Malabon Elementary

Bethel School District Eugene OR

Bethel Schools On 2-Hour Delay Thursday

All Bethel schools are on a 2-hour delay Thursday, February 22nd.

Buses will pick up students 2 hours later than the normal time.

A cold breakfast will be available and lunch will be served at all schools today.

Dismissal for all schools will be at their regular times.

Caution is urged on the morning commute. Parents are encouraged to use their best judgement about their child’s school attendance.

Todas las escuelas de Bethel tienen un retraso de 2 horas el jueves, 22 de febrero.

Los autobuses recogerán a los estudiantes por la maňana dos horas más tarde de lo normal.

Un desayuno frío estará disponible, también se servirá un almuerzo caliente durante el día.

Los despidos escolares estarán en sus horarios regulares.

School Safety Protocols at Malabon

In the wake of the school shooting tragedy in Florida, here is an update on safety preparations at Malabon. Back in 2014 Bethel was the first district in the area – and perhaps the first in Oregon – to have all staff trained in the ALICE procedures (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and Evacuate.) The updated protocols in ALICE are recommended by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, and more. This strategy empowers staff and students with more options during a life-threatening emergency, the kind we all hope never happens.

Prior to adopting the ALICE protocol our lockdown procedures involved our staff locking classroom and office doors, moving all students to a part of the room where they could not be seen (as much as possible), where they quietly remained until an announcement was given that indicated the event had passed. The philosophy of ALICE is to use communication so that staff and students can make informed decisions in a crisis, including removing as many people as possible from the danger zone if necessary. And it encourages active responses like barricading doors to enhance safety in a major emergency.

Our district initially implemented ALICE training for all staff including practice lockdown drills (with staff only) to tighten our procedures before introducing it to students. The last two years we included students in the training, introducing them to the protocol with different discussions and videos appropriate for students at the elementary and secondary levels.

Here’s a link to our Safety Training videos for the middle and high school levels. And here are our Safety Training videos for the elementary level.

Each time we train we learn what further improvements need to be made. We have also learned that increased communication during a lockdown is a positive change. Many teachers and parents report that this simple change in procedure greatly reduced the level of anxiety for both students and parents.

Malabon has plans for another training with students and staff in March.  Following each drill our staff solicits questions from students to further understand what changes we must make to continue improving safety for all students. We also intend to continue sharing our plans with you as we work together to ensure a safe school environment.

Finally, we encourage students that if they see something, say something. Most of the school shooters have told someone or hinted at their intentions before the shooting started. We believe the time taken for these trainings is well worth it. The safety of your children remains our top priority.

As always, contact me if you have any questions.
Maureen Spence

Board Meeting To Hear Public Comment

The Bethel School District Board has scheduled a special meeting for Thursday, February 15th, 7:00 p.m. in the Shasta Middle School Cafeteria.

The only agenda item is to hear public comment. Under Board policy, the public comment period is limited to three minutes per person. All those at the meeting who sign a card requesting to speak will be heard. The School Board will make no decisions at Thursday’s meeting, but will give residents an opportunity to share their thoughts.

As background, some Bethel residents are concerned the district is removing holiday celebrations from schools. While public schools are not required to hold parties or celebrations around holidays, the district believes that providing students opportunities to celebrate and have fun with their classmates and teachers is vital. And, as a public school system, we must ensure that our celebrations, activities and events during the school day allow all students to participate. We cannot intentionally plan events that we know will exclude children.

Some people are unaware that historically many of the celebrations or parties that have been held at school result in some children not coming to school or not being able to take part for a variety of reasons. Our schools are trying to think creatively about how we celebrate with children, and have fun and meaningful activities at school in ways everyone gets to be involved.

For clarification, while we are not asking families to provide Valentine’s cards, students who wish to bring cards are allowed to do so and time will be provided for children to distribute them. As always, we encourage those with concerns to reach out to their school principal.

Malabon News


Latino Family Night

Latino Families are invited to a special presentation:

Home-and-School Communication and School District Resources; Collaborating for Student Success

  • Learn the best ways to advocate for your children
  • Know who to call, and when
  • Get your questions answered
  • Learn about the Bethel Health Center, family supports, nutrition services, connections to community resources, and more

When: Monday, January 29, 6:00 to 7:30 PM

Where: The Bethel Family Resource Center, 3455 Royal, just west of Fairfield Elementary in the Fairfield Annex

Who: All Latino families in Bethel School District

How: All Family Resource Center programs are free. Snacks and children’s activities are provided.

Call us at 541-607-1449 for more information.


