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Safety FirstMalabon Safety Week October 15-19

This Monday, we will begin our annual safety week at Malabon. This is a topic that we focus on every day at Malabon in our discussions with students. When we ensure student safety and when students feel safe they will learn and grow academically. Part of being safe is practicing routines so that students and staff know exactly what to do in particular situations.  This involves fire drills, lock-down drills, and earthquake drills.  If you are in the building when one of these drills takes place, please plan to participate in the drill with students and staff.

When practicing fire drills, students are led by teachers to a designated space away from the building.  We account for all students through radio communication to specific staff members prior to ending the drill.  Students and staff are asked to walk quietly to and from their designated space, in case everyone needs to hear specific directions given to them.

An earthquake drill, practiced twice each year, has two parts to it.  The first part involves students practicing the “duck and cover” method in their classroom, meaning that they duck under their desks and cover their heads.  Once the “duck and cover” event has taken place, students and staff will exit the building as we do in a fire drill.

We practice “lock-down” drills in case a situation arises in which we are notified that student safety may be compromised (i.e, an unsafe visitor on campus or police notification regarding unsafe behavior in the neighborhood surrounding the school).  Staff will receive a command over the intercom system (“Staff, please secure your rooms, this is a lock down”).  Upon hearing this command, staff will lock all interior and exterior doors, close all blinds in the rooms, turn off lights and wait for further communication.  Students not in their classroom at the time of the command will be escorted by staff to the nearest enclosed classroom.  All exterior doors are locked at Malabon all day except for one of our front doors. In the case of a lockdown, a button is pushed in our front office to lock this door.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at  or 541-461-6421.


Halloween Alternative

Every year Camp Harlow offers a free alternative to Trick or Treating on Halloween. Click here for more information.


American Indian-Alaska Native Education

The Oregon Department of Education is convening a community conversation in Lane County on the updated American Indian/Alaska Native Plan.

The State developed the Plan with members of Oregon’s tribal education community. Elders, parents, students, educators, local school districts, and the larger community are now invited to engage in a conversation about improving American Indian/Alaska Native education in Lane County and the surrounding region.  State education leaders are eager to listen to community members and understand how to best partner with local leadership and the community to support tribal students.  

October 19, 4:00-7:00, Springfield High School. Dinner will be provided, so RSVP to Angela Bluhm  or call 503-378-2761.


Raising Respectful Kids in a Diverse World

Community Alliance of Lane County, hosted by XCAPE Dance Academy is presenting an interactive workshop for parents and teachers in the dance and movement communities. Click here for details.

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