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Healthy Teen Night

Lane County Behavioral Health and Bethel School District present Healthy Teen Night, May 9th, 5:30-7:30 at Willamette High School.
This free event for Bethel parents and guardians will feature breakout sessions on topics such as Teens & Technology, Mental Health and Teens, Parenting Teens, and more.
Questions? Call the Bethel Health Center: 541-607-1430.


Noche saludable para adolescentes

Lane County Behavioral Health y Bethel School District presentan Healthy Teen Night, 9 de mayo, 5: 30-7: 30 en Willamette High School.

Este evento gratuito para los padres y tutores de Bethel contará con sesiones especiales sobre temas tales como Teens & Technology, Mental Health and Teens, Parenting Teens, y más.

¿Preguntas? Llame al Bethel Health Center: 541-607-1430.


Classroom Placement for 2018-2019

 The Malabon School staff will soon begin the process of developing classroom placements for next year. The placement of students into individual classrooms is an important responsibility belonging to all schools. The Malabon staff devotes a great deal of time and energy to this task so that a careful and thoughtful placement can be made for every student. Our goal is for every child to be in a supportive, challenging, and successful environment. We know this is best accomplished when we create balanced, teachable classroom groups.

A team of teachers who know your child will carefully consider his/her learning needs while making classroom placements. The specialists and the principal work with this team and consider the following factors.

  • A balance of class size and age
  • A balance of academic strengths
  • A balance of learning styles
  • A balance of boys and girls
  • A balance of social skills
  • Consideration of parental information

Parental Information

We recognize there may be times when parents wish to share specific needs, concerns or information regarding classroom placement. A Parent Input Form is available in the front office or you can click on Classroom Placement Request form 2018-2019 for an electronic copy. This information will be considered along with the other placement factors in our effort to create balanced, teachable classroom groups. Final teacher assignments and classroom placements for students will be announced at our “Meet Your Teacher Event” in August.


Election Includes Bethel Projects

As an FYI, the City of Eugene Parks and Recreation measures include projects in the Bethel community.

The Parks Bond calls for the complete renovation of Echo Hollow Pool, development of a Golden Gardens Multi-Sports Complex, funding for replacement of artificial turf fields at Willamette and Meadow View, and the renovation of Trainsong Park.

The Parks Levy provides 5 years of parks operations and maintenance funding.

Click here for more information. Ballots are due May 15th.


La elección incluye proyectos de Bethel

Como un FYI, las medidas de Parques y Recreación de la Ciudad de Eugene están enfatizando proyectos en la comunidad Bethel.

Parks Bond llama a la renovación completa de Echo Hollow Pool, el desarrollo de un complejo multideportivo Golden Gardens, el financiamiento para el reemplazo de campos de césped artificial en Willamette y Meadow View, y la renovación del parque Trainsong.

Parks Levy proporciona 5 años de operaciones de parques y fondos de mantenimiento.

Haga clic aquí para mas información. Las boletas se deben entregar el 15 de mayo.



Supporting The Arts In Bethel

Essex Construction built the new Fairfield School, and Jodi Sommers from Essex is rallying the community to support Arts Education throughout Bethel School District. Click here to learn more about the effort to provide an Artist in Residence at every Bethel elementary school in the coming school year.


Apoyando a las artes en Bethel

Essex Construction construyó la nueva Fairfield School, y Jodi Sommers de Essex está reuniendo a la comunidad para apoyar la educación artística en todo el distrito escolar de Bethel. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información sobre el esfuerzo de proporcionar un artista residente en cada escuela primaria de Bethel en el próximo año escolar.

Malabon State School Report Card


State School Report Card

As our students continue to make gains each day in the classroom, here is a look at last school year’s State School Report Card. We use the information from the report card each year to make program adjustments and plan additional supports for students.


Click here for the Malabon State Report Card.

Click here for the Bethel School District State Report Card.


Resultados de pruebas estatales

A medida que nuestros estudiantes continúan haciendo ganancias diario en el aula, aquí es una mirada a Informe Escolar del Estado Tarjeta del último año escolar. Utilizamos la información de la tarjeta de calificaciones cada año para hacer los ajustes del programa y planear apoyos adicionales para los estudiantes.

Haga clic aquí para obtener la Malabon Informe de Estado.

Haga clic aquí para el Estado Distrito Informe de Bethel Schools.

Bethel’s Plans For Poor Air Quality

The first day of school at Malabon will go on as scheduled Tuesday, but smoke in the air from Oregon wildfires may keep all Bethel students indoors.

The school district will follow these guidelines shared by the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency (LRAPA):

  • When the amount of smoke in the air limits visibility to 1-3 miles, the air is unhealthy and we consider keeping all students indoors or allowing only light outdoor activity. All activities for students sensitive to air pollution will be moved indoors.
  • When visibility is one mile or less, we will definitely keep all students indoors.

LRAPA monitors the current air quality on an hourly basis on this web page, and Bethel School District will be checking the current air quality index regularly.

In addition, Bethel district nurses have a list of those students with pre-existing conditions who might be especially impacted by poor air quality, so even if the conditions improve slightly those students may be kept indoors for their own protection.

We have a great air handling system, but as always, in any weather-related situation parents should make the final decision on whether to send their children to school.