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Community Conference for Parents, Students, Educators

Our African American and Black students are experiencing an achievement gap in every indicator of academic success. Now is a time to strategize solutions to address the issues facing our children today. All community members are encouraged to attend a conference at LCC to engage and build community between students, parents and educators. Click here for more information (PDF)about the free April 27th conference.


Improvements Coming To Bethel

Bethel will see some changes to improve safety for pedestrians, bikers and drivers. This summer the City is planning a paving project on Barger Drive from Primrose (just west of Beltline) to Altamont (just east of Beltline.) The City is also adding a crosswalk at Avalon and Haviture Way, as well as speed calming measures on Avalon.

At a later date, Safe Routes to School will be funding a crosswalk on North Terry Street near Kalapuya High School; school speed zone flashers and speed readers on Barger in front of Meadow View School; a crosswalk and curb extensions at Marshall Ave and Taney St., along with traffic calming devices on Marshall; and a new crosswalk, pedestrian island, and pedestrian flashers on Barger at Altamont.

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