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Message From Superintendent on Teacher Walkout

I want to bring your attention to action planned by the Eugene Education Association that will impact our schools in Bethel on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. You may have already heard about this in the media.

This is what we know. In an effort to rally support for increased funding for K-12 education, Eugene Education Association leadership in Bethel has indicated that the majority of licensed school staff have pledged to a “walkout” and therefore will not show up for work on Wednesday, May 8th. They will instead be attending rallies in Eugene and at the state capitol. It will not be possible to find enough substitute teachers to cover all classrooms and safely operate schools, so we will have no choice but to close all Bethel schools for the day. The district will approach this event like a snow day, with only essential staff reporting to work, such as building front office staff, administrators, custodians and maintenance staff.

The district fully understands the intent of the actions planned for May 8th, but we also have the important daily responsibility of educating, guiding, feeding, and transporting 5,400 students. The walkout will create a hardship for families and the district cannot sponsor or support this action. We also know our educators are caring individuals who are completely dedicated to their students, and they want increased funding to better support all students. Eugene Education Association has been transparent in their intentions for May 8th, giving time for parents/guardians to make arrangements for their child’s care on this day.


  • The District will work with preschool programs and school-based child care providers who will communicate directly with families regarding operating on this day
  • IB testing at WHS will take place as scheduled
  • After school youth sports schedules will not be interrupted
  • Principal Maureen Spence will send out information regarding other events and programs specific to Malabon that are scheduled for May 8th

This missed school day will not be made up at the end of the school year in June. The make-up snow days from February have extended the school year beyond what is normally scheduled and many families have already changed summer plans due to those added days. All Bethel schools will still surpass their required instructional hours.

Many of you may want to know more about the walkout. We cannot speak for the Association, but below are some news articles and web links related to May 8th.
Chris Parra
Bethel Superintendent

Mensaje del Superintendente sobre la salida de maestros

Quiero traer a su atención sobre las medidas tomadas por la Asociación de Educación de Eugene que impactarán a nuestras escuelas en Bethel el miércoles 8 de mayo, 2019. Es posible que ya haya escuchado sobre esto en el medio.

Esto es lo que sabemos. En el esfuerzo por apoyar la “salida” para aumentar fondos para la educación K-12, el liderazgo de la Asociación de Educación de Eugene en Bethel ha indicado que la mayoría del personal escolar con licencia se ha comprometido a una “salida” y por lo tanto no se presentaran al trabajo el miércoles, 8 de mayo. En lugar, asistirán a huelgas en Eugene y en la capital del estado. No será posible encontrar suficientes maestros sustitutos para cubrir todos los salones y operar con seguridad las escuelas, así que no tendremos más remedio que cerrar todas las escuelas de Bethel por el día. El distrito abordará este evento como un día de nieve, con solo el personal esencial que se reportara para trabajar, como el personal de la oficina, administradores, conserjes y el personal del mantenimiento.

El distrito entiende completamente la intención de las acciones planeadas para el 8 de mayo, pero también tenemos la importante responsabilidad diaria de educar, guiar, alimentar, y transportar 5,400 estudiantes. La salida creará una dificultad para las familias y el distrito no puede patrocinar o apoyar esta acción. También sabemos que nuestros educadores son individuos solidarios que están completamente dedicados a sus estudiantes, y quieren aumentar fondos para apoyar mejor a todos los estudiantes. La Asociación de Educación de Eugene ha sido transparente en sus intenciones para el 8 de mayo, dándole tiempo para los padres/guardianes para hacer arreglos para el cuidado de sus hijos en este día.


  • El Distrito trabajará con programas preescolares y proveedores de cuidado infantil en las escuelas quienes se comunicarán directamente con las familias sobre el funcionamiento de este día
  • Los exámenes IB en WHS se tomarán acabo como están programados
  • Los horarios de deportes juveniles después de la escuela no serán interrumpidos.
  • El directora Maureen Spence enviará información sobre otros eventos y programas específicos de Malabon que están programados para el 8 de mayo

Este día escolar perdido no se recuperará al final del año escolar en junio. Los días de nieve de recuperación de febrero ya han extendido el año escolar más allá de lo que normalmente está programado y muchas familias ya han cambiado sus planes de verano debido a esos días agregados. El Distrito todavía superará sus horas de instrucción requeridas.

