Meadow View School

Meadow View School

Enrollment: 750
Grades: K through 8
Phone number: 541-607-9700
Fax number: 541-607-9702
Address: 1855 Legacy Drive, Eugene, OR 97402
School Hours: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Driving instructions: Beltline Road to Barger Drive. West on Barger 1.5 miles. Left onto Legacy.

Bethel School District To Test Drinking Water

Bethel School District has proactively chosen to test the water in our schools, including Meadow View, responding to concerns raised throughout the country about the possibility of lead in school drinking water.

The samples from all drinking water sources in all Bethel schools will be tested as soon as school is out for summer. This will allow an independent professional environmental service to access the water sources without interruption in order to ensure the most accurate testing.

The samples may take at least 10 business days to process but the results will be immediately shared with families and staff. While there are no federal or state requirements that schools test their water, the safety of the students in our care is our highest priority.

Willamette High School’s Grad Walk…..

Excitement, smiles and even some tears were seen by some of this years’ Willamette Seniors and Meadow View staff members!

Willamette’s graduating class of 2016 paraded through Meadow View with great enthusiasm! They wore their caps and gowns and celebrated academic excellence in Bethel. In addition to Meadow View, the Willamette seniors visited all Bethel elementary and middle schools. Our graduates are proud products of many caring teachers and staff from throughout their educational careers. The Bethel Grad Walk is designed to show a graduate’s appreciation to all of Bethel’s educators, celebrate/promote graduation from Willamette with younger students, and to foster the dream of college/career after graduating from Willamette.

grad walk2 grad walk pic1









Meadow View 5th graders were bubbling with excitement as they headed off on a three day experience to Outdoor School…

Meadow View and Danebo 5th grade students will enjoy lots of fun and educational activities, stay in cabins and keep warm by a campfire each night.  Thanks to our wonderful 5th grade team, Mrs. Trammell, Mrs. McKinnis and Mr. Simpson who partnered with Danebo’s 5th grade team. The teachers received a grant to fund the trip and planned for months to ensure students have a great experience. A special thank you to the many parents that will be chaperoning.  This opportunity wouldn’t be possible without your support.

5th pic1 5th pic2

Meadow View School News:

Project M.A.H.I.T.A – Murals Aiding Health Information To All

MHMahita means “to see” in the Malagasy language, spoken on the island nation of Madagascar.  Meadow View 3rd grade students are working on the creation of a mural with an important health message that will be shipped to Madagascar and displayed by Malagasy health education in a rural village.  This important mural will convey information visually that teaches an important message or skill.  This project not only benefits the children of Madagascar but Meadow View students gain a global perspective while making a meaningful connection and artistic contribution to a rural community in Madagascar.  Stay tuned for more about this important ongoing project!  Learn more by visiting:


Active Bethel Citizens

You too can become a part of the Active Bethel Citizens. We need your input! To find out what’s happening in our community please come to a potluck and ice cream social.

  • May 27th, 6:00-8:00 p.m., Peterson Barn (the corner of Berntzen and Royal)
  • Bring your favorite potluck main dish or salad and ice cream topping. The ice cream will be provided.

Ciudadanos Activos de Bethel

Usted también puede formar parte de la Ciudadanos Activos de Bethel. Necesitamos de entrada! Para saber lo que sucede en esta comunidad por favor venga a una cena compartida y social del helado.

  • 27 de mayo de 6: 00-8: 00 p.m. Peterson Barn (la esquina de Berntzen y Royal)
  • Traer su comida favorita o ensalada. Se proporciona el helado.


School Immunizations and Exemptions

Under a new Oregon law we are required to share school immunizations rates with you.  Click here for our school’s immunization statistics. We are also required to share the Lane County immunization rates. Click here for the County information.


The Corson & Johnson Law Firm, P.C. Donates Helmets to Meadow View Students

THE CORSON & JOHNSON LAW FIRM, P.C. in partnership with Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life generously donated dozens of helmets to Meadow View students.  We had a lot of grateful and appreciative kids proudly wearing a new helmet.  They even took time to fit each helmet personally to the student. Thanks for keeping Meadow View kids safe. Take a look at all these happy faces. These kids are ready to ride!

helmet pic7helmet pic5helmet pichelmet pic8



Begins:  Monday, May 2nd

Ends:  Friday, May 6th

walk bikeOur goal is to encourage as many students as possible to increase their physical activity in May by using active transportation modes like walking, biking, scooting, skating, etc.  This week, students will receive a prize each day that they Walk + Bike to school.  Students  who Walk + Bike to school on Friday, May 6th will have a chance to win a raffle drawing.  Learn more about the Walk + Bike Challenge at

We are off to a great start!  Meadow View had over 300 kids participate on Monday, 200 kids on Tuesday and 150 kids today…..keep moving, only two days left!





Meadow View News Items:

Sweet Clara  

Highlights from Author Deborah Hopkinson’s Visit:        

Recently, Meadow View’s 4th– 6th grade classes participated in a workshop led by Deborah Hopkins an award-winning author of more than 40 books. Her books include, Titanic, Voices from the Disaster, Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt and Apples to Oregon. Meadow View students enjoyed her stories, photographs and enthusiasm for historical fiction and nonfiction.  A big thank you to Marilyn for coordinating this fabulous literacy opportunity for students!



8th Graders visit the State Capital:

The 8th grade class had a tour of Oregon’s capital building in Salem and even went to the very top and enjoyed the incredible views of the Willamette Valley.  They visited the State House of Representatives and Mrs. Peck had the privilege of sitting in the governor’s chair.  This field trip even included a walk through the Willamette University campus, a tour of thcapital buildinge historic Thomas Kay Woolen Mill at the Willamette Heritage Center and learned about the history of the industrial revolution here in Oregon, about the workings of water turbines and the production of wool cloth.       state capital pic

Thank you to our amazing 8th grade staff Mrs. Peck, Mr. Wright & Mr. Stephens for organizing this field trip.



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