Meadow View School

Meadow View School

Enrollment: 750
Grades: K through 8
Phone number: 541-607-9700
Fax number: 541-607-9702
Address: 1855 Legacy Drive, Eugene, OR 97402
School Hours: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Driving instructions: Beltline Road to Barger Drive. West on Barger 1.5 miles. Left onto Legacy.

Dream Big For Our Schools. Make Your Voice Heard

oregon-risingWhat do we want Oregon schools to be for our children and grandchildren? Share your thoughts with Superintendent Colt Gill at one of the local Oregon Rising community meetings.

All the information gathered will be presented to state legislators to tell the story of what we want our state’s education system to look like.

Oregon Rising is a statewide public outreach effort hosted by Oregon educators, teachers, leaders, superintendents, and school boards. Join Colt Gill for one of these Oregon Rising presentations:

  • April 27, 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m., Sheldon High School (with Eugene 4j and Springfield Superintendents)
  • May 3, 7:00-8:00 p.m., Willamette High School
  • May 4, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Willamette High School

Those who cannot take part in the community conversations are encouraged to respond online at



The items in lost and found boxes at Meadow View are overflowing! Most items have been placed along the hallway leading to the elementary wing, some items are still in lost and found boxes located in elementary wing across from satellite kitchen & by the south gym.  Items that are not picked up by Tuesday  May 3rd will be donated to Bethel clothes closet.      blue-yellow-zig-zag-sweater-thumb

EWEB Kidwind Challenge and Track Season

Meadow View Track

Track is back for students in grades 4-8 at Meadow View School. This district wide program is sponsored by the City ofMV Track Eugene Recreation, Bethel School PTOs and the Bethel School District.

Registration forms are available in English and Spanish.  You may turn your completed registration form to the office.

Coaches for athletes in grades 4th-5th are Leslee Simmons and Kyle Stephens.

Eric Wright will be coaching students in grades 6th-8th.

Click here for practice schedules:  4-5 Track Schedule and 6-8 Track Schedule

For program information, please contact Doug Tucker at

For registration fees and questions, please contact Peterson Barn at 541-682-5521


EWEB Kidwind Challenge

The 3rd annual  Bethel Kidwind Challenge sponsored by EWEB  was held here at Meadow View  today, April 8th, from 10-2 p.m.

Students from Meadow View, Willamette, Kalapuya, Shasta, Prairie Mountaiwind turbinen, Cascade, and Gateways High School in Springfield competed with a wind turbine they made in class.  Students learned about renewable energy, blade design, blade variables and gear ratios among other things. Teams tested their turbine in a wind tunnel and were interviewed by U of O students regarding their knowledge of the subject area. Scores were computed and the winners were awarded prizes. This event was made possible by EWEB grant funds, dedicated teachers and many volunteers!  Folks who came to observe were blown away!




3rd Grade Egg Drop Experiment

Over spring break, 3rd grade students had the option to create a container that would protect an egg from breaking when dropped from the top of a tall ladder. Students were SUPER creative! Containers ranged from jars of peanut butter, to cans of hay and cotton, to buckets of jello! Last week, all third grade students gathered together outside to test each container as the containers were dropped from the top of a ladder. Our experiments were extremely successful with only a couple of the eggs breaking!

3rd grade teachers discussed with students how this is an important feature of eggs, since eggs usually hold some form of life inside of them that may be sat on for many months by a mother or buried in some sort of nest. To protect the life inside of them, they need to be tough! To take this one step further, students also stood on two dozen eggs to see if they would break under their body weight. Most of the eggs survived when the weight was dispersed evenly over the eggs, to students’ amazement!!!  Other experiments included a jar of vinegar, what happens when an egg is placed one in a cup of water and one in a cup of salt water with lots of surprising results.

Fun was had by all during this exciting science experiment.Egg drop1 Egg drop2



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