Noche familiar latina

Las familias latinas están invitadas a una presentación especial:

Comunicación entre el hogar y la escuela y los recursos del distrito escolar; Colaborando para el éxito estudiantil

  • Aprenda las mejores formas de abogar por sus hijos
  • Saber a quién llamar y cuándo
  • Obtenga respuestas a sus preguntas
  • Aprender sobre Bethel Health Center, apoyo familiar, servicios de nutrición, conexiones a recursos comunitarios y más

Cuándo: Lunes, 29 de enero, de 6:00 a 7:30 p.m.

Dónde: El Centro de recursos para la familia Bethel, 3455 Royal, justo al oeste de Fairfield Elementary en el anexo Fairfield

Quién: Todas las familias latinas en el Distrito Escolar de Bethel

Cómo: Todos los programas del Centro de Recursos Familiares son gratuitos. Se ofrecen aperitivos y actividades para niños.

Llámenos al 541-607-1449 para más información.


Scholarship & Financial Aid Workshop

The Eugene/Springfield NAACP will be hosting a FREE Scholarship & Financial Aid Workshop facilitated by Amy Keir, the State Grants Administrator at the Oregon Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) on Saturday, January 27th from 11am-12pm. While the presentation is tailored to high school students, all are welcome to attend, including parents and/or guardians. The workshop will be held at NAACP’s Back To School/Stay In School program at the Downtown LCC building in Room 209. Computers and snacks will be provided.

Limited seating, so sign up here.


Taller Académico Sobre Becas Estudiantiles

La Asociación Nacional de Progresso de las Personas de Color de Eugene/Springfield han organizado un GRATISTaller Académico Sobre Becas Estudiantiles. Amy Keir, administradora de Becas del Estado de la Oficina de Oregon para Estudiantes (OSAC) estar presentado este taller en enero 27 de 11am-12pm. Aunque la presentación es dirigida hacia estudiantes de preparatoria que están en los grados 9-12, todos son bienvenidos, incluyendo los padres de familia! El taller de becas presentado por NAACP (La Asociación Nacional de Progreso de las Personas de Color de Eugene/Springfield) cual titulo es Regreso A la Escuela/Quedate en la Escuela, será en la campus Downtown de LCC en el Salon 209. Computadoras y habrá comida durante el taller. Traductor de español deCentro Latino Americano proporcionado.

Asientos limitados – Registrate aquí. Por favor comparte esto ampliamente con estudiantes y padres. Volantes en español e inglés se adjuntan para su distribución.

Malabon News

Malabon’s Empathy Campaign

Malabon’s PBIS team is kicking off our school’s second annual Empathy Campaign to promote a positive school climate. Family and community involvement will help to make this effort a success! We encourage all families to have a family discussion about empathy at home. Here’s a great definition: Empathy is when you’re able to understand and care about how someone else is feeling. Please have your child brainstorm some things they could do at school to show kindness and caring. Point out the fact that making others feel good will in turn increase one’s own happiness. If possible, model this for your child by describing a time you did something nice for someone and how it made you feel happier.

We are currently looking for volunteers to help students make signs for our halls. This will take place between 7:45 and 8:10 on January 10th-January 19th. If you are interested in volunteering, please email Windy Leona at Be sure to have a district volunteer form on file.

For more information, check out the following video:

Another great resource for parents is the book, “UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World,” by Dr. Michele Borba


Campaña de Empatía de Malabon

El equipo PBIS de Malabon está iniciando la segunda campaña anual de Empatía en nuestra escuela para promover un clima positivo. ¡La participación de la familia y la comunidad ayudará a que este esfuerzo sea un éxito! Les pedimos a todas las familias que tengan una discusión familiar sobre la empatía en el hogar. Aquí hay una gran definición: Empatía es cuando puedes comprender y preocuparte por cómo se siente alguien más. Haga que su hijo piense en algunas cosas que podrían hacer en la escuela para mostrar amabilidad y afecto. Hágales saber que se sentirán bien y aumentará la felicidad propia. Si es posible, modele esto para su hijo describiendo una vez que usted hizo algo bueno para alguien y cómo le hizo sentir más feliz.

Estamos buscando voluntarios para ayudar a los estudiantes a hacer carteles para nuestros pasillos. Esto tendrá lugar entre las 7:45 y 8:10 del 10 de enero al 19 de enero. Si está interesado en ser voluntario, envíe un correo electrónico a Windy Leona a Asegúrese de tener un formulario de voluntario del distrito archivado.

Para obtener más información, consulte el siguiente video:

Otro gran recurso para los padres es el libro “UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Success in Our Our-About-Me World”, del Dr. Michele Borba.


School Choice In March

Although we are still many weeks away, it’s important you know that Bethel’s Open Enrollment process will take place during the month of March. Through Open Enrollment, you may request that your child attend the Bethel school of your choice. Being placed in your preferred school will depend on the space available.

Each Bethel school and the District Office will have forms that are very simple to complete. They will also be available online. Watch for more information as we get closer to the March Open Enrollment period.

