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A Message from the Principal

There is some important news to share. The District Attorney has released the final report of the investigation into the recent incident at Cascade, and video from the police officers’ cameras is also being released.

It is important to realize that the video could be very disturbing.

We are telling you now in order for you to be able to support your children who may access the video online or from older siblings or friends. It is our interest to help your children avoid any unnecessary emotional trauma that could be caused by viewing the video.

Please check with me if you believe your child needs extra counseling support at school. Here is information you might find helpful when talking to your child.

Finally, all respect goes to the staff and students at Cascade Middle School. Their resilience has been inspiring and extraordinary.


Malabon News

Public Safety Forum Postponed

Due to some scheduling conflicts, the Public Safety Forum that was initially scheduled to take place on Feb. 5th is being postponed and rescheduled to a new date in the spring. We will be notifying everyone once a new date has been set and hope that everyone can still join. If anyone has any questions, please contact Tina Gutierez-Schmich


Foro de seguridad pública pospuesto

Debido a algunos conflictos de programación, el Foro de Seguridad Pública que inicialmente estaba programado para el 5 de febrero se aplaza y se vuelve a programar para una nueva fecha en la primavera. Estaremos notificando a todos una vez que se haya establecido una nueva fecha y esperamos que todos puedan unirse. Si alguien tiene alguna pregunta, por favor contacte a Tina Gutierez-Schmich


Rental Housing Code Information

If you are renting a home or apartment that has habitability issues, we want you to know that free help is available. The City of Eugene has reached out to us to make us aware of its Rental Housing Code program, which is a resource that helps renters and their property owners resolve issues related to broken locks, leaky plumbing, lack of heat, appliances in need of repair, mold, rats and more. If you or someone you know is struggling with any habitability issues please visit or call 541-682-8282. And click here for more information (PDF).

Información del código de la vivienda de alquiler

Si está alquilando una casa o apartamento que tiene problemas de habitabilidad, queremos que sepa que hay ayuda gratuita disponible. La Ciudad de Eugene se ha acercado a nosotros para informarnos sobre su programa de Código de Vivienda de Alquiler, que es un recurso que ayuda a los inquilinos y sus propietarios a resolver los problemas relacionados con las cerraduras rotas, las tuberías que gotean, la falta de calefacción, los electrodomésticos que necesitan reparación, moho, ratas y más. Si usted o alguien que conoce tiene problemas de habitabilidad, visite o llame al 541-682-8282. Y haga clic aquí para más información (PDF).

Lockdown Lifted at Malabon

The lockdown has been lifted at Malabon. At the request of Eugene Police we kept all students in their classrooms until a search of the Willamette High School campus could be completed. There was a report of a potential threat on or near the Willamette campus and in an abundance of caution we were asked to lock our exterior doors. Police could not find any threat at Willamette.

Our thanks to Malabon students for again responding quickly and following directions.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Malabon in Lockout

At the request of Eugene Police we are currently in Lockout. There was a report of a potential threat on or near the Willamette campus and in an abundance of caution we were asked to lock our outside doors. Police have responded and are searching the WHS campus. All students at Willamette are being kept in their classrooms. We will provide more information as we get it.

Today’s Lockdown

Hi Malabon parents,

As you may already know there was a police officer-involved shooting outside of Cascade Middle School this morning. We are all relieved that there were no students or staff involved and all of them are safe.

By all accounts, the staff and students at Cascade responded quickly and correctly to the Lock down.  Malabon went into lock down as well and staff and students did a fantastic job following our safety procedures. This is why we practice our ALICE safety procedures on Lock downs, Lockouts, and communication.

Although this tragic incident occurred at our neighbor Bethel school, some children at Malabon may be emotionally impacted by this news… including our families who have students at both Malabon and Cascade. Please let us know if you believe they may need counseling support at school on Monday.

Children can be reassured that serious incidents like this at schools are very rare. We emphasize safety and regularly remind children that they must follow a teacher’s directions in an emergency situation.

We send all our thoughts to the students and staff at Cascade, who had a difficult day. And we reaffirm our conviction to keep our school as safe as it can be.

As always, contact me with any questions or concerns.

Maureen Spence

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