Bethel School District

Eugene, Oregon USA

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance

The Bethel School District fully supports the ADA and its requirement to make Websites ADA compliant. We are actively working to meet and maintain those requirements.

Healthy And Safe Schools Plan

All Oregon school districts must annually provide a statement regarding the Healthy and Safe Schools Plan. The four areas covered by the plan are Radon, Lead in Drinking Water, Lead Paint, and Integrated Pest Management. To see Bethel School District’s plan, click here.

Taking The Path To Graduation

People talking around a table.

Willamette Assistant Principal Dan Hedberg meets one-on-one with students and parents at a recent On The Path to Graduation Night at Meadow View School.

Success in high school starts in kindergarten, but it gets very real in 8th grade.

That’s why Willamette High School staff are visiting Bethel 8th graders and their parents during On The Path to Graduation nights.

The hour-long presentations spell out for future Wolverines what is waiting for them at WHS, and how to be successful.

Willamette is already increasing access to its popular CTE (Career Technical Education) courses, providing more counseling and mental health supports, and is implementing AVID, Wolverine 101 and Sources of Strength to prepare students for success.

By connecting with 8th grade students and parents, Willamette is laying the groundwork so that high school will be meaningful, engaging, exciting and relevant to all students.

Return Of The Robots

Robots in competition.

42 teams gathered at Willamette High School for a VEX Robotics Tournament.

The whizzing and whirring of robots returned to Willamette High School, which hosted a giant robotics tournament.

42 teams showed up with their student-made robots.

The VEX Robotics Tournaments follow a strict format, with two robots on each team facing off on a 12 x 12 mat.

They score points on caps, flags, balls and platforms. Click here for a video explanation.

Willamette’s Robotics students work for months building their bots, sharing tips, and practicing as teams.

The goal is to promote innovation, build problem-solving skills, encourage teamwork, and take part in some fun competition.

All Clear At WHS

At the request of Eugene Police a Lockdown was called at Willamette High School Wednesday morning. It ended at 10:48.

Students at WHS remained in their classrooms while police searched the campus. There was a report of a person, possibly a student, who might have had a handgun on campus. Police searched throughout the school, interviewed several students, and did not find any evidence of a threat.

In an abundance of caution, Lockouts where in place at Cascade Middle School, Malabon Elementary and Fairfield Elementary. Just the exterior doors at those schools were locked and students were not allowed outside their buildings.

Eugene police plan to maintain a presence at Willamette for the remainder of the day.