Elección de escuela en marzo

Aunque todavía faltan muchas semanas para el final, es importante que sepa que el proceso de inscripción abierta de Bethel tendrá lugar durante el mes de marzo. A través de la Inscripción abierta, puede solicitar que su hijo asista a la escuela Bethel de su elección. Ser colocado en su escuela preferida dependerá del espacio disponible.

Cada escuela de Bethel y la Oficina del Distrito tendrán formularios que son muy simples de completar. También estarán disponibles en línea. Esté atento a más información a medida que nos acercamos al período de inscripción abierta de marzo.



Immunizations Required By February 21

Under Oregon law, all Bethel students must have updated immunizations by February 21.

The Bethel Health Center can provide the needed immunizations, but appointments are required.

Call the Health center at 541-607-1430. All Bethel students can be vaccinated, and payment is based on income level and each student’s insurance status.


Vacunas requeridas para el 21 de febrero

Bjo la ley de Oregon, todos los estudiantes de Bethel deben tener vacunas actualizadas para el 21 de febrero.

El centro de salud Bethel puede proveer las vacunas necesarias, pero se requieren citas.

llame al centro de salud al 541-607-1430. Todos los estudiantes de Bethel pueden ser vacunados, y el pago se basa en el nivel de ingresos y en el estado del seguro de cada estudiante.


Teen Health Study

Oregon Research Institute is recruiting participants for a research study about adolescent development and eating behaviors. This is for girls ages 14-16 and one parent. Parents can receive $15 for answering some questions and eligible teens can receive up to $325 for participating in six visits over the span of three years. The visits will consist of interviews, surveys, computer tasks, and a brain scan. Participating in a study is a fun way to learn about research and how it contributes to advances in science. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the Teen Health Study at (541)-484-2123 or Or click here for more information.


Estudio de salud adolescente

El Oregon Research Institute está reclutando participantes para un estudio de investigación sobre el desarrollo del adolescente y las conductas alimentarias. Esto es para niñas de 14-16 años y un padre. Los padres pueden recibir $ 15 por responder algunas preguntas y los adolescentes elegibles pueden recibir hasta $ 325 por participar en seis visitas en el lapso de tres años. Las visitas consistirán en entrevistas, encuestas, tareas de computadora y un escáner cerebral. Participar en un estudio es una forma divertida de aprender sobre la investigación y cómo contribuye a los avances en la ciencia. Si está interesado en obtener más información, comuníquese con el Teen Health Study al (541) -484-2123 o a

haga clic aquí para obtener más información.


Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to donate your time to our Farm to School program?  Consider volunteering with either the School Garden Project of Lane County or the Bethel Nutrition Services Farm to School Program. The School Garden Project is recruiting volunteers to participate in science-based gardening classes for students. Volunteers must attend a training and be available for 1.5 hours every week or every other week.  No prior gardening or teaching experience is needed.  If you are interested in learning more please contact the School Garden Project Volunteer Coordinator by email at: or by calling 541-284-1001.

If you have an interest in nutrition or culinary arts, Bethel Nutrition Services is recruiting volunteers to offer taste tests of Food Hero recipes and produce grown at the Bethel Farm in our school cafeteria through the “Try it Thursday” program.  Volunteers must attend a training and be available for 2 hours on one Thursday every month.  If you are interested in learning more please email or call 541-461-6301.


Oportunidades para voluntarios

¿Está buscando una oportunidad para donar su tiempo a nuestro programa de Farm to School? Considere ofrecerse como voluntario ya sea con el Proyecto del Jardín Escolar del Condado de Lane o con el Programa de la Granja a la Escuela de Bethel Nutrition Services. El proyecto School Garden está reclutando voluntarios para participar en clases de jardinería basadas en la ciencia para los estudiantes. Los voluntarios deben asistir a un entrenamiento y estar disponibles durante 1.5 horas cada semana o cada dos semanas. No se necesita experiencia previa en jardinería o enseñanza. Si está interesado en obtener más información, comuníquese con el Coordinador de Voluntarios del Proyecto School Garden por correo electrónico a: o llamando al 541-284-1001.

Si usted está interesado en la nutrición o las artes culinarias, Bethel Nutrition Services está reclutando voluntarios para ofrecer pruebas de sabor de las recetas de Food Hero y productos cultivados en Bethel Farm en la cafetería de nuestra escuela a través del programa “Try it Thursday”. Los voluntarios deben asistir a un entrenamiento y estar disponibles durante 2 horas un jueves cada mes. Si está interesado en obtener más información, envíe un correo electrónico a o llame al 541-461-6301.


Avoid Colds and Flu

Letter for parents and guardians regarding recent absences

Bethel School District has become aware that some students are absent because of a respiratory illness. From the information we have at this point, it appears that the illness might be caused by influenza or “flu”.

