Class Of 2011 Celebrates Graduation

Mortar boards go flying at the conclusion of Willamette's graduation ceremony.

The 62nd graduating class from Willamette High School couldn’t wait to celebrate. Beach balls bounced among the students during parts of the commencement ceremony at Wolverine Stadium.

275 seniors walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. Top scholars with a perfect 4.0 GPA and International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates were also honored.

A brief reception followed the graduation ceremony before seniors were transported to an unknown location for an all-night drug and alcohol-free party.

Proving The Principle

That sinking feeling. The cardboard boat carrying two Shasta students quickly sank in Echo Hollow Pool.

It is a tradition like none other in Bethel.

The 11th annual Cardboard Boat Races are a fun way for Shasta Middle School 8th graders to discover how the Archimedes Principle actually works.

Kids have learned that Archimedes theorized that “the buoyant force on a body placed in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.”

In other words, if you don’t build your cardboard boat big enough or sturdy enough, you will definitely sink while trying to paddle the length of Echo Hollow Pool.

Beyond the challenge of designing and building a boat out of cardboard and tape that can hold two teenagers, is the task of making it at least semi-watertight.

Finally, the delicate chore of boarding the boats seems to be the biggest obstacle for many students. If they’re able to sit down in their boats without capsizing, the kids have a good chance of staying dry.

But then, getting soaked is half the fun. Even Archimedes must have gotten dunked now and then.

Click here to see the Register-Guard photographer’s view of the event.

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Special Recognition For Donna Butera

Presented with her special award, Donna Butera is toasted by the Red Hat Ladies at the We Are Bethel Celebration.

She works behind the scenes, helping the most vulnerable families in Bethel.

Now Donna Butera has received public recognition for her efforts as Bethel’s Homeless Liaison, providing assistance to families who are without shelter or are in transition.

Donna was honored at the We Are Bethel Celebration with a Milk Toast, a traditional toast of milk. Each year at the Celebration, a special toast is made to a significant contributor to the Bethel community.

As the Homeless Liaison, Donna ensures that appropriate services are provided for children to continue their education despite their uncertain housing situations.

She has also developed a well-earned reputation for going to great lengths in assisting Bethel children with clothes, school supplies or medication, and directing families to appropriate and available social services.

Practice And Procedure Pay Off

As a precaution, firefighters check out the Malabon kitchen's rooftop ventilation.

A small fire on a griddle in the Malabon kitchen set off smoke alarms, sending students and staff to the exits.

The fire, caused by cooking oil that splashed onto a griddle, was quickly extinguished, well before firefighters arrived.

Malabon’s regular fire drill practice proved valuable, as 350 kids evacuated the school calmly and orderly. Firefighters also commended the kitchen staff for their quick action.

And while students didn’t get the Pasta Primavera that was on the lunch menu, they enjoyed sack lunches in the classroom while the cafeteria was completely aired out.


Bethel Spirit Awards

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