Committee Approves 2011-12 Budget

After two nights of meetings the Bethel Budget Committee has approved an operating budget for the coming school year.

With little room to fund anything but the very basics, the Bethel Budget Committee has approved a proposed a school district budget for the coming school year.

The $47 million budget will result in about 10 fewer classroom teachers, although those reductions will be covered through retirements, resignations and leaves of absence.

Significant concessions by all Bethel staff members will lessen the impact on class sizes; however, fewer teachers will result in more crowded classes this September.

The School Board will get the final say on the 2011-12 budget, with approval expected at its June 27 Board meeting.

Going Back In Time

Students pan for fool's gold during the Pioneer Living Experience.

The Danebo gym recently became a pioneer settlement, complete with gold panning, replica toys from the 1800’s, a pioneer kitchen, everything but the livestock.

The Pioneer Living Experience assembly was an opportunity for students to understand kids’ lives 150 years ago. For example, the hands-on stations brought kids face to face with the reality of cleaning clothes with a washboard and wringer. They learned how difficult it was to actually find gold in a stream, although students got to keep any fool’s gold they found. And playing with toys was just as fun then as it is today.

One thing the traveling historical museum did not include was the old rule of not speaking in class unless spoken to by the teacher.

Orchard Takes Root At Clear Lake

Students and volunteers plant 16 fruit trees to create the Clear Lake Orchard.

16 new fruit trees have been planted behind Clear Lake Elementary, with a long-term goal of providing fresh food for students.

The Clear Lake Orchard is part of the school garden project, which connects students with the environment and the local food system. Kids will continue learning about food sources, just as they have through the vegetable garden in Clear Lake’s courtyard.

4th grade students joined volunteers from the School Garden Project to plant the trees. A drip irrigation system will be installed to keep the apple, plum and pear trees going through the summer.

The School Garden Project, Clear Lake PTO, and private donations paid for the trees, which are still a few years away from producing fruit.

College Knowledge Night

Willamette Principal Peter Burrows welcomes hundreds of Bethel students and parents to College Knowledge Night.

Close to 300 Bethel students and parents began their college preparations at Willamette’s first annual College Knowledge Night.

More than 20 colleges and universities were on hand to present information about their schools and offer specific tips during breakout sessions.

College representatives staged sessions on negotiating the college application process, funding for college, how to choose a best-match college, how to make a successful college visit, and more.

For a wealth of valuable college prep information, including the latest available scholarships, check out the Willamette High School College and Career Center website.

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