Bethel School District

Eugene, Oregon USA

Reminder About Snow Days And Late Starts

School bus driving in the snow.

There are a variety of reliable sources to determine whether Bethel School District’s schedule has been changed due to weather.

The possibility of snow is in the forecast. There are multiple sources to determine whether Bethel School District is on a Late Start or is having a Snow Day.

First and foremost, check here on our District home page or the home page of any Bethel school. (Make sure it’s our Bethel School District, not the one in Washington state.)

If you see no news, it means all Bethel schools are on their regular schedules.

In addition, you can be the first to get news on weather-related school closures or delays by following Superintendent Chris Parra on Twitter at @Bethel_Supt and the District Twitter account at @Bethel_Schools.

Families are also encouraged to use the free FlashAlert system which provides notifications via email or a push notification with a free FlashAlert phone app. FlashAlert is the same system the school district uses to notify local media when there is a weather or emergency-related closure of a school.

Download the FlashAlert app or click here:

Student Success Act Input

Vertical Student Success Act LogoWe would like to hear from you.  Bethel School District is inviting you to share your thoughts and ideas about how to spend increased school funding to better support your child.

Bethel will be receiving increased school funding as promised through Oregon’s Student Success Act.  As part of the planning and budgeting process, we are seeking input from families’ perspectives. Your input is valuable.

The next meeting is January 14th, 6:00-7:45 in the Willamette High School cafeteria.

The District will provide free child care and translation services. Please RSVP for child care by contacting Renee at 541-689-3280 ext. 2003 or

We sincerely hope to see you there.

Generous Donation Ends Lunch Debts

The lunch debt of close to 550 Bethel students has been wiped clean as the result of a generous donation.

The families of close to 550 Bethel students will be receiving a big surprise. Their lunch debts – totaling $13,700 – have been paid for them.

New Hope Church in Eugene wanted to help the community and contacted Bethel’s Nutrition Services department.

When told that hundreds of Bethel students on the reduced-price meal program owed a significant amount of money for their meals, New Hope Church only wanted to know one thing: the total.

With no fanfare, they dropped off a $13,700 check to wipe out the debt.

This is the largest ever donation accepted by Nutrition Services on behalf of Bethel families.

BEF Surprises With $22,000 In Grants

In a scene repeated through the district, Danebo’s Angie Johnson reacts after being surprised with a grant from the Bethel Education Foundation’s Executive Director, Dawnja Johnson.

More than $22,000 has been handed out to Bethel educators, courtesy of the Bethel Education Foundation.

The BEF’s 10th annual grant award parade surprised 33 tearful, cheering and grateful teachers, including at least one at every Bethel school.

The BEF was formed by a group of active Bethel parents in 2009 and has since donated more than $230,000 in classroom grants to enhance students’ educational experience.

The 2019 grants covered a wide variety of requests such as graphic novels, weighted vests, gardening equipment, yearbook cameras, Ozobots, music programs, and cooking materials.

Click here for a look at some of the awards being presented.