Puede que muchos de ustedes quieran saber más sobre la salida. No podemos hablar por la Asociación, pero a continuación hay algunos artículos y enlaces de web relacionados al 8 de mayo.
Chris Parra
Superintendente de Escuelas Bethel

News from Malabon

Community Conference for Parents, Students, Educators

Our African American and Black students are experiencing an achievement gap in every indicator of academic success. Now is a time to strategize solutions to address the issues facing our children today. All community members are encouraged to attend a conference at LCC to engage and build community between students, parents and educators. Click here for more information (PDF)about the free April 27th conference.


Improvements Coming To Bethel

Bethel will see some changes to improve safety for pedestrians, bikers and drivers. This summer the City is planning a paving project on Barger Drive from Primrose (just west of Beltline) to Altamont (just east of Beltline.) The City is also adding a crosswalk at Avalon and Haviture Way, as well as speed calming measures on Avalon.

At a later date, Safe Routes to School will be funding a crosswalk on North Terry Street near Kalapuya High School; school speed zone flashers and speed readers on Barger in front of Meadow View School; a crosswalk and curb extensions at Marshall Ave and Taney St., along with traffic calming devices on Marshall; and a new crosswalk, pedestrian island, and pedestrian flashers on Barger at Altamont.

Malabon News

No School Friday, March 15th

A Reminder that Friday, March 15th is a No School Day for all K-8 students in Bethel. This is a grading day for teachers. Report cards will be sent home during the week of March 18-22 with your student. 

And then, there is no school March 25-29 for spring break.


Snow Day Make-Up Plan

Thanks for your patience while it was determined how we could make up the school days lost to the snow.

We will be restoring three days to the calendar in June.

  • The last day for students was supposed to be Thursday, June 13, a half day.  Now students’ last day will be Tuesday, June 18th and it will also be a half day.
  • FYI, Willamette’s graduation will remain June 7th

Staff at Malabon will be meeting to determine  what – if any – adjustments need to be made to our end-of-the-year activities, such as our 5th grade completion ceremony.  I will let you know as soon as those decisions are finalized.

The three additional school days may conflict with summer vacation plans. In some cases that is unavoidable. But, it is important to provide as much learning time as we can for our students, so we want as many children in school as possible.

Finally, the plan for additional days isn’t yet official. It will go to the School Board for final approval on April 8th, but we do not anticipate any changes by the Board.

Bethel Transfers

Bethel Accepting Transfer Applications

Bethel School District is now accepting Transfer requests for the coming school year.

Click here to submit a Transfer request.

Transfer applications will be accepted through March 31, and must be renewed every year.

  • Students who were admitted to their current school through the Open Enrollment process that was used the last several years are permanent and no further action is needed.
  • Students who transferred after this school year started – and all future transfers – will need to submit a transfer request.

Beginning this fall, transfers will be necessary for students seeking to attend a school other than their “neighborhood school” or for new out-of-district students to enroll in Bethel on a space-available basis.

Families will be notified in early April about whether their transfer requests for the coming school year have been approved.


Bethel aceptando solicitudes de transferencia

El Distrito Escolar de Bethel está aceptando solicitudes de transferencia para el próximo año escolar.

Haga clic aquí para enviar una solicitud de transferencia.

Las solicitudes de transferencia se aceptarán hasta el 31 de marzo y deben renovarse cada año.

·         Los estudiantes que fueron admitidos en su escuela actual a través del proceso de inscripción abierta que se utilizó en los últimos años son permanentes y no necesitan hacer nada.·         Los estudiantes que se transfirieron después de que comenzó este año escolar, y todas las transferencias futuras, deberán enviar una solicitud de transferencia.A partir de este otoño, las transferencias serán necesarias para que los estudiantes asistan a una escuela que no sea su “escuela del vecindario” o para que los nuevos estudiantes de fuera del distrito se inscriban en Bethel en función del espacio disponible.

A las familias se les notificará a principios de abril sobre si sus solicitudes de transferencia para el próximo año escolar han sido aprobadas.

Welcome Back! Bethel Schools Operating On Time Friday

Every Bethel school is open and starting on time today, Friday, March 1st.

Buses are on their normal schedules and school dismissal will be at its regular time.

Our parking lot is still very wet with large piles of snow, so drivers are asked to please exercise caution and bring extra patience.

Todas las escuelas de Bethel están abiertas y comienzan a tiempo hoy, viernes 1 de marzo.

Los autobuses están en sus horarios normales y la salida de la escuela estará en su horario habitual.

Nuestro estacionamiento todavía está muy mojado con grandes montones de nieve, por lo que se les pide a los conductores que tengan cuidado y traigan paciencia extra.

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