson are on the stage and back on the case in a Willamette Drama Department production of Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery.

Wil-Hi’s annual fall play runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00. General admission tickets are $5.00 at the door at Powers Auditorium.

Baskerville is described as a witty, fresh, and fast-paced mystery.

Colin TaylorMays (Sherlock) and Daniel Gerlach (Watson) play the leads, but the entire cast and crew of 34 students have been rehearsing for two months.

BEF Funds Grants Worth $37,000

Reactions like the one from Prairie Mountain teacher Jenifer Gerlach will be repeated throughout Bethel when $37,000 in BEF grants are handed out on November 16.

The winners haven’t been notified yet, but the Bethel Education Foundation will soon be awarding 38 grants worth $37,302.

More than half of the grant submissions will be funded, promising more opportunities to enhance the educational opportunities for students throughout Bethel School District.

BEF representatives will be traveling from school to school to surprise teachers with the grant awards on Thursday, November 16.

This will be the earliest the BEF has been able to award the funds, with the intent of allowing the grants to make a difference for students as soon as possible. The BEF has funded nearly $200,000 in grants since being established in 2009 by a group of active and caring Bethel parents.

Bethel Budget Committee Openings

The Bethel Budget Committee meets in the spring, but openings on the committee are being filled now.

The Bethel School Board is seeking community members interested in serving on the District’s Budget Committee.  There are two openings and each is a 3-year term.

The Budget Committee provides budget advice and direction, examines the District’s entire budget, and recommends a budget to the School Board. 

The School Board will select applicants to fill the positions. Applicants must be a registered voter and must live within the boundaries of the Bethel School District.

To learn more about the Budget Committee call 541-689-3280.  Applications are due by 4:00 p.m. on November 3.