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Today’s Lockdown

Hi Malabon parents,

As you may already know there was a police officer-involved shooting outside of Cascade Middle School this morning. We are all relieved that there were no students or staff involved and all of them are safe.

By all accounts, the staff and students at Cascade responded quickly and correctly to the Lock down.  Malabon went into lock down as well and staff and students did a fantastic job following our safety procedures. This is why we practice our ALICE safety procedures on Lock downs, Lockouts, and communication.

Although this tragic incident occurred at our neighbor Bethel school, some children at Malabon may be emotionally impacted by this news… including our families who have students at both Malabon and Cascade. Please let us know if you believe they may need counseling support at school on Monday.

Children can be reassured that serious incidents like this at schools are very rare. We emphasize safety and regularly remind children that they must follow a teacher’s directions in an emergency situation.

We send all our thoughts to the students and staff at Cascade, who had a difficult day. And we reaffirm our conviction to keep our school as safe as it can be.

As always, contact me with any questions or concerns.

Maureen Spence

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