What is flu? Flu is a contagious respiratory illness that is caused by a virus. It is thought to be spread by droplets made when people cough, sneeze or talk. It is also possible to transmit flu by touching a surface or object that has the flu virus on it, and then touching their own mouth, nose or eyes. The average incubation period for flu is 2 days but can range between 1-4 days. Those with flu can infect others beginning 1 day before symptoms develop to 5 to 7 days after becoming sick.

Symptoms: Fever (100 ºF or higher), cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, feeling very tired, vomiting or diarrhea. Not everyone that has flu has all of these symptoms.

How serious is it? The severity of flu is unpredictable and can vary from person to person. Certain people are at a higher risk of complication from flu. These include the elderly, young children, pregnant women and people with certain health conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease). Complication of flu can include bacterial pneumonia, ear infection, dehydration, and worsening of chronic medical conditions. Immunocompromised or high-risk individuals (e.g., people with cancer, pregnant women, the elderly) should seek medical care promptly if they develop flu-like symptoms.

If you think your child has the flu, the following will help you and help prevent others from getting sick:

  • Stay at home for 24 hours until after fever has resolved without the aid of fever reducing medicines (e.g., Advil or Tylenol)
  • Avoid close contact with people who are
  • Stay home when sick. Maintain distance from other people to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Wash hands often with soap and hot water for at least 20 secon Alcohol- based hand sanitizers are also helpful in reducing the spread of the flu.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or by coughing into the inside of the elbow. Wash hands after blowing the nose or coughing into a tissue, and dispose of tissues after use.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent the spread of germs

The Bethel Health Center is a full service medical clinic located at 1525 Echo Hollow Rd Suite A (Cascade Middle School)

Open Mon-Thurs during the school year.
Call for appointment 541-607-1430

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, please contact Lane County Health and Human Services at 541-682-4041.


Carta para padres y tutores sobre las ausencias recientes

El Distrito Escolar Bethel se ha dado cuenta de que algunos estudiantes están ausentes debido a una enfermedad respiratoria. De la información que tenemos en este punto, parece que la enfermedad podría ser causada por la influenza o “gripe”.

¿Qué es la gripe? La gripe es una enfermedad respiratoria contagiosa que es causada por un virus. Se cree que se propaga por las gotitas provenientes cuando la gente tose, estornuda o habla. También es posible transmitir la gripe tocando una superficie u objeto que tiene el virus de la gripe en ella, y luego tocar su propia boca, nariz u ojos. El período de incubación promedio para la gripe es de 2 días, pero puede variar entre 1-4 días. Aquellos con gripe pueden infectar a otros comenzando un día antes de que los síntomas se desarrollen y de 5 a 7 días después de enfermarse.

Síntomas: Fiebre (100 ºF o superior), tos, dolor de garganta, secreción o congestión nasal, dolor de cuerpo, sensación de cansancio, vómito o diarrea. No todos los que tienen gripe tienen todos estos síntomas.

¿Qué tan grave es? La gravedad de la gripe es impredecible y puede variar de persona a persona. Ciertas personas tienen un mayor riesgo de complicaciones por la gripe. Estos incluyen los ancianos, los niños pequeños, las mujeres embarazadas y las personas con ciertas condiciones de salud (como asma, diabetes o enfermedad cardíaca). La complicación de la gripe puede incluir neumonía bacteriana, infección del oído, deshidratación y empeoramiento de condiciones médicas crónicas. Las personas inmunocomprometidas o de alto riesgo (por ejemplo, las personas con cáncer, las mujeres embarazadas, los ancianos) deben buscar atención médica con prontitud si desarrollan síntomas similares a los de la gripe.

Si cree que su hijo tiene la gripe, lo siguiente le ayudará y ayudará a prevenir que otros se enfermen:

• Permanezca en casa durante 24 horas hasta que se haya resuelto la fiebre sin la ayuda de medicamentos para reducir la fiebre (por ejemplo, Advil o Tylenol)
• Evitar el contacto cercano con personas que están enfermas.
• Quédese en casa cuando esté enfermo. Mantenga la distancia de otras personas para prevenir la propagación de la enfermedad.
• Lávese las manos a menudo con jabón y agua caliente durante al menos 20 segundos. Los desinfectantes para manos a base de alcohol también son útiles para reducir la propagación de la gripe.
• Cubra tos y estornudos con pañuelos desechables o tosiendo en el interior del codo. Lavarse las manos después de sonarse la nariz o toser en un pañuelo desechable  y
desechar el pañuelo después del uso.
• Evite tocar los ojos, la nariz y la boca para evitar la propagación de gérmenes.

El Centro de Salud Bethel es una clínica completa como la clínica de un doctor, pero con la diferencia que está en una escuela. Para más información o para hacer citas llamar  al 541-607-1430.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, preocupación o necesita asistencia, comuníquese con el Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos del Condado de Lane al 541-682-4041